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Originally Posted by sistermama
This goofy little college intern just walked back to my desk while I was nursing Lucy. I said (as I always do), "I'm nursing. It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you." Well she said, "are you one of those public nursers?" and then launched into a diatribe about how disgusting it is when people nurse in restaurants, and how nobody wants to see that while they are trying to eat, etc., etc. WTF????
What an idiot! Why shouldn't a baby nurse in a restaurant? Everyone else is eating there! UGH! I can't stand stupidity like that. I agree, people that eat with their mouths open are disgusting, not a baby nursing. Sorry but that boob's purpose in life is to feed a baby, not for somebody's jollys. : If you don't like seeing it... DON'T LOOK AT IT!! : :

Sorry to hear about so many sick wee ones. It's never fun. Both Tori and Jack were really snotty and congested when we were moving got up here. Luckily it only lasted about a week total. Aidan sounded a little congested but nothing came out. Boy did he hate that nose sucker. He just had that choking in the back of the throat when I'd lay him down sound. He slept semi-propped up in his bassinet... still does a little bit. He sleeps better that way.

Thanks Lynsey for doing the list. Small thing, Aidan is spelled with an A not an E. David was very adamant that we use this spelling. It's the old Irish one. Thanks.
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Luminosea, I feel for you, mama. I have to go back to work Friday. I try not to get upset, but I know it will be hard to be away from my little one for the day. You're fortunate you only have to work 3 days. I'll be going everyday, but at least Miles gets to be home with his dad during the days.

About milk production-how do you know if you're not producing enough??? When I go back to work, I'll be pumping twice (after 4 hours, and then 3). Do you think I should start taking some herbs or just wait to see what happens???

: I would have been a little ticked, Sarah. Do you think maybe it has to do with her not being around babies much? Or are many people that ignorant???

For winter walks, we bundle Miles in a fleece suit, put on a hat and hood, mittens and put him in the fleece pouch. If it's real cold or windy, a blanket goes over him. He loves to sleep when we're out, so the blanket doesn't bother him much.

Lately, I've noticed Miles' cheeks are rosy. Is this normal?? I don't think he's too hot or cold. Am I just worrying? :LOL

Pam, cute pics!!
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Why would anyone care if you are nursing in public? : I mean, are you discreet? I wouldn't just whip my boob out, but I throw a receiving blanket over my shoulder then place him under the blanket and lift my shirt. I do it everywhere - restaurants, even Mass - and no one's ever looked at me funny, or said anything. But there's always rude people, I guess.

So, I have been doing the 5-S's from the Dr. Karp book, and it is helping sooo much! Alex was happy all day today, and even went down for his naps smiling! I am also doing two things from the Dr. Weissbluth book, which is early bedtime (7-7:30) and the two naps (mid-morning & mid afternoon). And I think the Amby bed is great, but it's not really necessary. I only use it in the daytime for his naps. When I put him down for the night, I put him in our bed and he stays there all night - easier to night nurse. It really has made a tremendous difference doing these things, and I am getting more rest too.
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How is the early bedtime working for you? What time does she get up in the morning? I tried the early bedtime, but she was wide awake at 5am.
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Jen - I did say something to the twit about how sad and stupid it is that moms feed their babies in bathrooms because people make them feel uncomfortable feeding their babies the way God intended them too and she made some comment about how "you should just feed your baby before you go anywhere or just not go out at all!!!" Thankfully her last day is tomorrow, so I didn't really see the point of getting into it to much. I almost feel inspired to write my own cartoon a la Hathor.

Stacy - I try to be discreet, but not too discreet. I want people to know what I am doing, because the more they see women NIP, the more accepted it will become. I will add though, that in public I have never received anything but very positive comments about nursing.

Poor Lu is not feeling well at all. Fevery and sad little pitiful crying. The ear drops are really helping. I've also got this great book Doctor Mom's Quick Reference Guide to Natural Healthcare. It is very simple and straightforward. It recommended chammomile and belladonna for earache and I realized hey, those are in Hyland's Teething Tabs, so I guess they could be called earache tabs as well. After Lucy's first dose she was smiling for the first time today.
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Okay, I finally figured out why it was so "quiet" around here! :LOL

We'll join the sick roll call... Not only does Gabriel have a slight cough and runny nose, then Iain's coughing, sneezing, and gunky, and now DH and I feel cruddy. I've been running errands all day, though I really feel more like sleeping. Maybe we'll make it an early night tonight. Hoping everyone is feeling better soon!

