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Jillene, can you give them a call now?? The protein wouldn't worry me so much if it weren't for the poor urine output, your kidney's could be starting to shut down on you.
If it's not possible to get in now, at least measure the amount of fluid you take in and measure what amount is coming out.
I know it is horribly inconvenient to head to the hospital in the middle of the night, but as you know, pre-e can go from moderate to tragic in a matter of hours.
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Dear Jillene,
I think you should go to the ER now. The "coca cola" pee is another sypmtom of pre-e. It is a sign that your kidneys are shutting down. I would hate to have you wait too long and wind up with dialysis or a kidney transplant. My prayers are with you and your baby. I know that the NICU is no fun, but it is better than a funeral home. Please keep updated.
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I turned in the 24 hour and had the bloodwork done yesterday morning and talked to the OB last night. My urine looks normal again and output is normal again, though it's still fluctuating between 1+ and 2+. She wants to wait until she gets the blood results back today. She said if I went into the hospital last night, all they would do is watch my bp (which I'm doing at home), watch my protein (which I'm doing at home), count fetal movement (doing at home) and take blood again but they still wouldn't have results until today so I may as well stay home where I'm more comfortable. I have a huge checklist of things to go into the hospital for. It wasn't really cola colored, more like iced tea. Nowhere near as dark as cola. That would have freaked me out a ton. My OB seems confused that my bp isn't really going up. It never did the first time either though. I'm starting to wonder if it's even toxemia/pre-e and not just kidney problems related to the genetic condition I have. Maybe my kidneys just can't handle this much strain? Not that it's any less serious, but I would think it would require different action than waiting for my bp to get too high or even relying on my bp as an indicator that things have gotten bad enough that delivery is required. I might call the perinatologist and see what he thinks of that theory and what he would recommend. Not that I don't trust my OB, she's great, but it would be good to have another opinion from someone more familiar with me and my genetic condition.

Anyway, I should have a better idea of what's going on today.
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I am so glad you are keeping such a close eye on this. High blood pressure can be the last symptom to appear. So don't be fooled by your blood pressure. It can still be pre-eclampsia. Did you have kidney problems prior to pregnancy?
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Not serious kidney problems but I do get a kidney infection about once a year or so, and they can get pretty bad. I have to have my protein checked yearly just to be sure I don't start spilling any. I have a condition called Nail Patella Syndrome that you can read more about at http://www.nailpatella.org if you're interested. I'm definitely more prone to kidney problems. So it could just be that my kidneys can't handle the extra strain of pregnancy for this long and that's why I start having problems. I'm sure that it still doesn't create a good environment for the baby but I would think that my protein levels would be more important than my bp levels if this is the case.
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If your only symptom is proteinuria and you have a kidney issue, that could very well be your problem. A consult with a nephrologist might be in order.
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I do get swelling and my bp has been pushing up towards high but not really hitting the 140/90 mark my OB seems to be waiting for. The highest it's gotten is 137/88. But my nromal bp is around 110/60 or slightly over that. When pregnant (earlier in pregnancy) it's been around 116/64. So still pretty low compared to what it's been doing. I also get headaches and have seen spots and such. So I'm not completely symptomless.
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Ryan Cooper VanNostrand was born 5/11/05 weighing 6 lbs 6 oz and measuring 19" long. 4 weeks early due to pre-e. You can find my birth story in my pregnancy journal in my signature. We're both home and doing well!
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Oh Jillene, I was just wondering about last night! I'm so happy he was born and you're both doing well. Good for you for watching your symptoms so diligently. Did he have to go to NICU at all or was everything perfect?
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Congratulations on bringing home a big beautiful baby. I am sorry he was born early but I am glad you and he are safe and sound. Congratulations again.
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hi Jillene,

Congratulations to you.

I'm glad to read that all turned out well in the end.
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I have preclampsia with my first born.

I want to state I didn't have any of the risk factors other than a first time pregnancy. I was not overwieght other than an extreme amount of water retention late in the game. It didn't show until the 3rd trimester.

My doctor was a moron and iddn't give me any treatment for the condition. I labored for over 16 hours (hard labor - over 24 total) and my blood pressure was 210/117. When your blood pressure is that high and you are having a nasty back labor, let me tell you, it's not fun. I am still shocked the Dr. didn't take her by C section, then again, I think the entire delivery I saw him twice, and the pushing stage he wasn't there but to catch the baby and sew me up.

I do have a prolapsed mitral valve and I have (after havign my daughter) had some issues with high blood pressure, in fact due to high blood pressure I can not take birth control. Before my daughter was bron I never had any issue with high blood pressure.

