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Welcome Sarah and congratulations on the adoption of Gabriel! May I add his info to the list? If you have a photo link I can put it on there too.

For everyone else who has sent info or new pics I will update the list when my kids go to bed tonight...

Sarah, did you have fun at the christmas party? That dress of Lucys is too cute! I bought the girls' dresses from the Childrens Place and I am so disappointed in Paityns. As soon as I put it on her, she bent over and the zipperstarted coming undone from the bottom up. After the Santa pics were taken I couldnt get it to unzip from the top so we actually had to break the zipper to get the dress off of her! It just irks me that this happened to a brand new dress. obviously it wasnt very well made at all.

Meredith, how was your 1st day back at work?

Paityns tumbling competition was today. She didnt perform as well as I was expecting. (haha-that was sarcastic in case anyone didnt know) She was the youngest one there and everyone thought she was so cute. She was very bashful and didnt do most of her "moves" but a candy filled trophy at the end sure got her excited!

Santa pics went well too, I cant wait to get them back!
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Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. I'm feeling MUCH better now. Anna's back down to 2-4 ounces of formula per day, my boobs are only moderately sore, and my fever is gone.

I'm taking heavy duty homeopathics in hopes of avoiding thrush and yeast.

Here is Anna's 3 month portrait for the list. I'm slow to build her website. She's been a high time-needs baby, and we're having trouble getting into the 3 kiddo routine since she's been thrown into the mix.

Anna's 3 Month Photo
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oh my gosh leigh that hair!!!!!!!

I am being a bad mom - Tristan is lying in the co-sleeper whining and I am taking a break. I am so *#(!ing (fill in your own *#)! ) sick of spit-up. When he spit up this last time on me - this a good 1+ hour after a feeding and no burps inside him in sight - I nearly lost my temper. Now he's whiny - because he needs a nap, I think - and I am taking 5 mins away from him. Jo is off helping our friends who are taking custody of their little girl on Monday (!!!!!!!) - they tried to replace a faucet but found out that it was custom-made and there were no replacement faucets that fit. She's on her way home. I'm about ready.

Someone here took their baby to the chiro to help with spit-up - who was that and did you find that it helped? And how often did you have to go back for adjustments? I'm nearly at my wit's end.

OK, back to my whiner.

xo, j.
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Poor Jen... Have you tried letting him be on his tummy shortly after feeding? Almost always elicits a hidden burp over here!

Cute Anna!

I also meant to congratulate you, Sarah, on Gabriel's adoption.

Lynsey, I forgot to mention that yes I received your check. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls
oh my gosh leigh that hair!!!!!!!
Thank you, thank you! Although, with the hair comes CRADLE CAP. Or, as my other kids call it, "cradle craps".

Tonight we're treating the cradle cap again. Thank goodness for Little Forest Tea Tree cradle cap oil and shampoo! It helped stop both of my girls from looking like little scaley lizards on their scalps.

Anna does not like the warm oil treatment though. Ann does NOT like it at ALL!

I'm sitting back to watch Dave introduce the kitties to their new box/climber/scratching post. He built it all himself from MDF (some sort of wood) and carpet remenents he bought at the rug store. We love it, but I'm not sure how the cats are going to feel. It's huge. Over 5 feet tall at the top platform. We had planned to purchase one, but the $120-150 price tags took that option away, so we made this one for approximately $60.

Here's a picture of his "earth and trees" cat climber/house.

Good luck to everyone. Congratulations Sarah on your successful Sept. baby adoption and happy, stress-release and no-spit vibes for Jen.

Anna is a projectile spitter with some reflux issues. We change all of our clothes at least twice a day, and hers more than that. She stinks frequently, too, like spitup, even with constant wipedowns.
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Originally Posted by RasJane
Do mind if we join?
Gabriel was born Sept 28. He was placed with us for adoption Sept 29th. I just hadn't thought of coming over hear before for some reason.
Gabriel was 6# 5 oz. His birthmom is a fabulous woman whom I just love. We don't currently have contact with her however.
At his checkup yesterday, Gabriel weighed in at 10# 11oz. Yay, he's growing!
He joins big brother, Michael who is 6 and is very excited to be a big brother. I am trying to establish a milk supply while supplementing with organic soy formula.
I am sorry for those of you who are sick. No fun and hope you are on the mend. We had a touch but are all doing pretty well now. I must say I am pretty militant about the handwashing and no baby touch policy.
We are still trying to get a routine going during the day, but nighttime hasn't been too bad, thank goodness.
Looking forward to sharing this time with all of you!

