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Thanks, Dready Mama. Well, I actually have friends and my mom, too, with a sewing machine, but the reason I don't have one is because I *suck* at using them. I nearly flunked out of middle school sewing.

I reallt appreciate the encouragement, though -- seriously.
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I sewed both the dolls by hand - I've got a sewing machine, but it takes a while for me to get it running right and I didn't have any extra material in the kits to experiment with. Just make small tight stitches on the seams. It gives them a more personal touch IMHO.
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this is the doll that I just finished. It is from the weir dolls pattern

my doll

this is the first doll that I have made, but am pretty happy with how it turned out.
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awww... she's cute! Did you do the clothes, too?
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That is adorable! I love her!! I really want to try some of the Weir patterns. As soon as I finish up my last Baba I think I'm gonna order some...Well, first I have to find some little girls to make them for. My boys would like them, but oh, the things they would do to them....

I posted pics of the dolls I made in another thread, but here's another
pic. (Scroll past the ponchos). I think it will be much easier next time with a hard copy pattern. I had to take them apart and remake them soooo many times. I just hope the family likes them.
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Thanks to everyone for posting their pictures, it's very inspiring! We ordered the family pack from Magic Cabin Dolls, and my girls are very excited for me to get started on them. Obviously, I'm not making them in time for Christmas, I probably won't even start on them for a week or so, but I'm very excited about making them.
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those pics are great!

Good jobs mamas!

i flaked out and only half finished the dolls I started.

I ended up buying one on ebay!

but I have two already well on their way to wrap up in 2005
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How about a case

I make dolls all the time for gifts, and I have devised a clever "case."
I make a quilted tote bag, in a plain fabric, and then make a pretty "quilt" that I attach as an outside pocket, to hold the doll. I stuff a little fleece "pillow" and attach above the pocket, so that the bag is a bed for the doll. Then I enclose several outfits and a couple of little diapers in the bag.
This works best for dolls that are 18' or smaller. All the little girls I have gifted w these have been delighted.
I know I am late on this, but hth.
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Finnished my dd's doll!!!

Here are some pics of my dd's doll:




Now..I didn't sew the regular clothes she's wearing, but I did make the jammies...I don't sew that well and had to : buy clothing for her...

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Oh, I love her!
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Tammy she looks wonderful. You did a great job!
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FANTASTIC dolls, all of them!

We're doing some right now, by "we" I mean my partner and I. This man is an artist and his dolls heads are really lovely. He's amazing with clothes too. We'll post pictures soon.

Keep up the good work Mamas-the love you put into these cannot be bought!!
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Here's doll #2. I am making the third one (a girl)currently...hoping to have it done by Christmas.

Doll 2

I made the clothes (I'm glad I'm getting more use out of my new snap press ) from an old sweater and a pair of courderoy pants that I got at a bag sale at a thrift store.
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I'm jumping in late on this thread. All of your dolls look great!

I'm working on a Bright Eyes Baby kit from Joy's Waldorf Dolls, and it's been rough. The directions aren't very well written, much to my surprise, and my kit didn't have enough material. Joy is sending some new stuff 2-day mail so I'll have it done for Christmas, but I was disappointed. She said she just recently fired an employee for making so many mistakes, so maybe it's all fixed now.

I'll post a pic when I'm done, but I'm considering abandoning the project. I ordered a full cap wig instead of the little yarn that comes with it, and the wig that was sent is too small. So the head looks a bit funny.

Anyone else had good/bad experiences with Joy's kits?
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