I am pregnant again with my 2nd, I truly hope I do NOT go through the preclampsia nightmere again. :
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MrsMoe : that all goes well for you
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Being Induced for Pre-E

Hey! I've read through this thread and decided that you guys would be the best folks to talk to about this. My providers think I have early pre-e, based on hand swelling, elevated BP and slight protein in my urine. My BP started out abt 110/60 and now ranges in the 130s-140s/70s-80s with one spike up to 152/97. It seems that it might have been getting higher every few weeks. My bloodwork is fine though and I don't have headaches or blurred vision.

After the last spike on Weds, my midwife sent me to the hospital for induction--I had three doses of cervadil in 36 hrs, none of which accomplished anything. My vitals were good enough that they let me go home for the weekend on bedrest, as long as I promised to check my bp regularly, but I have to go back on Sun evening for another induction attempt and this time they're going to try a very small dose of cytotec (25mg).

I know that cytotec has had some very scary side effects and I've read a lot of articles about it--it does seem like the worst cases were with higher doses or in women with previous c-sections, but still, I'm trying to decide if it's worth the risk. I don't want anything to happen to me or the baby because of the pre-e, and I don't want an emergency c-section, but is that cytotec riskier than that? I just don't know. The OB who will be doing it has a lot of experience with the drug and seems pretty confident about the result, but don't they always...
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Shannon, thanks! We did not have any NICU time, though he spent his first night in the intermediate nursery because he was doing that wheezy, moaning thing every breath he took. The peds said it was likely just extra fluid in his lungs because he was a cesarean baby and didn't have labor to squeeze any of it out. He was breathing well on his own by morning and didn't need oxygen or anything, so that's good. That was my biggest worry. My first was in the NICU over an hour away from where I delivered him (at a children's hospital) and that whole ordeal was just so emotionally draining. I couldn't imagine going through that with a two year old at home who needed me too. That would have broken my heart, so I'm glad Ryan is healthy and that everything went smoothly, given the circumstances.

Charlotte, I would try to avoid the cytotec. I've heard some pretty nasty stuff about it and I don't think it's something I would allow. Have they tried pitocin at all? Pitocin is the devil as far as comfort goes but I think as far as safety goes, cytotec is worse. Good luck with whatever you decide. I hope everything works out alright!
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I would see if they would be willing to monitor you in the hopital. It sounds like your body is not ready to labor yet. I am not usually one to advocate waiting, but if they monitor you in the hopital they can do constant bp checks, lab work to check your liver enzymes and keep an eye on your urine out put, all of which could tell them if you are headed down a rocky road. I owuld try to avoid the Cytotec, i have heard horror stories about it. Please keep us informed of what's going on.
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Are you on any supplements like baby aspirin or vitamin C? Have they checked you for any genetic clotting disorders? Are you seeing a different Dr. this time, a perinatologist? Please keep us informed about how your pregnancy is going.
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Originally Posted by gossamer
Are you on any supplements like baby aspirin or vitamin C? Have they checked you for any genetic clotting disorders? Are you seeing a different Dr. this time, a perinatologist? Please keep us informed about how your pregnancy is going.

I have yet to even go to the Dr. : I don't have OHIP yet (going through immigration process) so since we are paying out-of-pocket I have been pushing it off. Last 2 days my blood-pressure has been high, I have acid reflux, and my face is on fire from being all swollen. Over the several days, since blood pressure went up, I have put on some sudden weight, I am positive it is from water retention. I also had a headache that lasted 2 days straight, and I have had headaches off and on since. So, I have a bad feeling this will be a repeat of the last pregnancy.

I don't know if I have any clotting disorder. I bruise real easy, have very heavy periods, and chronic nosebleeds, but I'm not a "bleeder" or anything (like when I get cut I don't bleed like crazy.) I am taking pre-natals a friend gave me and I take half an aspirin at night before bed (I heard it was good for you if you are at risk.) I also eat well and snack on fruits.

I am going to go to an OBGYN who was highly reccomended, and is a professor at McMaster University. I have plans next Saturday to go to a walk-in clinic and get a referral (you have to get a refferal in Canada.) To be hoenst with you, I don't even know what a perinatologist is...
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Mrs Moe, you need to go to an ER now. I can tell you with certainty you are VERY unlikely to get a referral to a professer at Mac by going to a walk in clinic for a first visit, it's just not the way it works.
Where are you?? I'm assuming you are somewhere close if you are looking at McMaster, let me know, I can give you my OB's name--she could get you in at Mac as she's still affiliated with that hospital--but you still won't likely get to pick your doc, you'll get whichever peri can see you first.
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Originally Posted by elyice

My Mika, My best friend in the world, soul sister and lifelong running mate is gone.
Originally Posted by gossamer
"Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were a minute old, I would have died for you. This is the miracle of life. " -Maureen Hawkins Mary Rose 07/29/03 11/18/05
I don't even know what to say... Went back and read every post in this thread, so sorry for your losses. It brought tears to my eyes.
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