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Wow - I can't believe I have a baby who I can lay down on her back in the playyard, with paci (I'm at work) and will fall asleep! Part of me feels guilty, like she isn't getting the same level of care as Jack, but part of me feels like it is a miracle too. I don't know if other mamas feel the same way, but I think one of the main things that happens when you have your second child is that the guilt increases EXPONENTIALLY!
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yes my guilt level is much higher but mainly due to my impatience with noah. that is wonderful about lucy!
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Originally Posted by sistermama
Wow - I can't believe I have a baby who I can lay down on her back in the playyard, with paci (I'm at work) and will fall asleep! Part of me feels guilty, like she isn't getting the same level of care as Jack, but part of me feels like it is a miracle too. I don't know if other mamas feel the same way, but I think one of the main things that happens when you have your second child is that the guilt increases EXPONENTIALLY!
Gosh lots of guilt over here!!! I had so many expectations of David based on how Christopher was as a baby and then I would find myself getting mad because David wasn't like Christopher. Both boys are like night and day. Christopher would happily sleep in the Maya, swing, bouncy chair, and car seat. He would fall asleep at the drop of a hat in the car and stay asleep after we were done driving. David on the other hand loves the pouch and hates the swing and bouncy chair. He doesn't like to sleep much during the day at all! He does sleep pretty well at night although lately he is in a growth spurt and waking up every 3 hours. Christopher had his days and nights mixed up. I feel guilty when I realize that I am mad at David because he won't sleep during the day or just isn't easily soothed like Christopher was. Right now I am reading The Fussy Baby by Dr. Sears and it is helping a lot. I am also using the pouch a lot more and that is making a difference. I love my boys and I don't know where in the world I got the mindset that both boys would act the same as babies.
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I agree about the guilt too. Arowen is such an easy baby, and I feel so much guilt that she's down an awful lot since there are 6 others that need attention, not to mention the house once in a while.
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DH is out of town so I'm way behind... but here's a link to Dr. Sears' info on reflux. http://www.askdrsears.com/html/10/t106000.asp

My best recommendation, if you suspect it, is to find a board on dealing with it. They'll paint a clearer picture for you of what it is or can be like. That's what helped the most for me when I finally diagnosed it in Gabriel.
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where are you mamas? having a day from hell like me?
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I am right there with you in hell. Kate is killing me. She will not, I mean WILL NOT, nap. :


I have tried everything. Rocking, swingin, slinging, bouncing, everything. She will not nap for more than 20-40 minutes. And she's not waking refreshed.

I don't know how much longer I can take this, and it makes me feel so guilty.

She's so unhappy and so am I!!!
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Originally Posted by sistermama
I don't know if other mamas feel the same way, but I think one of the main things that happens when you have your second child is that the guilt increases EXPONENTIALLY!
YEP! And the third is worse.

I feel guilty that Aidan isn't getting enough of my time. It's so hard right now with Tori acting like the fool and leading Jack into trouble constantly. And trying to find my house within this structure of cardboard. Luckily he's happy and sleeps in his swing a lot. He's a pretty laid back baby most of the time.
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leomom, sorry you're having a tough day! Have you tried very snug swaddling? You probably have, but I just thought I'd put it out there just in case! Bhavani will calm down and often sleep for longer time periods when she's tightly swaddled, with relatively loud radio static or similar white noise playing.
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We are having a rough day, too.. Julian has also been super fussy.. Luckily he is finally napping!
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Trying to catch up...

Sarah, congrats on your adoption of Gabriel! I hope your Gabriel will bring as much light to your days as mine! My Gabriel is now 2.5 and a great big brother himself. Michael must be thrilled! I look forward to getting to know you better!

Originally Posted by JenInMpls
Heather thanks for your reply. I have a super DC who is an ICPA member, so I'll be giving her a call on Monday. I've wondered if it is something she can help with since it seems to be getting progressively worse. I'm just worried that she will get on me about my decision to vaccinate him against DTaP and Polio, they are very anti-vax in that clinic. I am a bit fragile, still, about my decision. btw I know how obnoxious it can be waiting for baby to be added to insurance, T just got added to mine after a LONG line of snafus with the finance chair at our school, the insurance broker we use, etc.
Did you get to call your DC? I hope it will be helpful to Tristan! We noticed a change right away, but were warned it might not be drastic and immediate. As for insurance, Iain will be on our plan as of January 1. We missed the 30 day cut off to enroll him, and they would NOT be flexible. Ugh. Guess that's what happens when you're dealing with big
corporations. (DH works for Nokia.) Let us know how T is doing!

Originally Posted by lynchmom
HeatherB - I didn't know spitting up an hour or more after eating was a sign of reflux. DS does that quite frequently. We had a tough time of it last week. What are some other symptoms? That chiro thing is very interesting!
Does your DS get upset when he's spitting up like that? I knew we were in trouble when my DS#1 was spitting up repeatedly, well over an hour after eating, and went from totally calm to completely inconsolable during that time. His pedi back then was really only concerned if he was uncomfortable with the spitting, indicating acid coming up which can also cause damage to the esophagus. There's also "silent reflux," which is mostly what DS#1 had, where he'd have stuff come up in his throat (we could hear it), and then he'd swallow it back, rather than having it come out. So he didn't projectile vomit as much as Iain (DS#2) has been, but he was actually much more miserable.