Had to go pick up our car from the shop today. It didn't start on Sunday and DH couldn't get the battery out to replace it (corroded something-or-others), so we had it towed to the shop. Come to find out the battery's leaking acid, destroyed two cables, and altogether with a needed oil change, it cost over $400!! : Thankfully I'd had some extra in savings, but oh my! I'm just kicking myself because I've been meaning to have DH take it in for maintenance, that probably would've caught this earlier.

I love all of the Christmas ideas! For Gabriel (2.5), we're probably going to give him some more Brio sets/trains. At "school" on Monday, his teachers asked what the kids wanted for Christmas, and his answer was "train tracks." We got his Brio set back out recently and he'll spend hours playing with it! So, we might get down another set that we already have, and/or buy him more trains. Not sure yet. I also want to get him the doll and accessories set from Tykie Diapers (http://tykie.cutsie.net/ is the link that works for me). Maybe that'll be from Iain. Hmm, that's a sweet idea, I think! Wonder what Gabriel would want to get for Iain. This is gonna be so exciting, having them pick things for each other! Ya know, having two is pretty cool. (...I say while Gabriel is with my parents and Iain is sleeping on my lap! :LOL)

It has actually gotten COLD here! : It's great, I love the cold! Okay, so some of you wouldn't call it cold, exactly. Last night, though, it was 37° when I checked. Brr! And the air is so crisp and cool. Just wonderful. It's supposed to get a bit warmer again, which stinks. It's fun to pull out the boys' wintery clothes and bundle them up. Though this is the first I've had a newborn/infant in the winter, so it's a bit different and more challenging than bundling just Gabriel. Anyway, just watching my little guy snooze in a beautiful red sweater.

Leigh, I have no idea if they're too young for Pedialyte. I gave it to Gabriel when he was a baby - actually, I guess we first mixed some yucky meds with it, so he did get it pretty young. I know you've gotta be really worried about Anna's weight. I hope you get some answers and all feel better soon!

Well, Gabriel is home now... just about time for bed. Have a good night, mamas!
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I nurse everywhere -heck 'em. Nursing clothes bugged me after baby #1, so I just nurse in whatever I got. I'm weird about not wanting to nurse out in open in stores while standing (sitting I'm OK with), but I'll walk down a quiet aisle or go outside. No one has said boo to me except for positive things. I'm not trying to do it to be in-your-face to the naysayers, it just doesn't bother me and my baby is hungry.
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Stacy - I try to be discreet, but not too discreet. I want people to know what I am doing, because the more they see women NIP, the more accepted it will become. I will add though, that in public I have never received anything but very positive comments about nursing.
I nurse everywhere -heck 'em. Nursing clothes bugged me after baby #1, so I just nurse in whatever I got. I'm weird about not wanting to nurse out in open in stores while standing (sitting I'm OK with), but I'll walk down a quiet aisle or go outside. No one has said boo to me except for positive things. I'm not trying to do it to be in-your-face to the naysayers, it just doesn't bother me and my baby is hungry.
ITA, mamas! I've found that I'll nurse Iain pretty much anywhere, around anyone, and it doesn't bother me. The other day it was in the midst of the mall's food court with tons of people everywhere, and we weren't very "sheltered." But oh well. I'd be glad for people to know what I was doing and realize just what a woman's body is made for! The only place I don't NIP is at church, where we have a nursing mom's room complete with Dutailier gliders and closed circuit TV of the sermon. Of course, we usually end up just chatting in there, but that's valuable, too! I have nursed in the sanctuary after service, but it's easier and comfier in the nursing room, and just a bit of respect for the people in the service. Otherwise, it's wherever whenever, but I do like to sit down, too, at least to get situated. I've gotten some stares while borrowing the display gliders at Target before - up on a platform and all. Of course, I also like to "CIP" - change (cloth diapers) in public.
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Ha ha, Sarah, I followed the link to those odd cow cartoons. I guess I needed to see some of the first ones to get a feel for where and why the mom found that cow mask. Here is a link to one about breastfeeding in a restaurant potty: http://www.angelfire.com/comics/hathor/pottypolicy.html
I don't agree with her politics, but hey.

I wonder how Anna banana's moving is going??

So sorry to hear the sick roll call! I hope we can stay off that list...

Well, I hope I can get Christmas cards/birth announcements out this year!!! I can't believe it's already December. I took the twins (and Nicolas) to my former job today, and they couldn't believe how big and fat and cute the babies are already. They flashed everyone big smiles and even a few laughs, which was great.

