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Hi everyone.

I am still lurking.

Can't wait to be pregnant and have the UC of my dreams.

amyjeans, My dd was born the 20th of January 2003and I still haven't gotten a period, so it may be a while before I can officially join you guys! :LOL
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It's been some time since I've been here.It's been hellaciously busy in our household and stuff.

I'm 26 weeks now...I think the last time I was here I was only 14 weeks LOL. Wow...time has gone by sooooo fast.
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Originally Posted by Hayliesmom
Jenniebug, so is your dh in the Navy? I have a good friend in Groton, her hubby is with the subs. I was in the AF for 6 years and dh just got out of the guard 2m ago. After a year in Iraq we just couldn't risk it again.

I'm not there on the placenta either...

DH is Navy, he is an instructor at subschool right now. I don't think I coul dhandle if he was in any other service. Everynight when I see some new tragedy has happened over there I thank the Goddess he had the since to be a submarner in the Navy and not join some other branch.
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amy~ thanks for the fruity placenta recipe. i've been thinking of eating it somehow, but only knew of friends doing salty stuff with it, like stir-fry with veggies and ginger/garlic/tamari. since i don't eat meat, and also don't think cooked placenta holds as much value, the fruity smoothie idea is really appealing...plus, i lovelovelove smoothies!

kate~ woohoo!! congrats on your dh getting on board. isn't it a load off?! now you can share your enthusiasm without feeling like he's feeling dragged into it! yea for you! that's so sweet how lovey he's being with the babe, too.

~~***~~~**~ ~~***~~~**~~~ patience and birthing vibes to anyone who needs some.

anyone having birth fantasies? wanna share? we can ask for and manifest anything we want, i figure. i've started and i'm trying to branch out a bit, but i'm a little stuck...my mind goes blank when i try to think of them. here's the main one...it's going to sound a little wacky since our living situation is, uh, *rustic* you might say.

the outhouse/bathhouse is finished, tiled, painted and insulated. after a week of warm weather in which i've been able to sun naked in all my big 'ol glory, i wake up at sunrise as it starts to warm back up from the night. i start the tub to filling up with rainwater, so there's plenty of time for dh to heat the water (rain catchment water is cooold!) i wake up dh and ask him to start on that project. he not only does that, but lights candles in there for us and has recharge and snacks for both of us. i go for a walk around the land and stop to breathe with the trees' strength coming into me as i want it (remembering that what i'm doing is just as natural as the tree growing), or squat on a rock, and rock. a little later, i make it back and the water is miraculously hot and ready so much faster than usual (hey, i can dream). i slip in and enjoy connecting with my babe and getting in touch with her as we get ready to birth together. the contractions are stronger, but i'm still flowing with them and not feeling them as *painful*. even though we've prepared lots of towels on the floor and pillows to lean on and have a clean, new bucket for the composting toilet, i stay in the water and flow with it, squatting in the tub sideways, vocalizing some but not as much as i'd thought i would. soon enough, my body starts opening enough to release the baby, and my baby actually helps with the process like she's pushing off from my uterus. i feel my yoni and perineum as they slowly allow more room for the babe... i'm elastic and even though it's tight, my body has perfectly adapted to allow room for the baby to be gently and rhythmically passed into the water as i catch her. her papa lays down next to the sunken tub and we kiss each other and stare dumb-founded and blissfully and what/who just came from me as she lays on my belly staring at us. it was only a few hours from start to finish. soon after, the placenta passes (later her papa makes a smoothie for me with it with strawberries and banana and oj!) and helps me walk back to the camper. the next morning, he gets up early and draws/heats a fresh bath for baby and me.

so that's one of them...for a while i pictured birthing at night, but it's so cold still at night in march/april, i figured i should go with a daytime fantasy. i also have fantasies that are longer births, but this is my short one.

anyone else?
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just found this link elsewhere on mdc. it covers alot of the states laws about getting a birth cert. i found out my state is easy and has a clause for births not attended by a *professional*!! yea!
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Sprinkle Pocket -- what a beautiful vision of your birth! Thanks so much for sharing it, I just loved reading it...and will probably reread it.
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Sprinkle Pocket, I loved your story too, so peaceful! And thanks for the link.

