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December already! Sept 04 Mamas

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Welcome to the end of the year!! Just a year ago we began finding out we were pregnant! How times flies. Welcome to all former Sept 04 due date clubbers and all mamas with babes born in September 2004.

Lynsey, can you post the roll call from the November thread?

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Here ya go!

Jackson Henry ~ born 8/23/04 ~ 7 lbs 1 oz ~ proud mom: Caroline248

McKenna Rose ~ born 8/24/04 ~ 5 lbs 12 oz ~ proud mom: msrog (Savannah)
William Douglas ~ born 8/24/04 ~ 6 lbs 3 oz ~ proud mom: msrog (Savannah)

Nessa Delaney ~ born 8/29/04 ~ 7 lbs ~ proud mom: Adventuregirl (Sheryl)

Anna Christine ~ born 9/2/04 ~ 5 lbs 15 oz ~ proud mom: Cuddlemama (Leigh)

Arowen Elizabeth Ernice ~ born 9/2/04 ~ 6 lbs 14.5 oz ~ proud mom: wardermom (Melanie)

CJ ~ born 9/3/04 ~ 8 lbs 7.5 oz ~ proud mom: lynchmom (Mel)

Iain David ~ born 9/5/04 ~ 7 lbs 2 oz ~ proud mom: HeatherB (Heather)

David Alexander ~ born 9/10/04 ~ 8 lbs 4 oz ~ proud mom: hjohnson (Heather)

Elijah Paul ~ born 9/12/04 ~ 8 lbs 2 oz ~ proud mom: dmick (Denise)

Bhavani Dharma ~ born 9/13/04 ~ 6 lbs ~ proud mom: 3boobykins (Heather)

Kate ~ born 9/17/04 ~ 7 lbs 15 oz ~ proud mom: Leomom (Stacey)

Tristan James ~ born 9/18/04 ~ 7 lbs 13 oz ~ proud mom: JenInMpls (Jen)

Alexander William ~ born 9/19/04 ~ 8 lbs 9 oz ~ proud mom: StacyL (Stacy)

Jackson ~ born 9/19/04 ~ 8 lb 1 oz ~ proud mom: MamaAcorn (Pam)

Drew ~ born 9/24/04 ~ 8 lbs 3 oz ~ proud mom: Luminosea

Kaia Morgan ~ born 9/25/04 ~ 8 lbs 10 oz ~ proud mom: Jodie (Jodie)

Aidan James ~ born 9/26/04 ~ 8 lbs 12 oz ~ proud mom: mum2tori (Samantha)

Lucas Alexander ~ born 9/27/04 ~ 8 lbs ~ proud mom: SiValleySteph

Julian David ~ born 9/28/04 ~ 8 lbs 15 oz ~ proud mom: SamanthaJ (Samantha)

Daniel ~ born 9/29/04 ~ 8 lbs 9 oz ~ proud mom: Almama (Chris)

Naiya Abigail ~ born 9/29/04 ~ 9 lbs 10 oz ~ proud mom: Mom2Baldie (Lynsey)

Miles Xavier ~ born 9/30/04 ~ 8 lbs 2 oz ~ proud mom: greenbeing (Meredith)

Lilah ~ born 10/1/04 ~ 8 lbs 14 oz ~ proud mom: Chrissy (Chrissy)
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wow, that's a lot of babies!
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Hi everyone! I love December!!!

Anyone else having trouble with afternoons and early evenings??? Kate gets so tired and fussy and I cannot get her to sleep. She sleeps for 20-30 minutes, is wide awake, and then gets fussy within half an hour but it takes me another hour to get her to sleep...for 20-30 more minutes...and the vicious cycle goes on and on. :

By the time early evening rolls around, I am watching the clock and praying for bedtime because I know she'll finally sleep well. I sometimes feel like moving our bedtime to 5pm!!! :LOL


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I am trying to have a long sleeved onesie personalized for a holiday gift...could you do it? If so, please PM me ASAP! Thanks!!
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leomom - There must be something in the air because I've been having those same problems. Today was an extra fussy day!


Today (11/30) is my doggy's 1st birthday. Ridiculous, but true!
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14 weeks Tuesday!

William suddenly has started losing it at night at bedtime. Just wailing. Just wants to be patted on the back in the dark and quiet and fuss himself to sleep last couple nights.

But aren't the babies going through another growth spurt around 13 weeks?