Originally Posted by almama
My neighbor's son had serious reflux and she told me that the difference between just "spitting up" and reflux is the force behind it. Reflux goes across the room every time. We have our share of projectile spitting, but it is mainly the burp/slurp thing.
Yep, normal spit up kind of dribbles out, down the side of the mouth or cheek. That's totally normal. Anything with force is a bit more concerning (though can be perfectly normal, too). I'm told that as a baby I would projectile vomit three feet across a room. Iain hasn't ever quite made that mark (:LOL) but when he throws up there's a lot of force, a lot of content, and it's the "change the clothes, change the sheets, change EVERYTHING" kind of mess. He also had what I called "forcible spits" where it wasn't so much coming up, but it would actually leave a splatter on the wall (when he was on the changing table)! And, like I said, there's also silent reflux, where you won't see all the spitting, but baby will still be in a lot of pain.

I think I had something on the order of overactive letdown with Iain (not so much now for whatever reason), which can definitely contribute to being spitty. Thankfully those spits tend to be fairly small and innocuous. (Is there a spell-check around here? :LOL)

Guilt, guilt, yes... lots of guilt, for both of them at this point. Iain is also much "easier" than Gabriel was, so that's a factor for us, too. I can put him down and he'll sleep (at least some of the time!), whereas you couldn't put Gabriel down almost EVER. I often feel as though both of them are being neglected for some chunk of every day.

Speaking of neglecting, my big boy is on my lap begging to go outside - and now the little one is awake, so I need to take them out. Oh, and Iain's getting fussy... Agh. Did I mention I'm starving, too? :LOL

Oh, we just got a packge from my Grandma with gifts for all of us. Gabriel was throwing a fit because I wouldn't let him see his Christmas presents! (They're from Amazon and came unwrapped.) Anyhow, it'll be interesting to see how he reacts this year to having to wait for gifts.

Hope everyone's having a better day...
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It must be the day. When dealing with my oldest I've taken to repeating the mantra, "this is a challenge, just a test." He knows all the buttons.
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Thanks for the reminder. I have swaddled before, but I stopped since she didn't seem to like it after about 6 weeks. After your suggestion, I tried it again and she has been napping in her crib for almost an hour with no fussing...an all time high (since her nap strike anyway :LOL )! You saved my sanity!

Here's to hoping I can get another hour out of her. I sure do miss my great napper (2 hours in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon!)

Hope everyone else's day got at least a little better, too!
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Yay, Stacey! I'm so glad it worked! We have the Miracle Blanket that some of the other sept. mamas have raved about, and it has been so helpful, along with the radio static and other tips from The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Gotta go change a poopy dipe!
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Don't stop swaddling! I made the same mistake, and Alex got fussier and became a poorer sleeper. But since I have corrected that in the last 2 weeks things are sooo much better! I swaddle him all night, and for each nap. Also, the Weissbluth book says to leave them ALONE once you put them down for a nap. Put them in their bed in a darkened, quiet room and if they cry, let them cry because for a nap it will usually only be for a few minutes, then they fall asleep. Whereas, if you go in to answer the cry right away, you are actually interfering with the nap. Sure enough, he was right. I did just that, and at first he would cry for about 10 minutes after being swaddled and put down for his nap. Then a few days later he only cried for 3-5 minutes, then finally not at all. Now he only cries a bit when being put down for a nap if I've kept him up a little too long & he is overtired. But the swaddling is key, even at night. Did you get a Miracle Blanket? Those are the BEST!!!

P.S. I also use 15 minutes of the "wind" white noise function on the clock radio on the stand beside our bed when I put him down. I think it all works well together.
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Ok David must be the opposite of everyone else's babies because he is not having a fussy day at all today. He has been quite the napper today. Usually he loves to fuss and not nap. Let's see.... he and I woke up at 9am, he went down for an hour nap at 10:30am, woke up and smiled and cooed for a while, went down for another nap around 1, woke up 3 hours later, smile and cooed some more, and he crashed again at 6:30pm. Lately he is waking up every 3 hours at night. I think he is in a growth spurt.
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Stacey, so glad that tip worked! I might have to try it, too. Iain sleeps pretty well, at least some of the time :LOL, but we haven't ever swaddled him very much. I know he sleeps better on his side or tummy where he's got more confinement.

We just got in from our walk, which was very nice. We just walked around the neighborhood a bit, with Iain in the sling and Gabriel walking and running. Gabriel actually fell once and hurt his arm, and it was nice to be able to scoop him up and not worry about Iain! Iain just stared at EVERYTHING as we walked. His head stayed cocked in the same position so long that if it weren't for the wide eyes looking, I'd have thought he was asleep! :LOL He only started fussing after we got back to our house and I stood around on the driveway letting Gabriel wind down. With a little more movement Iain then passed out! Yay! I love it when he falls asleep with no extra help, especially the pacifier. He's still in the sling now (not something I generally use in the house), though he roused a bit when I sat down. Hopefully he'll nap for a bit... though I have Stamp Club tonight and he's almost always awake for the whole thing! Ack! Makes it hard to do much that way. I will definitely be taking the Maya Wrap with me, though, in hopes of making the evening a little easier!
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Stacy, yes, I have the miracle blanket. I wish I'd have pulled it out sooner!

I am going to start swaddling everytime!!

Kate doesn't really cry when I put her down, it's when she wakes up 20 minutes later...and I've tried to let her fall back asleep, but her crying just gets louder and louder.

OK, Mamas, I need some advice for tomorrow morning.

Kate hasn't been napping, but she's been sleeping until 10 or 11 in the mornings. My pedi. suggested yesterday that I wake her up around 8 so she can then go down for a morning nap. Well, I did, but she didn't go down for that nap and was fussier than usual all day. (Until I swaddled her, but I still only got an hour out of her.)


Tomorrow morning, should I wake her or let her sleep until she wakes up???

TIA for your advice on this!
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i'd let her sleep, but i'm of the 'don't wake a sleeping baby' camp.
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Originally Posted by chrissy
i'd let her sleep, but i'm of the 'don't wake a sleeping baby' camp.
me too!
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