Welcome Sarah and Congrats on your little bundle of joy!! How exciting!
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Originally Posted by Cuddlemama
I'm taking heavy duty homeopathics in hopes of avoiding thrush and yeast.
What homeopathics are you taking? I'm afraid that I may have thrush. My nipples are killing me and I've started to get shooting pains in both my breasts. They did look "whitish" around the base, but they don't anymore, just shiny. DS is gets fussy and pulls away when I try and nurse, but he's always done that. (I have low supply and am supplimenting). He's also gassy. I'm guessing a trip to the doctor is necessary, but maybe the homeopathics might work. I'm hoping it's not thrush. I'm afraid I'll have to throw out all my frozen BM that I've worked sooooo hard to build up.

BTW Cuddlemama - That picture of Anna not liking her warm oil treatment! :LOL
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Loved the picture!
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Julian's info isn't on the list either... Julian David was born on September 28, 2004. He weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long...

Congratulations on Gabriel's adoption Sarah!

Things have been going pretty well here. Luckily neither of us have been sick.. I'm hoping it stays that way. I hope all of you who are sick are feeling better! Julian was pretty fussy this evening. We were at a friends house and he started crying so hard. It was so heartbreaking.. It physically hurts to hear him cry like that... I tried everything. He wouldn't eat, he had a clean diaper and I rocked him. I finally decided we should go home and he fell asleep in the car. He is still asleep and has been for a good half an hour. Maybe he was just tired, but that is only the second time he has every cried that hard..

He also sat on Santa's lap today. He slept through it, but we got an adorable picture. I don't have it on the computer though. I think my dad may be getting me a scanner for Christmas. Julian is mostly getting new Fuzzi Bunz for Christmas. My mom got him quite a bit of other stuff though.

Julian also had a doctor's appt. on Thursday. He weighed a whopping 15 pounds and 11 ounces and was 24 inches long. I have a big little man here. The nurse really irked me though. After weighing him she said "So what kind of formula is he on?" Ughh... She just assumed he was on formula... I just said "None, he is exclusively breastfed." You would think she would atleast ask if he is formula fed or breastfed.. KWIM??
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This is the most comprehensive thrush page I have seen. Lots of info in one place, and even a section on removing gentian violet stains!

Lynsey - we had a good time at the party. Jack was so adorable and a very polite guest. He talked to lots of people and even went and made plates of food up for several! Did you exchange the dress? They are usually very good about it. Which one did you get. (I can probably picture the whole store in my head!)

Leigh - that is the funniest pic of Anna, you'll be able to blackmail her with that one when she is a teenager for sure!

Mel - does he have any patches in his mouth? Sounds like you have some thrush but if he isn't developing any, I'd just treat both and use the milk anyway. I refuse to throw it away!

Ya know that nitwit intern? She was at the party last night and said about my brilliant, fabulous son, "Is there something wrong with him? Why does he speak in the third person?" Well he's two you dumb b*#@*!!! Good riddance to her!

Tomorrow I have an annual decoration/ornament/whatever exchange party to go to. About 15 of us do it every year at someone's house. This year I made lavendar sachets. Best thing about it was I had all the stuff laying around already, so I didn't have to buy anything. Better get to bed though, as Jack will have me up bright and early.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls
Someone here took their baby to the chiro to help with spit-up - who was that and did you find that it helped? And how often did you have to go back for adjustments? I'm nearly at my wit's end.
That was me. Spitting/throwing up an hour or more after eating is a good sign of reflux. Iain's vomitting has basically completely stopped since we started seeing the chiro! He generally starts throwing up again after about a week, so since I go in weekly, we take him, too. The theory is that he'll hold the adjustments longer and we'll start spacing them out as he needs them less. This is covered by insurance - oh, wait, he's not on our insurance yet! Okay, well, it's normally covered. :LOL The other options for treating reflux involve fairly strong medications that really only address symptoms, so I think it's very worthwhile to give adjustments a shot, first.

If you click on the "Internation Chiropractic Pediatric Association" link you can find an ICPA certified chiro in your area. (That's what ours is.) HTH and you're all feeling better soon! Reflux is yucky.
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Heather thanks for your reply. I have a super DC who is an ICPA member, so I'll be giving her a call on Monday. I've wondered if it is something she can help with since it seems to be getting progressively worse. I'm just worried that she will get on me about my decision to vaccinate him against DTaP and Polio, they are very anti-vax in that clinic. I am a bit fragile, still, about my decision. btw I know how obnoxious it can be waiting for baby to be added to insurance, T just got added to mine after a LONG line of snafus with the finance chair at our school, the insurance broker we use, etc.

Sarah I love that you describe Jack as brilliant. I am sure that he is and has a major case of self-confidence from his mama obviously that intern knows nothing at all about kids.

Leigh that picture is SO funny. Tristan loves having his head rubbed with jojoba oil, and we just got Burt's Bees 'Feelin' Flaky?' shampoo for him. Hopefully we can get rid of the cradle cap because it's making the rest of him break out in seborrheic dermatitis too...

SamanthaJ Tristan gets fussy at others' houses, too, if he's just wanting to be at home. There seems to be no solution except going home. Kind of frustrating. I envy people whose babies love going everywhere and being passed around by everyone.