Does anyone know what you're supposed to do with baby's legs when carrying them front=facing in a Maya ring sling?
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We have trouble here with evenings here. With us, I think its because Naiya gets SO overstimulated from being around my other 2 kids that she isnt able to really relax and "unwind" until they go to bed. I try to have them in bed by 9 and she usually stays up with me until 10:30 or so. Sometimes we lay in bed with only a lamp on and she talks to me, its obvious she likes the quieter environment! So do I! Anyways, I do try to get her to take a nap in the afternoon or evening, but often it doesnt work out for her. Shell sleep for maybe 10 minutes then wake up. Unfortunately I cant spend a whole lot of time trying to get her down because of the others, so she pretty much just has to deal with being tired.


What I did with Paityn when she was in my Maya front facing was just fold up her legs in front of her inside the sling. Doesnt seem very comfortable!
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Savahanna, to face forward in the maya, you cross their legs at the ankle and kinda put them in bottom first so their feet are out in front of them, if I remember correctly from watching the video. I tried this with Jackson on Thanksgiving when we were decorating the tree and he was kinda at a 90-degree angle, but he seemed comfy enough:



I couldn't help but share those.

We had some fussy issues last night. I think Jackson was just overtired. it took forever to get him to sleep in the afternoon, and then he woke up after less than an hour of sleep. He usually sleeps 3-4 hours in the afternoon, so between lack of sleep and a stuffy nose, it really put him in a grumpy mood last night. Alex at least had a cough-free night!

Off to start work. Rabbit-rabbit!

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super cute pictures, Pam! We don't have cute santa hats like that. MUST ... GO ... GET ... ME... SOME! LOL
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Those pics are soooo cute, Pam!!!
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Lynsey and Chrissy - Let's run away and join the circus. (But not an animal one...) Ayone else want to come?

Jen - the doll sounds really cute. I'd like to see a pic when you are done.

For Christmas, Jack is getting a wooden kitchen set that I got from Freecycle (thanks Lynsey - I'd have never heard of it without you!). It still needs a lot of work, so I had better get moving. I'm so excited to set it up on xmas eve, because it is going to go right in my kitchen, and I'm painting a picture window over the sink and hanging up a real curtain, etc. He is going to be so excited when he wakes up and sees it! I'm going to stock it with some kitchen supplies, like pots, pans, etc. Under the tree he will also have some dinosaurs and maybe a play wooden birthday cake. (Have you seen those? So cute!)

We are sick, sick, sick here. I think Lu might have an earache - I used some Similisan eardrops and she fell right asleep. I am just stuffy. Who takes care of mom when mom is sick?
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Hey Lynsey, Anna's info was at the end of the Nov. thread. Do you want me to resubmit it since she's not on the list?

We're a bunch of sickies here. Em brought home a stomach bug from the gym and now I've got a house full of crapping, puking, whiners. ((Myself and Dave included))

Can I/Should I give the baby pedialite in a bottle? I worry about both weight loss and dehydration with her. She's so small already, and barely holds the weight she's gained.

Back to the battle,

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hiya girls!

sarah, leigh & other sickies - i hope you all feel better real quick!

jen, i am getting nessa out in the cold a bit. well, i guess down to about 20 degrees, for walking/hiking. i've been putting her in the bjorn, facing both ways depending on her wake/sleep state, she wears a fleece hooded snowsuit over her regular clothes, it has hand covers, and i will sometimes put mittens on underneath. i have a few warm hats that fit under the hood and carry a fleece blanket that i can completely cover her with, drape over her head and tuck in all around. i am really learning to appreciate the bucket carseat for cold weather, its been zero here for days, so warming up the car, and using the bucket with a fuzzy fleece "bundle me" seat snuggy thing keeps her toasty. she goes everywhere, we shop weekly, go to parties pretty often, visit friends regularly, out to eat... i don't let the weather slow us down much, although i have shortened our outside recreation on the coldest days. soon she will get to know the ski lodge as dh and i take turns on the slopes.
i bet these http://www.nordicwoollens.com/c188943.2.html would be great, really expensive, but super warm underlayers.

we have a no plastic rule as far as i can enforce it, so am asking for wooden or cloth teethers from grandmas. i don't think we'll get nessa anything from us since she'll get things from family, she doesn't know what its all about and we really don't like having too much "stuff". i think the lights and wrapping paper will be plenty good for her entertainment.

we shut off our tv satellite (no cable or reception of any kind here otherwise) about a year ago and it is so wonderful! we watch movies all the time with Netflix, which we love. we rent some tv series shows too, so we get our "soap" fixes that way. the best thing about it is no commercials! i really hate tv/radio advertising.

