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Adieu to the EZ2!

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Several of you were around to give advice and support a few months ago when I felt I had reached the end of the road for myself, my girls, and our EZ2 Nurse pillow. The dilemma was we hadn't figured out how to nurse with all of us lying down. The reason this was a dilemma was that they had outgrown the pillow and were kicking the back of the love seat all the time.

Well, somehow at about 13 1/2 months it just happened! One morning I was lying down on the bed and the girls came over and latched on, nursed, and fell asleep! We have never looked back!

I still have the love seat, the nursing pillow, and the extra pillows and blankets out "just in case" but I know we'll never go back. Tomorrow is LLL meeting (I host) and I plan to bring out the pillow and have a short farewell ceremony. Do you know I dragged that damned thing to every meeting we used to have, lugged it up stairs, into and out of various vehicles, had sometimes two helpers to get me, the children, and the dratted pillow to the meetings? But I'm so thankful for it, it helped me nurse them and gave us so many cosy moments.

But I'm so happy we're able to all nurse lying down now. Thanks to all of you who posted on my original thread asking for help. I don't even know how it happened, but it did, and wow am I better rested! I have always been one to nap with the girls but now I can do so in comfort!

Farewell, oh EZ2! You gave of your best and took a lot of abuse over the last year! You helped a new mama learn to mother my babies and I'll never forget you. Have a nice retirement and
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I'm just waiting for the day when I can nurse my two in bed together! For now the only way they get naps is in the car...
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