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Did you know that the elder Bushes have had over 8,000 people on Barbara's Christmas card list? I have no clue which year that was, I think it was when Poppy was VP. Can you imagine sending 8,000 cards? I know she has help, but jeez.
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I don't know how you get on the White House Christmas card list, but I do know that if you send the White House a wedding invitation or a birth announcement, you get a nice card in return. They are great keepsakes for scrapbooks, even if you aren't crazy about the guy in office.

One year, we had a "presidential party" for ds's birthday. (He LOVES history.) We sent an invitation to the White House, and got a birthday card and photos of the President and First Lady.
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I really enjoy receiving holiday season cards. before dd was born I made a special time of writing cards, with favorite music and a mug of cocoa. (I'm a geek, what can I say.) I miss having a big lump of time for it, but I have been writing one here and there. many of my relatives are far away and overseas, so I have sent some. it's a nice opportunity to catch up.

have to admit I have had times when the $ for stamps, and the waste of trees tugged at my conscience.

*btw st jude's children's hospital takes old cards and the kids make them into new ones. that made me feel better. less waste.
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I sent about 50 out right after Thanksgiving. So far I haven't recieved any, but I don't expect to for a while. Last year I got back way more than I sent!
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I may have to : after mentioning this, but am I the only one who hates photocopied Christmas letters? Almost everyone I've ever read just seemed like a lot of bragging.
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I have 45 cards stamped and addressed to go out in the mail tomorrow -- we have received 1 so far but should get more soon....and Verity I have to say I'm with you on the photocopied letters for the most part. My friend did send one that was pretty ok and basically just announced their baby and their dd's new skills but it was kinda corny at the same time. My grandma gets one every year from someone in our distant family and it is just silly -- talks about the cat being on new meds and stuff. Basically weird stuff to tell people you never see. Oh well Happy Holidays MDC Mamas!!!
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I send out about 60 cards each year, usually handmade by moi (for the soltice) and this year Kea has drawn a great winter faerie so i"m making that into cards - starting the child labour early! I agree with the need for photos, I love getting real mail but have to admit to being disappointed when I open a card, and all it has is "Season's Best, Mr. & Mrs. Smith" or whatever. I personally send a group letter, primarily because I used to write to everyone but now with two kids, the choice is a group update letter or nothing! Some people love getting it, I'm sure others don't but I figure even if one appreciates it, it's worth the effort and the others don't have to read it!!! THis year, we're working on a website for the family who lives far away, so I'll include the web address for everyone, and we'll put up tonnes of photos and tales of our adventures. Cheezy, but also nice to keep up to date a bit!!!!!
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I'd rather get just a signature than a photocopied letter.

I also hate group e-mail, unless it's an address change.
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We are going to be sending around 25 out. We sent about the same amount out last year and maybe got 10 back. Oh well. I love the Christmas card tradition and am sad to see it in decline.

I definitely do not enjoy the photocopied brag letter. Personal notes are great, though!
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I got my 90 yo Grandfather's Christmas card yesterday. He signed it with his wobbily handwriting, "With Great Love, Grandpa" How sweet he is!

I will send my cards out soon, I like to wait until it gets a little closer to Christmas. We usually send out about 25 cards. It takes me a while because I like to write personal messages on all of them.
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Yes. I've been doing the photo cards for the past year or two. I can't resist them. So, I send to about 30 people. But I don't get as many. I remember being a kid and we got TONS of Christmas cards each year. I LOVED getting them then, and I still like getting them AND sending them.
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Oh, we could start a whole thread, I'm sure, about the photo copied letter. I have a friend whose mother collects them when she's gotten them over the years. I think that they are really, really funny.

I have old neighbor who sends one of these along with their card. The second paragraph of the letter started with, "My brother, X, had a malignant brain tumor" and then went into pretty specific details of his surgery and treatment. Of course, I felt terrible for the man, but c'mon now, this is not pleasant, holiday news, is it?
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We sent out 10 handmade cards this year, but only to the most important family and friends. We couldnt afford more stamps. We even made our own envelopes. We go to the photo shop every year and bring a favourite photo of the kids. We get them to make us a sheet of wallet sized ones. I then buy a large sheet of handmade paper. I use the paper as the base of the card, frame the little picture on the front of the card, make my own little corners. I glue pressed flowers on if it fits the theme, or just slip a pressed flower inside. I tie the card up with a piece of raffia. For 10$ I have beautiful cards for the family.
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We send out about 30-40 mostly to family with pictures, we get almost that many back.
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Because of this thread and the guilt I felt because of it (:LOL) I got my act together and got Christmas cards done over the weekend. I feel so accomplished
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I wish more people would find alternatives to xmas card mass mailings. Xmas cards are very hard on the environment and not necessary . Email your holiday greetings, with or without photos and tread more gently on this earth, plelase!
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I hear ya on the environment Purplebasil...but I really think Christmas is the one time of year (and maybe birthdays) that the old fashioned card is well recieved. Ecards are so impersonal. I hate them. I, like alot of other mamas, like to see a real signature and have something to hang on the wall with all the others. especially with kids in the house...the more cheer the better!

