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Mom to 11 kids, saying hi.....

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I just wanted to post an intro and say hi. I have posted here before as Christi_Mom10, now _Mom11 hoping sonn to up that to _Mom12 . I am 33 and have giving birth to my 11 kiddos, we are TTC#12. I have a good friend who posts here, Karenpl. My DH Dave is 37 and we live in Southern California. We have 6 girls and 5 boys thus far, we hope for a few more kiddos. I just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!
Christi Mama to 11, TTC #12.
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Welcome to MDC! You and your family are beautiful!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi and holy cow!
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I mean yikes in a nice way!

Welcome, and Holy cow is right!

I look foward to getting to know you better.

Will you have time to post?
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TY so much, lol. I will have time to post but where is the question????
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Hi and welcome.
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Welcome! Your family is awesome. It reminds me of my dh's family, he is number 6 out of 14. Makes for a fun holiday season.
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Hi! What a great family? Do you all fit in the van with the carseats? Do you go places altogether? That is awesome!
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Welcome Christi!

What a beautiful family you have
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Wow! I'm in awe of your family I tried to convince DH that we needed 12 but he says we're done after #5 is born, lol. Welcome and congrats on the new addition!
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Hi, and welcome. It's nice to see a large family here!

We have 9 kids, including stepkids, and we wouldnt mind having more. I love my big family!
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What an amazing family! I just asked me DH yesterday how people do it with 2 children and here you have 11 soon to be 12!! Welcome!!
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and wow, great family!
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Hi Christi!

I loved your pictures (you or whoever took them is a great photographer). I have a question for you: how do manage your children's needs for space/ privacy (I'm assuming you don't have a 10 bedroom house!). I would like to have more but at four kids + 2 parents with three bedrooms, and no extra rooms (or even large closets!) that could be turned into bedrooms, I feel like we're at critical mass.

Again you've got a beautiful family! Those picures made my day.
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hi there and welcome! that's so wonderful! i'm one of ten, still haven';t convinced my dh to beat my mom's record... i look forward to getting to know you!
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We spent Thanksgiving with a family that has 11 children ranging in ages 31 to7. One wasnt there and 4 of the 'kids' that where there are married, 1 with children. It was a most enjoyable day, big families seem to have a special love and bonding
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Hi Christi!!
I just wanted to say that you have a very beautiful family!!!

I am debating on having #3, my youngest is 14 months, Now I can see I am just a wimp (LOL)

Congrats and GL with #12
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WOW ! 11 kids and 12th on the way! You rock mama!
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Welcome and enjoy!
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