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Hi Mama's! I love looking at your pics!

Sofia is 5 months old exactly yesterday - blue moon baby on the 31st so she was barely a July babe. She still isn't eating solids although I think she is very interested, I don't think I am! I don't suppose it will be too long, though.
She is still such a spitter-upper and a big drooler. But no teeth yet!

She gets carried in the mei tai both front and back. She is very secure on the back and loves it. I love being able to get things done with her. I followed the instructions on the Kozy carrier site and finally got it down after much practice in the bed.

Sofia isn't sitting up for longer than a minute without falling over but she sure can scoot! She has been rolling all over the place for awhile and when she is on her belly she scoots forward. When she is on her back, she scoots backwards. It is so funny to watch.

Amazing how they change isn't it? I held a new born the other day who was within an ounce of Sofia at birth and couldn't imagine my 13 pound plus child ever being that small.



Happy New Year to you all!
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Hi all, I haven't posted in a long time... Thought I'd check in. I've been lurking, though and kept up with the thread. Just don't get much time at the computer and takes too long to type with one hand... :-)
It's great to hear how all your babes are doing!

Rowan is such a cute little boy!!! We're having so much fun with him. He's been rolling over for like 2 months now can sit by himself now! He still tips over occasionally though, so we're always right next to him. Christmas was so much fun with him. He loved the paper! And DH's parents got us a video camera for Christmas so we can finally get all his cute antics on tape!

I haven't started with food yet, but I got some sippy cups for him 'cause he's always grabbing our glasses and trying to drink. We've let him have a couple sips of water a few times... Is it okay to give him some water in a sippy cup? I don't pump at all, since the two times I tried were miserable, so I wouldn't be able to put bm in it.

Catherine, I'm glad you recommended those baby food books, I've been thinking about ordering both of them. My mom got me a little portable baby food grinder like the one she used when I was a babe. I'm pretty excited about it.

Klothos and Mamajaza, your babes are soooo cute! Here's a link to Rowan's most recent pics... Ro-Ro

Oh, and the not so great news... AF arrived Christmas morning!!! Yuck. I had a feeling something was up. The whole week prior I knew I was either pg or it was af... I actually got a bit excited about the pg idea. Oh well... It's for the best. It's definitely a bit early!!

Ok, gotta run. I'll try to keep up a bit more often.
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Originally Posted by klothos
she has learned to suck on her toes and spends a great deal of her time doing just that. she actually has been getting fussy when she's in PJ's that don't allow access to her toes! so we've been having to turn up the heater so she can be undressed or just in onesies so she can chew on her toes :LOL ... she's so cute.
Yes Klothos, for the past four nights now, Avery has gone to sleep with just CD and the space heater kicked up really high. It makes his waking up time a lot more pleasant also. Many times when he was waking in the morning he would go through a crying spell as he was trying to open his eyes...now, he rolls over and toes go in the mouth! No crying!
Good luck on going back to school Klothos...FT or PT??

Wow Naomi, I was really surprised to hear about AF!!...and you are still FT bfing?? I heard that was pretty uncommon.

Everyones pictures are amazing!! Naomi, your little guy looks as big as my little guy!!
I couldn't figure out how to deactivate the password thingy for that pic I last posted so I just deactivated the website password for the link in my signature. I will keep that updated!!
WOW!!! 2005!!!!
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Yeah, it totally sucks. I was surprised too. We're still FT bf, and he's even been getting up a lot during the night to eat, which he wasn't before.... He used to be a good sleeper, not sure what happened. :-) But he has spaced out his meals a bit during the day. It seems to be more like every 3 hours instead of 2. I was so looking forward to not dealing with AF for a long time!!!

Cat, Avery is adorable. Yeah, Ro is on the bigger side. At the beginning of December, he was 16lb and 26in. I saw a lady in the mall with her 8 week old a couple weeks ago (what she was doing in the mall with an 8 week old I'm not sure...) and he was so tiny and I couldn't believe Rowan had been that small. I'm constantly amazed by how quickly they change. :-(
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we've done vinegar (a lot) and it doesn't help. i have yet to try bleach (i don't keep bleach in my home, and have been a little reluctant to buy a whole container just to use a little to try to fix my dipes). i'm considering trying boiling water (?)... we've also used tea tree oil, borax, extra rinses, extra soaks, etc.

i'm going back to school full-time.

Lyssi loves banana! she tried some of mine last night and loved it. she kept lunging forward to try to get more.

i've been PMS'ing too and i'm still breastfeeding (and pumping!) so i don't think it's too weird that someone might have miss AF.
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I know there are more July mamas out there!! Here is the new
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