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Oh, Jodie, Kaia is beautiful. What adorable pictures!
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Stacey~ Kate is beautiful too. I like that picture with the presents.
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Ladies! I've missed you! Our computer had to be sent out for repairs (burned out DVD drive and still under warranty) so we were without a computer for over a week. Took me a few days to catch up on posts, but here I am, yippee!!

Hope everyone is feeling better from the sickies, holiday and emotional stress, bf-ing issues and all that.

Jen, Nessa spits up a whole lot if I have too much dairy, I've cut it out completely as an experiment and am going to keep a very close eye on things when I re-introduce it. That one is hard, but thanks be to goats and their lovely cheeses. Oh and I can't have a blanket over her head if she's awake, unless there is a gust of wind I am protecting her from, she needs to see the world too.

Meredith, Nessa's cheeks have been rosy and even slightly chapped lately. I'm keeping them oiled and trying to stay out of the wind, but I think the cold weather and rosy cheeks just go together...

Anna, I'm glad the move went well and you are all settling in well. We'll miss you while your internet access is less than desireable.

We're doing well here, I just typed a really long update and lost it because I had to re-start my computer. So in short, we've had some car meltdown issues, trying to figure out how we can still live our daily lives and not completely lose our minds when Nessa can't handle the car. I think it has a lot to do with overtiredness and her not sleeping much in the car anymore, which poses a new situation we were not prepared for.

Oh and a question.... does anyone have a recommendation for a book on starting solids? Don't worry, I'm not going to do it this early, I am just ready to start thinking about it and would like time to find a book, read and digest a bunch of info before Nessa is old enough and I actually do something about it.

Welcome new mamas and happy conception month to all!
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Sheryl - I think you would really love the book Super Baby Food. I bought several books and it was by far my favorite. It focuses on making your own baby food - which I am a FANATIC about doing if anyone wants some help getting started when the babes get to that point. I don't eat canned veggies, why should my babies?
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Greetings All! Again, I just had a nice long post typed out and then accidentally closed that window ... trying to multi-task too much.

Well, I've been pounding away at getting more boxes unpacked. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. David took Friday off so that we could work on the garage. We were going to work on it last weekend but it RAINED the whole time. A lot of stuff just got jammed into the garage without any organization so we need to pull most of it out onto the driveway. We got the cabinets and counter that have David's gargae stuff and workspace set up. And we got the shelves that house my craft/project area and the pantry mostly set up. Now I just need to unpack those boxes into that space. The pantry has at least 8 of those medium sized U-haul boxes to be unpacked, it will be so nice to be able to use all of that again.

Here's a picture of the house. It was taken in November right before we moved in. Once David gets the server back up, I'll post some of the other pictures of the house and the neat rooms. And here's a picture of Tori and Jack from the same time. We are overlooking part of Austin in the background. (that isn't a straight dropoff right behind the kids , there is some distance before the ground slopes down so they weren't in danger of falling off a cliff. Didn't want to scare anyone. )

A really good baby food book is Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Lots of good advice in that one. I'll have to look for the list of other books that I've gotten recommendations on.

I am sooo feeling like a Chew Toy too. Aidan's favorite move is to stay latched on and rub his face back and forth across my breast. Can you say OUCH!?... I knew you could.

One night last week she slept through, man did I pay for it. I understand now why cows want to be milked so bad in the morning.
:LOL I remember calling myself the "Milk Truck" when I would get home from work and Tori would start fussing because David would wait and not give her a bottle when he knew I'd be home in a few minute. Sometimes I felt like that's the only reason I was around. :LOL :LOL

Everybody's pictures are so cute. I need to post a recent one of Aidan, they are all on David's computer right now.

Well Aidan is awake now, got to go.
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Samantha, your house looks beautiful! I can relate to the moving bit and all the boxes. We still have boxes that need going through. I just shoved them in a closet back in August when we moved.

DH got me "Super Baby Foods" for my birthday last May, and I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Maybe I'll take that one with me to read over Christmas. I tried to make Alex's baby food, but he would only eat Cheerios and nurse. Nothing else.

Not much going on here. Still trying to get all the holiday stuff in order. Jackson's nap routine has changed, so I've been trying to adjust to that. Of course, it will change again next week with our trip north.

Alex is showing a few more signs of jealousy lately, so that's been fun to deal with.

Any suggestions for traveling with cloth diapers? We'll be driving 5-6 hours, staying overnight in a hotel and driving another 5-6 hours to my parent's house, where we'll be staying 5-6 days before making the reverse trip.

Jackson is asleep in the bjorn, so I should get back to work.

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Samanth, Was that picture taken on Mount Binnel? (spelling?) DH and I LOVE Austin and hope to get back there someday. We met while in college there. I'm so jeaous of you! Your house is beautiful, too!