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I haven't been able to be online in some time ... just subscribing to the new thread. I had some questions but unfortunately I posted them at the end of the month! When I get a chance, I will pose them again. Hope everyone is doing well!!!!
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I started feeling pressure around 6 PM and a sense of urgency - I am now having contractions that last 45 seconds to a minute every 6 minutes...and I keep crying (not because it hurts - hormones I guess - these contrax don't hurt - just feel like cramps)

I'll keep you posted on the progress...

This feels EXACTLY like it did with Lucy...all the stuff before didn't feel like it did when I had Lucy.
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Ame -- I so hope this is it for you! Wishing you loving, gentle birthing vibes.
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short update - story later

6-8 cramping
8-9 contrax 6 min apaet
9-10 3 mn apart
10L15 he was born

his head is HUGE (IMO)

it's 3 hrs later and still no placenta

any advice ?

oh and he is fat & very cute
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Ame!!! OMG, CONGRATULATIONS!!! No real advice on th placenta. What's your intuition telling you?
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subscribing. wow this thread has grown alot in the year i have been here. pls excuse typos etc...nak

congratulations ame fwiw my placenta was a full 6 hours after birth. how do you feel?
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I think this is it!

I am a little scared. I know I can do this. I've given birth twice, once was a planned UC. But damn! I think this is it. I am 99.99% that my waters just burst. I was in the bathtub and felt a massive POP! followed by a gush of fluids.
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Originally Posted by laurata
I am a little scared. I know I can do this. I've given birth twice, once was a planned UC. But damn! I think this is it. I am 99.99% that my waters just burst. I was in the bathtub and felt a massive POP! followed by a gush of fluids.
*sending you positive birthy vibes*
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Congrats Ame!!!

Good luck Laura!

Wiw this is so exciting and soon I'll be able to post about my own new arrival. Only 10ish weeks to go.

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Oh, you're right, Stacey, this IS so exciting! Ame, Congratulations!!! I've heard that placentas can take as long as 24 hours to come out and everything is still perfectly fine -- but I'd also follow the other womens advice to pay attention to how you're feeling and what your intuition is telling you. Congratulations again!!!!!!!

Laura!!! Wishing you love, luck, protection, and peace. Here's to a gentle birth for you and your baby!
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Holy wow Ame congratulations on such a quik birth! I agree with what Kate said, i have heard of placenta's taking up to 24 hours to birth. Follow your instincts. When I had my dd UC I knew my placenta was no longer attached to my uterus but I was not having any contractions to expel it, nor was I able to push it out. I ended up getting in a nice hot shower and I very gently pulled on the cord to see if my placenta would realise...and sure enough that was all it took, it slipped right out into the shower!

Laura--birthing vibes to you! I hope all goes smoothly, as i am sure it will relax, go take a hot bath, sip some tea or wine, smelll some lavender. Good luck!!

what an exciting morning
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Jennie -- good to see you. I know you have your appt with Saras today. Good luck and enjoy...
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Ame! Blessings and happy babymoon. Congratulations on your chunky baby boy, he sounds wonderful. My first two daughters were lovely rolly pollys at birth too. Love to you and your family!

Laura-I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering if you were having your baby. I am sending you many gentle and joyful birthing vibes. Blessings to your sweet baby!

Wow, so many of you are coming close to your time. I have just been sitting back and enjoying reading all of your words. I have been doing very well. Dh and I have been feeling the baby call and I am eagerly awaiting to see if this was our month. (this said in a secret whisper-I am so afraid to be too excited and then not be pregnant). Approaching the holidays has been hard, I had pictured how much fun it would be to have a rolling 5 month old at this time. It is just a tender spot though, no longer debilitating. Galadriel is so near my heart that I don't feel totally without her. We bought her an ornament for the tree. A kneeling angel child reading a book. It felt good to do something for her.
Hoping to be joining in soon with a seed sprouting within
Love, Brandi
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