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breast milk is also good in the nose when baby is stuffy.

The chiro has me eliminating sugar and spicy food from my diet to see if it is related to Tristan's spitting up. Sure doesn't appear to be. and rats is it hard to cut out these foods - no bread (has honey), no flavored yogurt, no hummus (too much garlic), absolutely no sweets of any kind how selfish of me to be wishing that T keeps spitting up so that I can return to eating sugar. Yet I am still really sick of spit-up.

Right now I myself am not feeling so hot, tummy feels very upset. Glad we're going into the weekend so that maybe Jo will give me some extra sleep time tomorrow morning. She called in sick to work yesterday - it un-froze here and the mold and other allergen count is really high, and we both had sore throats - and she slept until 3 PM!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could do that!

Tristan has not been nursing well this evening - lots of thrashing around, kicking, yanking off - Jo is currently giving him a bottle. Good thing, probably, if I tried to nurse him I would just get frustrated with him.

I have to third or fourth the suggestion for chiropractic care to prevent ear infections, and do you nurse lying down? Supposedly that can sometimes cause fluid to collect in the eustachian tubes.

Stacey I feel your pain, I hate the thought of moving any time, much less with a baby! I hope things work out for the whole family... I think that crying at the prospect of moving is a very legitimate reaction!

well, I'm ready for bed. Wonder if anyone else is.

xo, j.
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Lynsey and Savannah - I feel so bad, but I am just not going to be able to do the birth announcements. I am feeling so overwhelmed, etc. So sorry! How is it two weeks from Christmas already?

Chrissy - what a gorgeous family pic! I hope you get that big and put it on the walll!

Jen - hope you feel better soon!
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Sarah, that's OK, though I was really looking forward to your artistic creation! Have a joyful, unstressed Christmas!
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: YAY! I finally figured out how to post a picture of Kate! Here's the one we made into our holiday cards:

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That is the cutest picture! Makynzi only nurses lying down at night and most nights she sleeps through. If she does wake up to eat it is only once. I am going to see about the chiro. Not sure if our insurance pays for it. I will try the bm thing too next time she gets one. I really want to find a way to prevent it if at all possible so she doesnt have to get tubes. She does take a paci but so did my older dd and she has only had 2 ear infections in 4 years! Pretty good considering she was preemie.
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No fair, punkeymonkey, your dd only nurses once through the night! I'm so jealous. :LOL

Kate woke up every hour to eat last night starting about 2:30. Is this about the time for another growth spurt? Do thos occur at relatively predicatble times or just whenever?
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Wow, Kate has exactly as much hair as Tristan!! :LOL

feeling better today, obviously something did not agree with me. I was worried that Tristan was going to be up early to eat a proper meal after nursing in bed at 2:45, but he went back to sleep and slept until 6. When he was done eating I tried to put him back to bed but his stuffy nose frustrated him so I took him downstairs and set him in his chair at the dining room table and let him watch me read the paper, and he got sleepy again so I carried him back to bed around 8 - and we slept til 10, yay!

Going to take a shower while the rest of the family is content.

j with a still rumbly tummy. hm.
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Stacey, that's a great picture! What a clever idea, and beautiful girl...
And I believe there is a growth spurt right around 13 weeks. You also might be just too available! I'd try turning your back on her in bed, so she doesn't keep waking up smelling your milk. Mine still snuggle me, just don't wake up hungry as much anymore.

Jen, yay for rest!
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[QUOTE=JenInMpls]Wow, Kate has exactly as much hair as Tristan!! :LOL

Arowen is a baldy too!

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. Ahhhh.... It's also the anniversary of Arowen's conception. I'm so glad to have her.
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My mom says I didn't have hair until I was 2!!! Poor Kate! :LOL

Wardermom, happy birthday! : That is so funny, my 30th birthday is on the 21st..and also the anniverary of Kate's conception! :LOL
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happy (day early) birthday melanie!

leomom, i the pic of kate!

thanks for the compliments guys!

this one-handed typing is the pits.
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reporting in!

Hey all!

I've missed you all so very much! Still don't have internet set up at "The Farm" so it may be awhile till i can start posting regularily again, but thought i would pop in to say hello while I have the chance. Mielle and I are doing well, settling in at the new house. We have been unpacking and organizing our stuff in the limited space available to us these days! We have 1 large bedroom and closet to fit an entire apartment worth of stuff! So, lots of our stuff is in storage out in the barn. So far, we are all getting along well. (My sister, her husband and my Dad) Jerome's almost done with his classes and will be joining me at "The Farm" next week. Being a single mom has been exhausting, but cool too. I feel so connected to Mielle these days. The extended family has been great about coming to spend time with us, I love being so close to everyone.

