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Does anybody know...

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I saw some people yesterday in the park who were very oddly dressed, I assume for religious reasons.

There was a bearded guy and two women. They all looked like anglos. All three wore loose fitting unbleached cotton clothes and sturdy hiking boots. The guy had on a tunic and trousers a brimless hat and a beard. Both women wore identical dumpy and shapeless dresses tied with a sash and their hair was completely covered with a head scarf. They looked just like Catholic nuns, except they had veils over the lower half of their faces.

I have never seen this style of dress before. At first I guessed they were moslems, but most of the moslem women around here wear scarves and long duster coats of colored fabric.

I'm just curious if anybody knows who these strangely dressed people were. If I see them again, maybe I'll ask.

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Sikh maybe? I think the religion is called Sikhism.
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I would have thought so too, excelpt that sikh women specifically don't wear veils (they consider it false modesty).

I thought they might be muslims because of the veils, but I don' t know of any muslim sects that wear that style of simple unbleached cotton clothing.

Oh well. It's not really important. I was just curious.

I guess it's because the clothes seemed to represent some religious practice that I'm not familiar with at all.

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Among Muslims, there are some Sufi groups who wear only natural-fiber clothing. Many white American converts are attracted to Sufism, a contemplative, mystical side of Islam that has a lot in common with some "eastern" religions. Some Muslim women do wear the niqab (that's the opaque veil covering the lower half of the face). It's considered obligatory by some--although it is inappropriate for prayer. I don't wear it, but I have met women who do.
In short, these people could indeed have been Muslims.
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