Well, Tristan is cooing up a storm to Jo who is trying to still sleep :LOL so I had better go form a buffer between the two. Usually though she loves being woken up by hearing him 'talking'. He currently is chirping at a mylar butterfly balloon friends brought us for his adoption hearing. He absolutely loves it! We are going to have to get another once this one deflates.

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Jen - if you take the balloon back to the store, they can refill it for you!
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Thanks for sharing the pictures Cuddlemama Your baby girl is super cute. I also had to take antibitotics for mastitis, instead of homeopathics I took a capsule of acidophilus each time I took an antibiotic and I didn't have problems with yeast. The antibiotics did upset Drew's tummy though

beingreen- I don't know how to tell if you aren't making enough milk...but I made it through the week The only problem I had was yesterday Drew kept getting mad at me whenever I tried to breast feed him. I think he really likes the bottle But he seems to be better today.

I'm going to try and get some material for a sling today. I can't wait and neither can hubby.

Sistermama- that intern sounds like a twit. Good thing you won't be working with her anymore. Unfortunatley, my own mum is the kind of person to make comments like that. I've learned that I need to pick my battles and let some things go or else we would always be at odds
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Sistermama - No he doesn't have any patches in his mouth. Thanks for the Thrush info page!

HeatherB - I didn't know spitting up an hour or more after eating was a sign of reflux. DS does that quite frequently. We had a tough time of it last week. What are some other symptoms? That chiro thing is very interesting!
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Here's a cute story about my oldest son warping the meaning of the holidays. We talked to him about giving to others and people who need things. So he insisted (in a meltdown way) of setting a table up at the end of our walk to hand out money. The next meltdown came when we told him the boy next door (whose birthday party was last night) didn't need the $5 bill Alex had in his piggy bank. We trying to give him legitimate ways to give, but he has this idea of the table and passing out money in his head.
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Hi mommas,

I'm enjoying reading about all your babies and checking out the cute pictures!

Our baby has become a crying machine in the last week and a half. Now he just cry-cry-cries inconsolably for a good portion of the day. Nothing helps. I'm a bit bummed since everyone seemed to say that crying got better after 6 weeks and his just really got going at 9 weeks. It is really tough. Of course, he is still super cute and does nice coo-ing and smiling at other times and reminds us of how fun he is. We took a bath in the big tub today (all 3 of us) and he just loved it.

I understand about being sick of spit up. Our baby spits up - a lot. Tummy time is tough to get because it seems most of the time I put him on his tummy, he ends up spitting all over his face. It's kind of a bummer because if we give him a bottle of EBM, he won't spit up, but straight from the breast he'll spit up most every feeding during the daytime. (And often more than an hour later.) Apprently, my very abundant supply causes him to overeat or something???

Anyways, sorry for no replies. I'm just too tuckered out right now (and always it seems).

Here is my pumpkin's passport photo. So cute! His passport came in the mail yesterday so now we're off to get visas for our trip to China.

And here is a picture of my cutie patootie in his fuzzi bunz.

I just switched over to 7th generation diposies. The cloth was giving him rashes and I was just tired of all the wash. He doesn't seem to mind either way, but the rashies were bothering me.
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My little boy regressed at 9 weeks as well after I thought he was improving around 6 weeks. Then magically at 11 weeks he became very happy and started looking around and enjoying things. Be patient. Yours will probably make a change around the 3 month mark. Mine is still fussy, but so much happier and easier to self-entertain and self-soothe. Everyone says to be patient as all these difficult stages will pass...
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Yep, our Daniel is fussing more than usual lately. With the other two, their big fussing decreased greatly at 10-11 weeks. It's right around the corner! Now riding in the car is a different story . . .at least Daniel is fine during the day, but get him in a car at night and get ready for maniac baby. I feel so bad when they get so upset in the car

As far as spit up goes, all three have been big spitters. I have a huge let-down and they have to get used to gulping it. Lots of air bubbles get in that way. Of course, crying lets in more. That decreases soon too, but continued in some form until 5 months or so. My neighbor's son had serious reflux and she told me that the difference between just "spitting up" and reflux is the force behind it. Reflux goes across the room every time. We have our share of projectile spitting, but it is mainly the burp/slurp thing. A Swiss friend of mine had her babies wear these little scarves to protect the outfits -they looked so suave!!
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Originally Posted by almama
A Swiss friend of mine had her babies wear these little scarves to protect the outfits -they looked so suave!!
Yeah, every little German kid I know wears little neck scarves instead of bibs. Somehow looks more put together than a bib!!

Tristan would not fall back asleep after his 5:45 feeding, so we got up around 7 and had a morning to let Jo sleep - now he's just dozed back off in time for Jo to wake up. Figure I should go back to sleep, too, or I will be dead by 8 tonight...

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