How much is day care in your areas? About 4 years ago, I was charging $100/week to keep a full time kid in my home. I figured the price would be about $135 now... But a friend of mine in the next county over knows someone getting $200/week for 8-5 care! I can't even believe it.
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Okay, I have the list updated and corrected. If anyone has any other links (pictures or birth stories) to add LMK. Sarah, I need Lucys birth weight so I can add her! Chrissy, even though I didnt put the lengths on the list, I noticed that Lilah was the longest baby we had here at 22 inches!

Sarah, I cant believe that girl said all that crap to you! I seriously cant believe that someone would have the nerve to say something so ignorant. : Good grief. Ive been lucky so far in that I havent had any negative comments about NIP, although I really havent had very many positive ones either...

Savannah, Have you gotten my check yet by any chance?

Also Sarah, did you get the picture for the announcements. Theres no hurry I was just wondering if I even sent it to the right email address.
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Originally Posted by msrog
I wonder how Anna banana's moving is going??
We were supposed to help her move on the weekend, but of course, Tristan's cold coincided with her moving. The day she and Jerome were moving it was cold, wet and rainy/snowy, so we figured it would be better for T to stay at home. We're waiting for a call from her tomorrow or Friday. They had moved most of their stuff last weekend. Jerome is coming with another load on Friday. If you want me to pass along greetings, let me know.

Tristan has been constipated tonight : stupid formula. He's finally fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion. He's not eating all that well, I have a feeling tonight will be a long night, so I guess I'll go join him sleeping now while I have the chance.

xo, j.
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Lynsey, no check yet.

Jen, yes, please tell Anna hello.

Sarah, no pressure... but is the picture I sent you working well in an announcement?

I wish I could stay up and get some things accomplished now that the house is quiet... But I'm so darn tired! Grrr. I guess I need to get Nicolas back on an early bedtime. Lately he's been going to sleep at 10:30 or 11 p.m. If he went to bed at 8, I'd have more time for me, as long as the twins cooperated!
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Oh, and Lynsey -- could you change my picture links in the list? I decided to just put a picture of each baby, instead of a link to my album...

McKenna: http://img61.exs.cx/img61/6972/modelpic-mck.jpg
William: http://img61.exs.cx/img61/8959/modelpic-wm.jpg

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Savannah, I love those pics - and so does Iain! :LOL He grinned and grinned at both of them when I pulled up the pics. I just love how babies recognize other babies and smile at them! It's so cute!
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Early bedtimes are awesome. Bedtime around here is between 7:30-8:30 unless DH decides to mess with it. Usually Tori's. He can't seem to understand after 3.5+ years that she sleeps better and longer when she gets a nap (usually around 3pm for almost 2+ hours). The later she goes to bed... the earlier and crankier she wakes up. It was after 10pm tonight : so I'm sure she'll be up between 6:30-7:00am. : : I remember when she was a newborn she would fuss and cry until midnight... then pass out. It was like a light switch at midnight. Needless to say we were getting exhausted. I read about an early bedtime. Can't remember her name now but she said if you are having trouble with bedtime and lots of fussing/crying even if you 'think' bedtime was early enough move it forward at least 30 minutes and see if there is a difference. We realized that we were waiting to late (9-10pm) to try to get her to sleep. Started a routine at 7pm and bam... night crying stopped and she started sleeping in longer periods, eventually up to a 5+ hour section by 4 months old. Of course I never got to enjoy that 5 hour period because it would start at 8:30p while I was at work and end shortly after I got home. When she got older almost a year old she had this amazing window... between 7:45 and 8:03pm... she would go to sleep without a fuss. Any later and it would take 45+ minutes to get her to bed.

I'm "discreet" when I NIP, I try not to flash too much boob. I usually try to find a quiet out of the way place only because its easier to keep and get a good latch when it isn't as chaotic around. Have nursed Aidan in the middle of the food court though. :LOL I don't necessarily use a blanket but I do have quite a few nursing tops. Love my Motherwear shirts and I have a bunch of Lansinoh white t-shirts that they stopped making, those are awesome so soft and comfy. Hate the Motherhood stuff, it all shrinks with one wash in cold. : Total crap! I can't tell you how many Large to XLarge tops would now fit someone that wears a Small. Total waste of money. I'm still wearing several maternity tops right now... need to lose a "few" more pounds before most of my nursing stuff fits. I was at least 20 pounds lighter when I was nursing Tori and Jack. I'm horrible at nursing standing up, I much prefer sitting down. With Tori I had to cover her face most of the time when I NIP with her (and if I wanted her to go to sleep) otherwise she would be looking all over the place. Often turning her head to look and not let go... ouch : talk about stretched nipple!! :

I've been lucky I guess. I've never had anyone in almost 4 years of nursing say anything negatively to me about NIP. I've had a couple of people do double takes. Most have smiled. And a couple of guys have looked a little bit more intently... like they are going to get flashed or something. :LOL :LOL

It was 29 degrees here last night! Brrrr chilly. Everything was frosty this morning. It was back up into the 50s by mid-day.

