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any other april mommas having a uc?

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I fired the midwife today and was wondering if anyone here was planning on a uc as well.
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We are planning our 2nd UC this April. I am so excited. Congratulations on firing the midwife. It is such a great feeling to be completely responsible for your own birth. There is a wealth of support both on MDC and elsewhere for UC. I am glad there are a few April UC'ers around, its nice to not be the only one
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I wish, but no. This is what I one day hope for. Dh refuses to even consider it. BUt he does have valid reasons. I almost died after dd was born. I hemorraged and passed out for about 10 hours. It was really scary for him. We are 20 minutes from the closest hospital, so it's a no go. Not even a home birth with a midwife. But, at least, I do get to deliver in a birth ceneter, since we are only about 2 minutes from the hospital.
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I asked dh once if he'd be willing, and he said yes, but he felt more comfortable having someone experienced around. It may be something I strongly consider once we decide a) if we like the MW we're meeting for a HB this week and b) if we can actually afford her services.
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Oh I wish we could do uc too. Dh is vehemently opposed to it (read terrified that I'll die and leave him with 2 kids). It's really what I want for this birth but I understand his nervousness so won't push it with this one.

Unfortunately we have no other choice but to go with a Dr. Our birth attendant from Finn's birth is now too much $ for us and the midwives covered by medical won't do a homebirth for us because we're too far from their area. Blah... I'm kind of in denial about the whole thing. Ah well, I'll enjoy hearing how it goes for all of you! I have my secret hope that I'll be able to labour at home long enough that it will be 'too late' (oops) to go to the hospital. hehe.

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My dh was fearful the first time around too. Thankfully he respects me and my body enough to know that I wouldn't make this choice if I didn't believe it was truly the best choice for me. We made a deal that he would learn more about it, and if he still had reservations we would discuss it again. Once he learned more about WHY I wanted to UC and he discovered that all the info backed me up he was less afraid. This time around he is so relaxed, he loved our last UC (and thought it was SO much better than our hospital experience) and is looking forward to the whole thing again.

I say knowledge is power. Educate your fearful dh, he may surprise you in the end
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Not this time. Eventually we will have a UC. Both previous births I needed their expertise and was glad they were there. Only for the moments we needed them were they involved in the labor and birth. Otherwise it was just me and my husband. Myself and my second baby were not even touched by anyone besides my husband for almost 2 hours after the birth when we got checked. (Except two fingers checking why the amniotic sac was still attatched inside of me...yet my husband was holding the placenta he had just delivered.) My first was birthing with his arm besides his head and was stuck. One midwife moved his arm to the other side of his face and that was the only time he was touched by them for a couple of hours also.

This time we are expecting twins and I'd feel more at ease knowing there was backup. Of course my last labor was only 2hours 20minutes so we might be going unassisted anyway.
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