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Can I join you?

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Hi guys
We are due with #4 on 08/02/05. We have always said we'd have 4 kids, so here we are, working on the last one. I wonder if I'll really feel done after having #4? Our last baby was a home water birth, and we are planning another. Since Justin was born in FL and we now live in NH, we are shopping for a midwife.

I am a homeschooling, work at home mother of 3 boys. My 2 older are from a previous "marriage", and I'm still constantly fighting custody/visitation with my ex, which is frustrating to say the least! I run the local 4H club, serve as a board member of the statewide homeschool group, and I'm also working on finishing my Bachelor's degree. DH is a fine woodworker, builds custom stuff for mansions and yachts (and sometimes for me ). We also cloth diaper, and cosleep and wear our infants.

I hope that gives you a sense of who I am/we are. I will try to be good with personals, but that's not always my strong suit. Even if you don't always hear from me, I'll be watching and smiling and sometimes crying (hopefully tears of joy!) with you. I look forward to meeting you guys and working through these pregnancies together!
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Welcome Amy!

Hi Amy!

Congrats on baby number 4! & thanks for the intro. This is so neat we get to be in the MDC pregnancy club this time around. Last time I spent all my time on Ivillage :Puke So cool to meet another like minded mama like you!
Are you hoping for a baby girl this time? Got names picked out yet? :LOL

How do you like homeschooling? I'm pretty certain I will be doing it with Darlene and baby D #2. Hopefully, finances permit it!

What's your bach. degree in?
Take care and welcome!!!

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Welcome! You'll have to let me know what it is like with 4 kids. We want at least 4 kids, too. But Clint hasn't said no to 5 kids yet. Hmmmm..
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Hi guys!

I'm actually kinda hoping for another boy at this point. It would make life so much simpler. But of course, what I REALLY want is another healthy baby, and a girl would certainly be different. My boys want a sister. I don't like to find out the gender ahead of the birth. When I had just finished birthing Justin and we knew he was a boy, Jaden (then 4) came close to the birthing pool, looked at him, and said, "But I wanted a sister!"

I really want a Jesse. We've been waiting for a Jessica Rachel, but if its a boy it will still be Jesse since we're pretty sure this will be our last baby. Still working on a middle name, though.

We LOVE homeschooling for a whole ton of reasons. I started researching it when Jacob was 2 or 3. It was just a natural extension of what we had been doing since birth, and it didn't make sense to stop something that was working so well just because he hit a certain age. Plus, he was reading when he was 3, so I figured he'd be plenty bored by the time he got to school. Viola!

I have about 6 classes left to finish my Bachelors. I'm doing a self-design in Legal Studies and Education Policy cuz I want to go to law school someday for education law and policy. I actually have enough Credits to already have my degree, just never stuck to one subject long enough to get the paper, though. Figure its time to move on.

As far as 4 kids - I don't know yet. 3 has been great! The transition from 2-3 was the best, but I don't know if that's cuz my kids were older when Justin was born. I have to say I have enjoyed Justin more than the other two for the reason of more experience. I was a normal 1st time parent basket case for Jacob, and then I was dealing with a 2yo and a newborn with Jaden (plus dragging them in the car 3+ hours/day and dealing with their unsupportive father). Bri is a great husband and father, and my load is greatly decreased to have a partner instead of a childish slob like with the 1st two. Plus, with the extra experience, working from home, and havint the kids be older, Justin has just been easy for me. My ideal spacing is 3 years apart, so that's what we aimed for this time. I have a couple of friends with lots (4-7) and they have blessings and trials for sure! I really feel like 4 is all I could handle with everything else we do, but I'm afraid I won't feel finished after #4. Bri also really wants to stop at 4. Who knows, maybe we'll change our minds (or not!).

Well, that's probably more than you wanted to know. Gotta get anyway! Thanks for coming by...
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Wow! What a great story! I don't know how you mamas can do it... We know we're done after #2 (actually, DH was ok with just one). I can't imagine that many people in the house (in my bed!). We're already talking about upgrading to a King bed, because 4 just seems like too many in one bed, especially when DS has taken to sleeping sideways.
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Hi Barb!
I think you grow into parenting. If I'm gonna make 2 pb&j, might as well make 4, right?

We only cosleep our infants. Once I start getting "kicked" out of my bed, I transition them into their own. Plus, some just don't take to cosleeping. Jaden didn't want to have anything to do with it right from the start and would only sleep in his own bed with the door CLOSED. If you opened it a crack to check on him, he would wake right up! If we were going to cosleep the whole family, you can bet we'd get a King!! Go for it!
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Welcome Amy! Great to have you here. This is #2 for us, but we aren't even close to done. We want a dozen, but I'm sure the number will go down after the first 5 or so
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Thanks Kailia,
Big families certainly have a wonderful dynamic, but also have their challenges! This is your first actual pregnancy, right? Do you think it's any different going through it in body versus as a partner? It's probably too early to tell, huh?
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Congrats to everyone (and just think how beautiful your bellies are going to be next summer
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Yep Amy, this is my first pregnancy. It's still really early, but I am noticing differences already. With DP's pregnancy, she craved meat and cheese, hearty foods. I am already leaning towards green foods, and I can't really eat or drink dairy products. I'm sure I'll notice more differences/similarities as the pregnancy progresses.

Welcom BCmamaof5 good luck in your 2ww. I hope you see the 2 lines your hoping for
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Amy hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months! :
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Hi Amy! I'm not PG againn (I'm lurking ..already have my August baby ) but I've been wondering how you've been since UB closed. (don't know if you remember me, but you sent me some diapers before )

I just wanted to wish you Congratulations on the !!!
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Hey Amy--I went to school for 3 years in Bethlehem at the White Mt School. It is so very beautiful up there!! My mom still lives down by Concord.

Just wanted to say hi since we have that in common.

Best wishes--I hope you're feeling well.

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Hiya BCmama! Good luck on your testing! Do you think you'll set any kind of a limit on baby-having? I think we'll be done with 4, but I definitely want to be done by the time I'm 35. So I guess that's a couple kindsa limits.

Kailia, I must have eaten hundreds of cherry tomatoes when I was pg the 1st time, and I also craved tabouli. Acid? Don't know. 2nd & 3rd times I really wanted ice cream. Fat? Wonder what it'll be this time...

Thanks for the well wishes, April!

HI CARLA!!! Of course I remember you! I've been wondering about some UBers too, but haven't signed up for those new boards they started. Is anyone else over here too? Gosh, I didn't even know you were pg. Congrats on your girl! I guess it's too soon to be thinking of more, huh? How've you been? Where to you hang out here on MDC? Keep in touch, k?

Adrienne, we just moved here a couple of years ago, but it certainly IS beautiful. We're right down the bottom of the hill from The Rocks. We have family near Concord, too. Do you ever get out this way to visit Mom? I thought I saw that you'll be visiting for Xmas?
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Originally Posted by Amy in NH
HI CARLA!!! Of course I remember you! I've been wondering about some UBers too, but haven't signed up for those new boards they started. Is anyone else over here too? Gosh, I didn't even know you were pg. Congrats on your girl! I guess it's too soon to be thinking of more, huh? How've you been? Where to you hang out here on MDC? Keep in touch, k?
There's a bunch from UB on here. I do go to one of the offshoot boards, but it became a pay site. I don't think I'll renew, especially since it just isn't the same without the dynamics of UB and I like MDC a lot better. I should of suspected you were a member here since you were one of the crunchier ones

My pregnancy with Shaylee just flew by and we were excited to get our girl, but like you wouldn't of minded another boy . I think we'll be waiting a while for another one now as these two have my hands full!!
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