I also cannot stand the "family newsletter".

Funny story about that...My dad, who lives in another state and I never grew up with and never hardly see, sends us a "family" newsletter and includes details about everyone except me! And I am his daughter! I thought it was funny he thought to send me one but not include anything about me...and I had just had a baby too!

I decided I am going to get dd's Santa pic and then put one in each card.
I like to write a personal note that pertains to each person as well....

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!
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I agree that Christmas cards are the one nice tradition that I ignore the earth over. I figure that my refusal to murder a tree and bring it into the house makes up for the few cards I send out. Besides, cards rarely get tossed into the trash. I've saved every Christmas card I've gotten, and will probably figure out something nifty to do with them one of these days. For people that don't like to packrat, you could cut off the front and donate them to a school (we used to make decorations out of them or use them for crafts). For crafty people, you could turn them into pulp and make paper for next year's cards.

I love getting cards, instead of emails, because I can at least display them with my Christmas stuff. And I don't mind the generic family letter, either. True, they sometimes come off as a giant brag. And depending on who sent it, that can be a little annoying (especially if you've heard the same brags from them all year long...I won't get into that). But for those friends and relatives that I don't get to see often, it's nice to get an update.

Funny story about that...My dad, who lives in another state and I never grew up with and never hardly see, sends us a "family" newsletter and includes details about everyone except me! And I am his daughter! I thought it was funny he thought to send me one but not include anything about me...and I had just had a baby too!
Just a thought, maybe he modified the family letter for the people he wrote about? I know that I'd feel silly sending a letter to my parents, about them. I'd probably delete their paragraph and print out a seperate one for them, making it a little more personal. Heck, I don't even receive the family letter that my parents send out. I guess they figure that if you hear it all in person, you don't need the updates in writing.
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I love sending & getting cards.
I try to get them out each yr & we buy recycled cards.
Time is always an issue tho'
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I'm a weirdo on this topic, I don't like getting holiday cards!... any cards we receive are from relatives who never call or write, even though years ago I would write them, ask about them, etc... with nothing in return so their sending holiday cards just seems false. To me, the ones who send us cards are only doing it to feel better about themselves for having a long list (whatever!), and they are usually the photocopied brag letters, no inquiry of how our family is doing, just going on & on about how busy they are, etc. If we sent cards, the list would only contain those who we always end up visiting during the holidays anyway.
I do send birthday cards/gifts/flowers though. & we bake cookies along with a little note for about ten of our neighbor families each year - our neighbors are very great people.

btw (& off-topic!)
~ not sure if this helps at all, but I used to hate the idea of murdering christmas trees also, but since, I've researched alot & the trees that are cut for holidays generally come from tree farms. The farms ensure employment for a number of people, the trees are farmed - meaning thart for each tree cut, more are planted so it's not like we're clearing out forests to gain holiday trees - also after you're finished celebrating with the tree, they can be chipped & used for mulch, thrown into a lake for fish habitat, & they biodegrade if chopped & thrown in the trash. The one thing that still bugs me though is the pollution made during transportation of the trees (huge trucks).
Well, also that some of the trees never even get to BE a holiday tree, if nobody buys him/her. Oh & one more thing, we searched & searched for a pine tree with a rootball that we could plant after it's holiday show, but we live in the tropics & none would survive the hot summers, sadly, as a real-living tree would be our first choice.

So, if you want a real tree - enjoy one without guilt! Even environmental org's have okay'd having real trees over the artificial ones b'c of their biodegradability (have no idea if thats a word, but it works ). Whereas artificials don't break down, can't be used in lakes by fish & are full of offgassing chemicals that can harm your faimily.

Alright - back to cards now!
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