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leomom - I'd let her sleep.

HeatherB - DS sometimes gets upset when he spits up, usually when it comes out his nose too and he can't breathe.

DS has been very fussy too these last couple of days, but has been sleeping pretty well. Not sure what that's about. DH is in NYC so my Mom is staying with me (I hate to stay alone). I never realized how much I depend on DH to help out and give me a little break in the evenings which is DS's fussiest time. Thank goodnes my mommy is here to help! Am I pathetic or what?

Good news - my nipples have stopped hurting so much. AF has arrived in full force, do you think that could be why they hurt so bad? Should I still go to the dr. just to be safe?
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mel, that could definitley be it. you probably don't need to be seen if they are better now.

well, i've been debating with myself all evening about whether or not i should do this, but i just have to so here goes. i really really really wouldn't recommend letting any baby, but *especially*babes as young as ours, cry it out. i think the main thing it teaches them is "nobody will comfort me when i am sad." i just had to say this.

so, my girl is growing out of-or has already grown out of- all her small diapers and covers and i have been on a major diaper binge. eek!

how are things in the 2-3 year old nuthouse for everybody? after having a horrible friday we've been doing better. not great but better. i think i was causing noah's bad behavior, well not necessarily the behavior but the escalation from little issue to major fit. i've been working on how i respond to him and it's making a big difference.

better go,
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Christopher is driving me up the wall these days with his defiance. His favorite phrases are "Go Away!" and "No!". Grant and I have decided that when he tells us to "Go Away!", we do. The other day we were having lunch at Boston Market and Christopher told me to "Go Away!". I did and went into the restroom. Meanwhile Christopher started crying and saying "I miss Momma!". Grant told him that I was gone because he had told me to "Go Away". He is starting to realize some of the meanings behind his phrases. Of course I didn't stay away to long.
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I too am in the "let the sleeping baby sleep" camp. Tristan returned from his chiro appt today and took his afternoon nap from 10-12:15. He did not have much of a nap the rest of the day - a few catnaps but not much - and fell asleep at our friends' house this evening and slept maybe an hour. Now Jo is walking and rocking him and he just won't fall asleep. I do believe that at this age the more they sleep, the better they sleep at night. That has been our experience. If Kate is having bad days because you get her up in the morning, I think I'd throw that advice straight out of the window and go with what your gut tells you works for her. You'll just have to cram everything you would do during those afternoon naps into her morning sleep time, although I'd be darn tempted to sleep in with her!!!

Heather the chiro does not seem to be affecting Tristan's spitting up (yet). He's still as spitty uppy as ever. He even spat up on the DC's leg this morning. What a way for her to start the day! She says he is very, very wound up on the back of his head, his shoulders and the his neck. She taught me how to do inversions but it's probably going to take some work for him to be able to relax into them. In the meantime, we'll keep dabbing his chin and mouth for him...

Mel I read in some literature lately that getting your period can not only cause serious tenderness when nursing but also can cause your supply to go way down for a few days. Glad you're feeling better.

Heather J I think you're doing just the right thing for Christopher. It will help him realize what it is that he's saying! So often all they want is to get a rise out of you.

Well, today has been a very exciting day... my friends took custody of their daughter and have spent the day bonding with their little Estella. She is almost a month old, of Mexican heritage and has this insane shock of black hair. I swear the stuff is 3 inches long!! And I thought Anna had a lot of hair, Leigh! Estella has Anna beat, no kidding! Our friends are totally shell-shocked, especially Bill is having a hard time adjusting to his new-found parenthood. He's quite anal-retentive and has been charting what Estella does all day (2:00 - napped for 1 hour. 3:00 - ate 2 oz food. 3:30 - changed wet diaper. Etc ad nauseum.). We are hoping that after a week he will relax into his new role and knock off the perfectionist behavior. It was all I could do to not look him in the eye and say "Bill, knock it off, all Estella needs from you is your warm arms and your soft voice and your love," but I knew that he would have burst into tears had I said something that harsh. They've just been waiting so long, they want to do everything RIGHT. We gave them a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch as a gift, I hope it helps them with their attachment. Right now they're awfully content to just sit on the couch and gaze at her in disbelief.

Anyway, we're all giddy here too because of this, which is why Tristan is still awake!!! I'm going to get ready for bed, too.

xo j
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Originally Posted by chrissy
i'd let her sleep, but i'm of the 'don't wake a sleeping baby' camp.

