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sharp pain in lower right abdomen

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Does anyone know what, other than ovarian cysts, could be causing a sharp, persistant pain in my lower right abdomen? I don't think it is apendicitis because the pain doesn't increase when I jump up and down. It is near my hip bone and is worse when I stand up from a sitting position suddenly, or if I sneeze while standing up.

The chances of my being pregnant are nil (neg pregnancy test + AF two weeks ago) so it couldn't be an ectopic pregnancy. It's been going on for four days now.

I have no other symptoms except for a slightly upset stomach and loss of appetite, which could just be due to the pain.

My friend has mentioned that it might be my cicum being irritated by a food intolerance

Any ideas?

It will be impossible for me to even think about going to a dr until tomorrow because I have no child care options at all.


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OUCH!! I'm so sorry!!!

To me it sounds pretty far out toward the hip but, if you push on it does it hurt bad? Do you then feel sick? If you start to throw up or get diarrhea or get a fever call the Doctor IMMEDIATELY-it's appendicitis. Accept that if any of these things happen you'll just HAVE to call the Dr. today & take baby with.

But, it could also be a cyst or endometriosis, too - it's hard to tell because everything's so squished in together down there. But unless the cyst bursts, it won't suddently get dramatically more painful - it'll be gradual pain that receeds from time to time (based on hormones).

Just be cautious with it... my DH appendix burst last year (he was convinced it was stomach flu) and was in the hospital for 4 days after the surgery to get rid of the infection it created.

Don't ignore your instincts - trust that the pain is telling you something. If it is appendix - it only takes about 24 hours of pain before it bursts and the surgery is just laproscopy & you recover very quickly if it doesn't burst.

Good luck!!!!
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thank you bippity-- no, I have no other symptoms. I do have a headache but I haven't been sleeping well due to pain. It feels like a stich in my side, the kind you get from running, but I sure haven't been running.

No throwing up, no diarhea, everything else is in working order it seems.


I can feel my ovaries and the right one is slightly larger than the left, but the pain is by my right hip bone, about 2 inches above the ovary.

I'm wondering, could it be a ligament? When I was pregnant I had severe round ligament pain, so bad I thought I was in preterm labor.

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I would think that a ligament would only hurt if you moved a certain way if you're not pregnant. If you are pregnant I suppose it could be a ligament getting stretched.
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Did you ever find out the casue of the pain?
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