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Ack. I'm feeling really discouraged after everything I've read. My dd is 29 months and still a dedicated nurser. I'm not inclined to wean her. But now I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to sustain a pregnancy while breastfeeding.

I had a miscarriage (blighted ovum) in October and have been trying to get pregnant since, but my luteal phase has been about 7 days long for the past several cycles. I've started B-complex, EPO, essential fatty acids, and vitex. I plan to start using OTC prog cream this cycle. But I just have the feeling that I'm fighting a losing battle if breastfeeding is keeping my prolactin levels too high. Maybe I can get her to cut back on her nursing.

Does anyone know if a really long follicular phase can be related to LPD?

Also, when taking vitex for LPD, are you supposed to take it for the whole cycle, or just after ovulation (like with progesterone)?

Thanks for any help!
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I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one going through this and I hope some of you come back with updates to your stories.

My DD is 18 months old. I've been getting my cycles back for 4 months now and the O date is now later (around cd17-18) and my LP is down to 7-8 days. My DD still nurses about 6-8 times a day and I'm wondering if this means I need to wean her to try and bring back my cycles to a normal range again. I really don't want to wean, but not sure what to do. I feel like if I wean and it's not the BFing and my cycles are just altered for another reason, then I've lost that great BF relationship.

Also, I'm 36 and have endo. So, we were thinking of starting to TTC in the next few months (I want to lose some weight first).

Any advice? Would weaning make a difference? Should I get my hormone levels tested? Help.

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Does anyone know what they do if clomid doesn't correct your luteal phase? I have been on two months- up to 100mg and nothing. I am a kind of nervous about what will come next.
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Hi all~

I'm suspecting I have a LP defect (no offical diagnosis from a doc, but my LP was 9 days last month... usually 10-11 days, plus I had a m/c at 8 weeks back in April). I just thought I'd try to resurrect this thread to see if any of the original posters have seen any improvements with their regimens... now that a few months have passed!
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