Well we didn't have a fussy day... it's just been the last 4 hours.
: : I am so sore from nursing him so much this evening to try to comfort him or get him to go to sleep. He's going to lose access to them soon if he doesn't stop rubbing his face back & forth while still attached!! : That really starts to hurt. I really wish he would take a paci once in a while. He doesn't really want the milk because several times he's choked when he's started to doze off.

Congrats on the adoption Sarah! And welcome

Okay I *think* he's out so I'm going to try to lay him down and go to bed.
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Chrissy - its so sad to me when CIO works on babies, because it means they have given up on anyone coming to them.... jaded infants With Jack everything is so touch and go, one day can be great the next is awful, without really any prediciton of how it will go. But it is humbling when you realize that most of it falls back on you, not them. I know if I wake up grumpy or just out of it that we are going to have a rough day. Plus I can't help but feel that it would be so much easier to discipline effectively if I didn't have a baby strapped to the front of me at all times, especially when we are out somewhere. Jack was a lunatic at the library when we had to leave yesterday.

Jen - yay for your friends - that is so cute about the dad charting everything. They will certainly look back at that someday and laugh!

Samantha - if he won't take a paci, have you tried your little finger with the nail down - where the tip is kind of nestled into the palate of his mouth? Jack never took a paci, but he loved some finger sucking.

Anyone else fighting holiday stress? I am trying not to do to much and keep my priorities about what Christmas is all about for me, but I am starting to feel overwhelmed none the less. Would probably be a little easier if it weren't for financial contraints - its a lot easier when you can just go out and buy all the gifts you want to get for people. Plus dh and I's parents are all divorced and half are remarried, and ALL live within 2 hours of us, which makes juggling act of visiting very complicated.
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Sarah, This is the link to the dresses I bought from Childrens Place. The infant red plaid and toddler red plaid. It was Paityns zipper that broke. : http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp...atchallpartial

Anyways, I am pretty stressed about Christmas as well. I havent done ANY shopping because I simply have not had a chance. I really wanted to limit gifts this year, but I always end up feeling bad about it. Even dh makes me feel bad about it. We dont have room for many more toys and I dont see the point of buying them a bunch of cheap crap thats going to fall apart within days, but thats what my mom and MIL do - I guess just so there will be more presents to unwrap. So they will end up getting a bunch of toys from them and only a few from us and Ill feel like a bad mom. Stupid I know...

Savannah, Thanks for letting me know you go the check!

Leomom, I would also let the baby sleep!
I know I hate being woken up in the morning before Im ready!

Naiya isnt a great napper and with having 2 older kids its been hard to let her work out her own little schedule. Evenings are usually hard for her because she isnt able to relax enough to nap I think. She gets overstimulated with so much going on. I just carry her around though and shes fine, if I layed her down she would def. cry though.

Last night she slept horrible because of a stuffy nose. I swear, this baby has had a stuffy nose for at least half her life. Its pretty sad! I dont remember ever going throught this with Riley and Paityn.

I have a question for all tandem nursing moms: Have yall noticed that your babies are growing a little slower than the children that werent tandem nursed? I think Naiya has been my slowest gainer!

well gotta go...
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I'm totally feeling the holiday stress! I'm so stressed out over finances right now, but that's typical the last month of each school semester when we've used up all the loan money and have bills piled up that can't be paid until the next loan installment comes in next semester. That combined with the stress of buying presents with non-existent money, traveling 12 hours in a car with a 3-month-old and a 3.5-year-old to spend the holidays with our family, dh's finals and huge papers that he keeps putting off, and everything else, I'm ready to scream or cry, not sure which.

Jackson has discovered that he enjoys sucking on his hands. Now if only he can figure out how to do it without poking himself in the eye, he'll be set. He's around 14 pounds now and has pretty much outgrown his newborn/small diapers. I've been scurrying about trying to get mediums for him. He's also a professional spitter-upper. I never considered reflux because he never cries or seems to be in pain when he's spitting up. I think I'm another one that's destined to change his and my own clothes at least twice a day. He's definately not one of the babies that let's the spit up roll down his chin. He's a power spitter and oh so silent about it. I'll be carrying him up by my shoulder walking through the house when I hear "splat!" or the dog grumble because he's been splattered again.

I agree with the "let a sleeping baby sleep" crowd.

Okay, must try to talk Jackson into a nap so I can get back to work. Hope everyone has a better day today!