i had an inconsolable fit yesterday afternoon and felt just awful. nessa took a 4 hour nap (very long for her during the day) and didn't nurse for at least an hour before going to sleep, i got way engorged on one side since the previous feeding was one sided, so when she got up i wanted her to nurse and figured she must be really hungry. but apparently not, she was all happy and smiles, but when i went to nurse she cried, she was a little snotty, so i thought that was interfering with nursing, so i cleared a bit of snot, calmed her down (she really hates that) and tried again, and she freaked, wouldn't stop crying for a while, maybe 15 min, i don't know for sure. i felt like she MUST be hungry and just wasn't latching on because it had gone too far, but in hindsight i don't think she was, and then got upset because i kept trying to nurse. i felt really bad when this all came together for me later on. when i set her down during the fit to take off her clothes to try skin to skin contact, she calmed down. so i layed her down for some naked time and she was all smiles again. so i broke out the breast punmp and pumped 8 ounces! almost 6 of those from the engorged breast. after she played for a while and had some daddy time, she was ready to nurse and all was fine. i felt bad that i seemed to cause the problem.

ok, somehow i have written a book, better get outta here. hope everyone has a great first day of December!
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Sheryl - I bet you and Nessa make a really cute picture all bundled up for the cold!

I am so mad!!! This goofy little college intern just walked back to my desk while I was nursing Lucy. I said (as I always do), "I'm nursing. It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you." Well she said, "are you one of those public nursers?" and then launched into a diatribe about how disgusting it is when people nurse in restaurants, and how nobody wants to see that while they are trying to eat, etc., etc. WTF????
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Oh Sarah, that is so annoying! Blow it off, just chalk it up to ignorance. I wish I had some catchy come back when people start that stuff.

The worst for me is my dh's grandmother. Everytime Kate cries, she says something about how Kate probably isn't getting enough milk and sometimes people breastfeed and they think they're giving milk, but there's none in there. It makes me want to squirt some of my excess milk in her eye..or cover her nose and mouth with one of my soaked breastpads for a few seconds!
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Sarah - I would have been pissed too! I can't think of a better place for anyone to EAT than in a restaurant. People just need to get used to it and don't LOOK at the boob if you don't want to see it! Its not like we nursing moms are waving them in the air for all to see! Argh! I think its disgusting for people to eat with their mouths open, but I can't possibly expect not to see that in a restaurant, but I also don't sit there and watch people at other tables eat either... Oh, did that hit a nerve?

leomom - the visual of you squirting Grandma is hysterical, tee-hee-hee!!!
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Hi all-

About nutty 2 year olds -one thing that helped when Liam was a babe was to tell Alex stories about Alex as the hero helping the young Liam. Alex will listen to stories for hours -no lie- so for him it helped a lot. He was still a nut though, but helped with Liam.

Xmas -Blocks! We have some, could always use more, and they'll still be in good shape when Daniel can play with them. Daniel is "getting" each brother a puzzle. Lynsey, for Liam we are thinking of a truck or a costume.

Gotta go- fussiness abounds.
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Napping - FINALLY - he fought it for nearly an hour.

We are beside ourselves with joy, our friends who have been trying to become parents for 5+ years may be adopting a 3-week-old next week. I'll keep you all posted!

Sarah, at that intern. I would have asked her where you should go in a restaurant to nurse, and when she said the bathroom, I would have just looked at her incredulously and said "oh, my baby is good enough to eat her meals where others take a sh*?" *$#@!!!! On a different note, I think it's awesome that you're getting Jack a kitchen set for Christmas, it's about time that people provide their boys with kitchens and dolls. I'm sure he'll love it!! I see many tea parties with homemade "cakes" in your future...

Leigh, I hope that your household is feeling better soon...!

Sheryl, does Nessa not mind having her head covered up? Tristan hates it, he loves to look around.

I had better go peek in on little sleeperman. I can't wait until the solstice, this getting dark by 4:30 thing is a bit old already, and the snow has melted so there is no light reflecting off of it.

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poor sick babes and moms!

sarah and lynsey, i will run off anywhere- as long as there's coffee, chocolate and wine. how annoying about the intern!!! why do people even think like that?! i think i would have asked her what she thought was so gross about it. jack's kitchen sounds great!! and how cool that it will be in your kitchen,

sheryl, it sounds like you and nessa are having so much fun! sorry about last night's episode. poor baby and mama!

pam, love the pics!! i am jealous of you girls who are so good with your slings. i really like my hug a bub so i i use that and the bjorn. i still can't get the hang of he maya or the new native.

kate, i'm :LOL about your gma!

i am also jealous of how your babies nap during the day. i shouldn't complain too much b/c lilah sleeps wonderfully at night but she really doesn't nap much during the day. this is probably contributing to noah's crabbiness b/c we don't have much time just the 2 of us during the day.

i checked out those haba toys and they look great! i love that they are wooden but also colorful.

gotta go cruise diapering....

oh wait, lynsey, thanks for doing the list. it looks great!
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