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Is it the flu or am I in labor?

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I suppose only time will tell....hehehe..

All day I've been feeling really sick and having uncontrollable bouts of the runs. I've also been having strong, irregular contractions. They don't really hurt, but I can feel them in my cervix, as opposed to the usual "tightening". Also, yesterday I noticed a little bit of mucous plug in my undies. I suppose the upset stomach is probably causing the uterine irritability, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

We'll see. I told myself I'm not going to take any more terb, because I really can't handle that amount of stimulation. Also, I read somewhere that its been associated with autism. Blech...I hate the stuff, and I'm afraid to take it while I'm feeling so sick.

I was 2 centimeters, 50% effaced and at 1 (not sure if + or -) station 2 weeks ago. Not that it makes any real difference in when things will happen. I just hate wondering every time I start to bouts of contrax. Like, is this going to be it? Plus, we live way outside of town, and I'm here by myself with the kids, and I'm not even sure how I'll get to the hospital in time (my last labor was about and hour and half, maybe two hours) Can you tell I'm a little anxious, :LOL? Not about labor, just making it to the dratted hospital or having a 33 week old baby at home.
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Wow Mama! Hope everything goes ok, no matter how "it goes"! I will definitely be thinking of you and hoping that you at least get someone there to help you out if you are going to have that baby soon! I hope you have someone to call...
Take good care tonight and I hope your tummy calms down, if nothing else!
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mamamaya, maybe you could get someone to watch the kids and/or take you in to the hospital to get checked? 33 weeks is toooo early to be born at home and with such fast labors..... or maybe you'd take the terb??
If you really start to feel like you're starting a real labor, please get some help!
I wish I could help- so close, yet so far!
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I wimped out and took the terb...I would feel really awful if the baby had to stay a day in the nicu, let alone three weeks. Plus its pouring outside and super windy, and that means the traffic will be really bad.

Anyways, they've slowed down considerably, but now I'm all jittery. My mom came over after work, so she's hangin with me for the night. she even brought me a milkshake

Thanks for the mamalove
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I'm glad to hear it mamamaya. I was worried about you!
it's not that much longer that you have to hold that baby in you- and she (?) be better off for it!

Take care of yourself!

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Phew...woman, I'm reading these entries, and my stomach is in total knots! I am so glad you've got things slowed down. Of course the babe will be born when they are feeling like it regardless of your needs, but it sure would be nice if it's gunna happen so fast that they were ok being on the outside without any medical assistance. sigh. Well, I share my heartfelt love and I hope things stay under 'control' for a few more weeks... seeing as I went two wks late and had 22 hrs of labor, what I wouldn't give for a leetle bit early and nice fast labor, but I don't think that's my cross to bear. enjoy the sound of the wind and the laughter of your children. Andy
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Sending you "keep the baby in vibes"...

Hi, I hope it all cools out. I had some preterm labor myself and it was freaky to think I'd meet the baby before Christmas, and was quit motivated to do what I could to stop it when I imagined myself in the NICU with my baby on Christmas, instead of big, pregnant with a Santa hat on!

It is also SO exhausting to think, "is this something I should be concerned about?" every time you have a new sensation. It just wears you out mentally. Just hold on, get help with kids, and take it slow....

I know terb makes folks feel icky. I had success keeping myself off it by using crampbark, welcome womb, and my most helpful intervention- acccupuncture. Maybe talk to your midwife about this stuff, or call acupuncturists and see if there is someone good that has worked with this issue before. Just a thought, cause it's working for me.

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Thanks Heidi

I was going to acupuncture every week, but lately I've stopped because its too hard to make the trek into town, and every time I get up and walk around the contractions start. Blech. But, it really helps a ton. I've also heard that false unicorn is good for stopping contractions? Not positive, though.

I'm so sick of taking pills, tinctures, supplements, vitamins, shakes...and all the like. I took some seriane this morning because the terb makes me so jittery and anxious, and grouchy, lol. now I can breathe...aaahhhh....

Anyways, its weird. I feel like I don't trust my own body, and I've never felt that way before. Both of my other pregnancies and labors were so easy and beautiful that this one has really thrown me for a loop. I suppose in the back of my mind, I always kind of thought mamas who were having pregnancy probs were being somewhat overdramatic, or could have done something else. Now, I'm seeing that this isn't always the case. And it really starts to mess with your head, ya know? I dunno, maybe this is a good lesson for me...
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Just wanted to send some good vibes your way.
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I know what you mean about being sick of taking stuff, I had to work on my iron, which meant I was taking first yellow dock- dandelion-molassasses syrup, which was gross, plus my liquid prenatal by buried treasure which is in pineapple juice, but I was getting sick of tablespoons of weird tasting stuff. I had to switch from the yellow dock cause I couldn't stomach it, but am now on Floradix, which I like OK, and chlorophyll which is nasty, plus my cooling chinesse herb tea twice a day which is very bitter, and so am skipping the liquid prenatal cause I just can't go there for now. I also had to quit my preterm tinctures, partly from mental exhaustion of worrying every time I felt something, partly cause they just taste so gross, and I am feeling more confident I can keep the baby in now I am taking it easier. I only take them whe nI feel I over did it, or am crampy. The welcome womb has false unicorn in it, plus anti-spasmotics wild yam and black haw

. I know it is a bummer to be so high maintence in pregnancy!

I am lucky my accupuncturist is 5 minutes away, it is relaxing to go there. And I get massages right afterwards from a friend with an ayurvedic clinic who offered to massage me for free every week! I love my Thursdays- accupuncture, massage, followed by dinner at the ayurvedic clinic's restraunt with awesome organic homemade soups and food.

Good luck, keep up the mediatative state your baby has brought you into! A midwfe friend who heard what i was going through said, oh, that baby is claiming heidi for it's own...I am learning who is top priority now....
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Heidi - you sound like me, lol!

I take the yellow dock stuff too, but I'm used to it by now, and if I don't take it for a couple days - I feel it! Along with my chlorophyll, pregnancy herbs, mineral/calcium supp., nutrition shake, probiotics, tincutures, yadayada...ect. I take a lot of supplements for stuff besides pregnancy, so sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.
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