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Well, I was planning on heeding your adive, Mamas, and letting Kate sleep. However, it turned out to be a moot issue because she was wide awake at 7. lol She went down pretty easily at 8:30 and slept and hour..was up for an hour and went down again.

Any ideas on how to help her sleep longer than an hour? I've got her swaddled, but she's still waking up in a hour. By the end of the day, she's exhausted and so am I.
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Do you guys think it's ok to let our 3 month olds sleep in the swing? I still can't get Kate to sleep longer than an hour and she woke up this second time really fussy! I read that sleeping in a swing or the car isn't restorative and they could get "addicted" (ha!) to the rocking motion. But I'm desperate..I need some advice...
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Stacey, the only way I could get my first son to sleep was either to nurse him while laying down with him or by putting him in the swing. I transitioned him to napping in the crib when he was around 6 months old, and it was much easier.

Most of the time that Jackson naps, he's either in the swing or in a sling on me. It just gives him the longest nap. He's happy because he's well rested. I'm happy because I can get work done. At night, he sleeps great in bed with us, cuddled right up against me. He normally only wakes up once or twice to nurse. I'm thrilled with his sleep habits. That's what works for us, so I'm not messing with it.

Find what works for you and stick with it, IMO. Good luck!

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Originally Posted by leomom
Do you guys think it's ok to let our 3 month olds sleep in the swing? I still can't get Kate to sleep longer than an hour and she woke up this second time really fussy! I read that sleeping in a swing or the car isn't restorative and they could get "addicted" (ha!) to the rocking motion. But I'm desperate..I need some advice...
I still let DS sleep in the swing, he sleeps great in it and wakes up in such a good mood. I want to try and get him to nap in his crib. He sleeps there at night. I think during the day there are so many things to look at (his mobile included). I need to get shades to darken the room a bit.

Maybe if you stick it out and wait a few days she'll start sleeping for longer periods again.
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We are definitely a swing family here. Aidan naps a lot in the swing. He gets his much needed sleep and I can pay attention to Tori & Jack or get other stuff done. I did worry a little bit about getting "addicted" to the motion but then I read a good point in the Happiest Baby on the Block book. He talked about even if your baby was in the swing for 12 hours of the day (which the baby wouldn't be) that is still less than the amount of rocking motion they were exposed to in utero. Aidan likes his swing, sometimes he wakes up and he just smiles and smiles for 10+ minutes just swinging away. As soon as he starts to fuss, I pick him up. The swing to me is just another extention to a sling/pouch. It provides a similiar stimulation (cradled rocking motion). I do try to sling Aidan when I can but sometimes it just isn't an option. I can't move & unpack boxes with him slung in front.

We've used the swing a few times when they've been sick with congestion. I can only sleep "upright" for so long. We'd set the swing up right next to the end of our bed so we were RIGHT there if they ever needed us.

ITA with Pam/MamaAcorn find what works for you and stick with it!!

I think Jen mentioned it once, it's amazing how your preconcieved ideas of how you are going to mother your child will become augmented by the realities of what will work and what is best for the sanity of the entire family.

Samantha - if he won't take a paci, have you tried your little finger with the nail down - where the tip is kind of nestled into the palate of his mouth? Jack never took a paci, but he loved some finger sucking.
I've tried but unfortunately he hates my fingers or my knuckle. He'll suck on David's happily sometimes but not mine. I think it's because of my long finger nails even when they aren't polished. Neither Tori or Jack would for me either but would for David. He's got the "Happy Finger" as we use to call it. I just can't get David to understand that sometimes Aidan ISN'T hungry. Because he'll be holding him and Aidan will be going to town on his finger and he tells me "He's hungry". I'll try to nurse him and Aidan keeps pushing the nipple out. Obviously he isn't hungry, he just wants to suck. You'd think by the third child he would remember that.

Christmas stress- well the tree is trimmed. From now on I'm going to do it in the middle of the night. I end up doing it all by myself anyway and at least then I'm not having to fight off "helpful" little ones who just want to pull stuff out of boxes but not put them on the tree or a DH who's not participating in any way. : : And for some reason David just can't seem to actually put an ornament on the tree without me nagging him to put some on. Except the glass mercury balls that he wanted to put on, that I want to leave off of the tree for a couple of years since they shatter so easily. For 11 years I've tried to make trimming the tree fun with David and... it just isn't happening. So I'm giving up. I take it down by myself late at night so from now on I'm going to put it up by myself late at night. Maybe in a couple of years when the kids are a little older and I don't have to worry about the ornaments constantly being pulled apart or destroyed it can be a "family" event. Don't get me wrong, I have a bunch of ornaments that are "child safe" that they can put on the lower part of the tree but I'll have all the ornaments sorted out and ready for them to do.

