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are these hives? (possible insect bite reaction)

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I've got a strange skin problem that I'm not going to bother seeing my family practitioner about, since I know she won't have a clue. . . .

A week ago, four spots appeared near my elbow, and they resembled insect bites. By the next day I noticed a few more in that area, and also noticed joint pain in my elbow, muscle aching in the whole arm, and (another day later), a rash broke out on my upper arm. Looks a bit like hives, but IME (and I have plenty experience with hives), hives tend not to stay put. These spots do. I also have topical skin tenderness. The spots are a little itchy, but not very itchy like hives.

At this point I'm assuming something strange bit me, though probably not spiders (apparently spiders tend to bite once, not in clusters unless they get stuck in your clothes). And I'm also assuming I'm having an allergic reaction to whatever it was.

I wish I knew what the heck caused this. My fear is that if it happens again I could have a more serious reaction. Dang it. Maybe I should just go straight to an allergist. But really, what's an allergist going to do? They can't test me for sensitivity to every dang bug in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyone have any experiences like this?
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I really don't know what it is but for some reason your description made me think of Lyme Disease. Do you have ticks there? Probably just one tick "bite" but the other spots could be a reaction. Just a thought.
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I also think it sounds like it could be some sort of infection from an insect. The symptoms don't sound too different from the West Nile Virus symptoms they keep telling us about here, but you don't have that out where you are. I would go ahead and see a doctor, since if it is an infection, it's much easier to cure it with meds that don't have many side effects early on. There's a big chance that's not what it is, but it will put your mind at ease.
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