Anyone else's dc going through a growth spurt???
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Originally Posted by adventuregirl
Meredith, Nessa's cheeks have been rosy and even slightly chapped lately. I'm keeping them oiled and trying to stay out of the wind, but I think the cold weather and rosy cheeks just go together...
Sheryl, during our two weeks in Denver, David's cheeks were quite red and slight chapped in the cold weather as well. My mom saw a picture of us from Thanksgiving and asked me if David was sick since he face was bright red. I will have to post the picture on the Yahoo group page.
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What cds do you guys use for overnight? Right now I'm using FBs with 3 inserts. They sure are bulky! :LOL Any other suggestions? I hate changing her during the night because afterward she's wide awake. :
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Sarah, Dont worry about the birth announcement! However, if you do decide you would like more for your portfolio and have a chance Id love to see what you come up with with Naiyas picture.

Jen, Im sure someone else has answered you about Tristans nursing behavior but Ive read many times that when there is a lot of pulling, yanking around and such its because that will increase milk supply. Apparently babies instinctively know this?

Also, I see Alttara posting pretty often in LWB and Birth and Beyond and Linda posts still on the UC threads. I lurk there as well...

Jodie, Kaia is absolutely georgeous! Those pictures are great! And it sounds like you have a wonderful Dr as well. I do too, we are very lucky!
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It seems like DS doesn't fit into any of his 0-3 month clothes at all. He fit into them at Thanksgiving!! Now I'm worried that he'll grow out of 3-6 month before he reaches 6 months. He's also suddenly changed his nap times around on me! I'm trying to get use to pumping and entertaining him at the same time! Trying to get myself ready is a loss so I have to do it in the afternoon........what's the point? How do you mamas do it?

My boobies are feeling much better these days! My supply is going back up. (wasn't much to begin with but I'm hanging in there!)

Anyway, I've figured out how to post pictures. Thanks for looking!

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Cute, Mel! My favorite is the close up of your ds's feet. I am obsessed with Kate's feet!! I need to take one like that! How cute with the Santa hat, too!
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Mel, I love your pics! His expression in the 1st picture is so cute and the b&w ones are great as well!

I need to get busy taking more pics of Naiya. Ive been slacking, I guess she is the typical 3rd child - getting the least amount of photos taken...
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Mel~ Those pictures are great! Your little boy is so cute and handsome. I loved that picture of his feet. Baby feet are so great.
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Jodie!! You and Kaia are beautiful! (That is you, right?) I love her hat and great big smile and pretty eyes.
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Samantha, great picture of your kiddos! And a wonderful house. Congrats.

Mel, those are amazing pictures! Did you take them? I love the naked fat rolls pictures, and I too am obsessed with my babies' feet... You and your dh are gorgeous, too, and the family photo on the stairs with the cat is just precious.
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:LOL That's our dog! She's a Boston Terrier. She will be very upset when I tell her. It's very hard to see her because DH is wearing black. Adding the dog was a last minute idea. We should of planned ahead more.

We had those pictures taken. I love the feet picture too, didn't realize what she was taking a picture of until we got them back. I left out the totally naked pictures. I didn't think DS would like the idea of those being out there on the internet once he was all grown up. Thanks for looking at our pics!
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Originally Posted by leomom
Samanth, Was that picture taken on Mount Binnel? (spelling?) DH and I LOVE Austin and hope to get back there someday. We met while in college there. I'm so jeaous of you! Your house is beautiful, too!
That picture was taken on 360/N Capital of Texas Hwy near 2222 just north of Townlake. Just on the side of the road at one of the viewpoints. They love to use that limestone everywhere. Here are some pictures we took last year up on Mount Bonnell. This was went we decided we really did want to live in Austin.

The whole Hunter crew.

Me, Tori (aged 2.5 years) and Jack (3 months old).

Another of the three of us with Austin in the background.

It's only taken 5+ years for us to finally make it to Austin permanately. :LOL We are soo loving it here.

Thanks, we are really loving this house. I just wish it had "one" more room for a sewing/craft area for me with a door to shut the kiddos out. I'll have to put everything away each night now.

Mel- those pictures are gorgeous! Love the feet. My other favorite is the first "naked bootie" on the red velvet with his head down. Soo sweet.

I need to get some more pictures taken of Aidan. Poor thing hasn't had that many pictures taken. Need to kick the heat up and do a few "naked" ones. It's suppose to drop into the 20s tomorrow night! Brrr!
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Hi, mamas! Not much time to post these days... *trying* to get things accomplished around here. Anyhow, just wanted to say "Hi!" and post recent pics... I've been enjoying everyone else's pictures, too!


That's an album I made for diapering stuff, but I haven't gotten the other one (which will have more pics of my older DS) up yet.

Hope everyone's holidays/holiday prep is going well!
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