At least most of the children's presents are already done, I'm waiting for a couple of things to come in the mail. I just need to get them wrapped and under the tree. I need to get a couple of things for stockings but that's about it. And I need to make some stuff for friends. Mainly baking and cooking. I'm trying to not stress but it's hard because the house is still in disarray. I hate moving. I'm still looking for at least 2 Christmas decoration tubs. : : The one with the nativity set in it and a bunch of the lighted garland.

At least we don't have to try to please a dozen people who always want us to come to their house for Christmas. Now if they want to see us, they have to come here. I'm sure we'll go over to Houston to visit after the first of the year or something but we aren't going to kill ourselves during the holidays.

Okay so we finally got around to DTD over the weekend. :LOL It's only been 10 weeks. :LOL Was a little tender at first but then things got really good. And I wasn't sore the next day.

Well, there is the little prince now. Got to go.
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An hour is actually a really good nap! nak The Karp and weissbluth books say always let a sleeping baby sleep, even if its in a swing or carseat or whatever. And weissbluth says a good nap is 45-minutes to 2 hours, anything less is not helping much. I use the Amby bed for naps because you can swing it and then it will stop after a few moments on its own, but if you have a comfortable motorized swing, I'm sure thtas ok. Nowthat you are swaddling again, it will help make for longer naps. Alex never napped for more than 45-minuntil I started swaddling him again.

Also, it helps to stick to the two hours in a stretch of each awake time. Whenever I go over that amount, he is harder to get down for a nap, and doesnt sleep as well at night.

I just posted two new pics of Alex in my siggy.
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Originally Posted by leomom
Do you guys think it's ok to let our 3 month olds sleep in the swing? I still can't get Kate to sleep longer than an hour and she woke up this second time really fussy! I read that sleeping in a swing or the car isn't restorative and they could get "addicted" (ha!) to the rocking motion. But I'm desperate..I need some advice...
OK- I need to read the rest of the posts but I have to get up on my soapbox about this one. Most baby equipment is 100% safe if the parent is watching the baby constantly and using the product according to the manufacturer's directions. It is very easy to leave a baby sleeping in a swing and go off and do other things. My last job was to review data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission on behalf of the baby equipment manufacturers (along with their own data). Again, swings are safe, but bad, bad accidents can happen when they are not used correctly or if parental supervision is lacking. There, I said it, and don't mean to scare anyone, but please don't leave the baby there unattended for long periods.
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Originally Posted by Mom2baldie
I have a question for all tandem nursing moms: Have yall noticed that your babies are growing a little slower than the children that werent tandem nursed?
No, Daniel is huge. I had a MD appt on Tues and the doctor thought he was one year old!!
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Well we had a pretty rough night last night! I tried swaddling him so maybe he would sleep better. It didn't work. Instead he woke up and got very angry because he couldn't get his thumb in his mouth. Usually he wakes up and doesn't even cry, he just sucks his hands and I wake up and nurse him. So once I got him unswaddled I tried to nurse him and he didn't want it. He was so upset. So I finally rocked him to sleep and he woke up his happy little self. I guess swaddling just doesn't work for us.

As for sleeping in his swing, well he does sometimes for naps. He seems to like it and will sleep pretty good in it. I always have him where I can see him though. He doesn't seem addicted to it though, because he will nap anywhere really.

I am actually ready for Christmas. I have everything bought and half of it wrapped. Of course I only have one child...
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Christmas gifts! :

my mom is the easiest, she's happy with simple things so we're getting her smartwools and a Cat Lovers Against the Bomb calendar. My brother-in-law probably will get a box of golf balls, as usual, and my sister informed us that she wants a garden gnome a la the Travelocity gnome or the gnome in Amelie.

I gotta go to sleep. Long day, tomorrow too. And of course T is wide awake.

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Just a quick post. Those who were interesting in the Blue Canoe nursing bra coop, Brianna is running another one. It's a super quick one. She wants to close it as soon as she hits the minimum. Here's a link to the yahoo group she's set up to do coops on. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/briannascoops/

Hope that helps anyone.
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Hi everyone! Im new to MDC. Just wanted to join the sept 04 group. Makynzi was born 9/15/04 7lbs 7.7 oz
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