Well, its way past my bedtime. So much for a quick check in. :LOL
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Heather, your Iain sounds like a sweet, sociable little dude. Thanks for admiring my babies! Those are the pictures we submitted to the church for the PowerPoint presentation they flashed behind us during Baby Dedication this past Sunday. My sister the photographer hadn't seen those pics yet and just LOVED the huge smiles!

Argh, I went to sleep at 1:30 a.m. last night and had to wake up twice with William since then! Once at 4:30 to change a soaked diaper (the outfit was slightly damp, I was barely able to let it stay on him in good conscience, LOL), and again now at 6 a.m. because he completely soaked his Fuzzibunz and drenched his outfit. Grrr. I had stuffed it with a microterry towel, but I guess that's not enough any more for this big piggie. Now he's in a prefold with a thick flannel doubler inside, with a Stacinator wool ( ) cover on top. I hope he'll sleep til at least 9 now. If only McKenna will sleep a few more hours now too...

(Did I mention I got woolie fluff in these last trades, and am now addicted???) So far no poop blowouts, so I haven't had to wash yet. I'm kindof afraid of that part, LOL. The first covers I was given are smalls, so I figure they'll outgrow them before they need a good washing, and so I'll only have to do it once before packing them away. OOOOOH, which makes me wonder, do you have to pack your wool covers a special way? Like in a baggie with moth balls or something? I never thought about that...
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oh my heavens Savannah do not moth ball your wool, you will never get the smell out! I have some antique sweaters and caps and booties from my grandmother that were mothballed and I simply cannot get the stench of napthalene out of them. I would say get a cedar box for them if you are afraid of moths.

Surprisingly Tristan slept very well last night, woke up HUNGRY at 1:15, ate and sacked back out til dawn when he started to wiggle for a 1/2 hour before he would open his mouth and accept a nipple :LOL but we're still waiting for the poop and I'm afraid of the magnitude it's going to take on... Jo is home today - vacation day today and tomorrow - and it's nice to be splitting duties.

We are gathering up all the clothes T has outgrown for our friends who are adopting, it's very fun to be sharing!!! We are so happy for them!

xo, j.
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Originally Posted by leomom

How is the early bedtime working for you? What time does she get up in the morning? I tried the early bedtime, but she was wide awake at 5am.
It works really well. He wakes up between 4-5am, but that is for a diaper change (since he's been in it all night). He is very alert and kicky and smiley at that time, but I don't turn on the lights and then we get back in bed and he nurses himself to sleep again. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes total. Then he sleeps till 6:30 - 7:00, and that's when he gets up for the day, which happens to coincide with sunrise, so maybe the light is what lets him know it's time to get up.

Basically, he nurses at 7-7:30pm in bed, then I come to bed at 10:00 and he nurses again, then he nurses briefly at around 1-2, then he wakes at 4-5 for the change and nurse, then up at 7:00am. The night nurse around 1am hardly bothers me at all since it is brief, so I am really only fully awake once a night at 4-5am, and I still get back to sleep easily. I am feeling a lot more rested now! Also, he sleeps swaddled which is key. I unswaddle him at 4am to change him and leave him unswaddled for the rest of the sleep, but the swaddling keeps him still at night next to me, and I've noticed he sleeps much deeper when swaddled - he doesn't accidentally wake himself. Plus, this week he has started waking up in the morning smiling, instead of crying, which is incredible! Sometimes he has awoken before me, and I find him just siiting there looking around contentedly. Then he sees me and smiles! It's so awesome!

He smiled at Maggie, our Boxer today! He was laying on his back in the kick 'n play, and I was sitting next to him and Maggie came over and peered down at him and he looked at her and smiled! It was so cute! I bet she can't wait till he is big enough to play with her. That was one reason we got a Boxer - they are known for being good with children.
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I got a full on chuckle today!! Aidan and I were sitting there making smiley faces at each other while he was nursing. I just love that smile that is only eyebrows and cheeks then the mouth joins in. When he was done nursing we were still smiling at each other. I sweeped my finger down his cheek by his ear... and I got an ear splitting grin and chuckle!!

I had to call David on his cell phone and tell him it was so wonderful. :LOL :LOL

Boy likes to get goosed too. Big grins when I goose him on the diaper. :LOL

Got to go get lunch together.
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Here's a link about why fluoride is bad:

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