Today we are celebrating Jerome's B-day and I am enjoying passing Mielle off to grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. However, she is now insisting on being fed, and more guests are arriving so I should go be social.

I miss you all and am looking forward to catching up with you guys! Give all those gorgeous babies kisses from me!!!!

With love
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Cute picture leomom! We just tool pics for Christmas cards too. I can't figure out how to post them though.

We finally get to put up our tree today! DH is such a scrooge! I LOVE Christmas time!! Now if we can figure out how to keep our year old pup off of the ornaments and the pretty lights.
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Today, too, was the anniversary of Tristan's conception. My birthday's nowhere in sight, though!! :LOL happy birthday to all of you celebrating.

We totally messed up Tristan's sleep schedule by going over to our friends' house tonight, it's nearly 10 and he's still napping, now in his car seat. I wonder when he'll go to sleep. I'm not so interested in staying up and waiting for him to nurse.

Apropos nursing, Tristan has been driving me CRAZY lately, he thinks I'm some kind of chew toy - suck suck, yank, pull, tug, clamp down, pull off... latch back on, rinse, repeat. Any explanations or suggestions? The supplementer tube of course doesn't help matters but I don't think it's what's causing his behavior.

Where are our old posting members? Alttara? Linda? Lazuli? SarahB? Vicki? Julia? Christi? And more...?
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Maybe if you post a link again on one of our old threads, Jen, those gals will find us here.

I too am becoming a chew toy, what a funny way to put it! :LOL

Dec. 21 is the anniversary of my ovulation with the twins. I was charting, and so excited to think we might have timed it right! And boy, did we ever, haha...

Poor McKenna had a blood curtling screaming fit tonight that scared me and dh nearly to the point of taking her to the hospital! It was obvious she was in terrible pain, but I couldn't figure it out or help her. And she was stiff and tense and uncomfortable. It was hauntingly reminiscent of the symptoms Nicolas had as a baby, which progressed quickly into a life=threatening intestinal blockage. Luckily, she eventually passed some gas after a series of crampy grunts, and calmed down enough to nurse to sleep. She woke up a couple of hours later smiling and quiet again. Whew!

(Wouldn't you know it, the screaming fit began the moment we walked into our friend's house for a fancy Christmas party??!!?? I was able to rejoin the party after an hour or so. All the kids were invited to play upstairs, and they invited us to bring the twins; I wonder if she immediately doubted the sanity of that offer, LOL.) We just got home from the party; it was nice. I wore a pretty black velour nursing dress that a friend handed down to me just this week. What great timing!
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Hello mama's!! Checking in very late once again! It is so nice to see all the babe's!
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Dave is almost finished with the cat tree plans for you guys. Sorry it has taken so long. Between my mastitis and the holiday rush, he got a bit sidetracked.

Speaking of mastitis, I had trouble getting rid of mine. It came back AFTER I had completed the full treatment of antibiotics.

Poor Anna lost weight while we were sick, too. She's over 3 months old and still under 10 pounds. She hit 10 pounds briefly, but dropped several ounces when the mastitis was messing with our nursing.

I'm having trouble regaining supply since the mastitis. I tried to get more domperidone because the only compounding pharmacy within 200 miles (the person who did my 1 month supply when she was younger) decided he wouldn't compound it for us anymore, but it takes 3 weeks or more to get it from Australia or Canada and I'm afraid I'll be finished by then.

Of course, it's probably just nursing paranoia. I'm always afraid nursing isn't going to work anymore and, somehow, we seem to muddle through.

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Hi guys. Kate's drooling is out of control. She's soaking the front of her clothes! Who was it that mentioned cute drool bibs, and where can I get some quick? :LOL
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Originally Posted by msrog
I too am becoming a chew toy, what a funny way to put it! :LOL
Yep, me too - ow!

My conception date was Dec. 30th.

Speaking of flying soon, check out this thread I put in Activism regarding the outrageous searches of women the TSA is doing. I am scared about flying home for XMas.

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Hello all.

Thats funny I'm feeling like a chew toy too.:LOL

Decided to take Kaia to a well baby check. She's healthy,12lbs 2ozs and 23 and 1/2inces long. Mainly wanted them to check her ears. Lots of people round here getting ear infections. I love our doctor. He advised not to give her anything but BM and water for her first year. He didn't hassle us about not getting shots. After our appointment was over Kaia was fussy, so I said something about her being hungry and a nurse gave us a room so I could breastfeed her. She didn't eat,too tired. After that we went to visit daddy at work. Here are some pictures.
By the time I got home my boobs felt like they were about to bust. Kaia took care of it though.Ahhh... thats a great feeling.
One night last week she slept through, man did I pay for it. I understand now why cows want to be milked so bad in the morning.:LOL
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