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Hoping to join you soon!

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I still have a few more days before I can test (I think anyway) but symptoms are very strong, with a BFP I will be due Aug 14. Hope I get to stick around!
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Well, I'll join you in this thread. I am 99.99% sure I'm pregnant but don't want to be too cocky about it. If I am I think it will be due around August 15th. Not sure what day I'll do the test. I'm always so eager that we waste money on too early testing! But I've already had that wonderful queasiness that likes to hang around for the whole nine months!

This is our fourth time down this road. We already have three girls.

Sometime next week I'll come back and confirm.

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keeping my : for both of you!
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i guess i am in this boat with you,....as we concieved on the full moon of thanksgiving and my due date would then be aug 18 (the day before my dd's 2nd birthday.....ha!)
we did not take a test with my dd1 b/c i am so regular with my cycles, that when i tried to conceive on my ovulation day and then did not begin to bleed on my scheduled period day i just assumed from there....

i would kind of like to do the same thing this time...but this time the suspense is killing me....waiting till the dark moon of dec 12.....
i am tempted to take a test but i feel like i should just wait till that special day......
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Well I tested on TUesday morning, which was 14 dpo, and it was negative, So I am waiting to see if I get my period tomorrow or if my body lied and I didn't ovulate again!
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I'm also pretty sure we concieved, but almost don't want to test, incase we jinx it, KWIM? It seems like whenever I jump the gun- it's negative...and if I'm really pregnant I'll know because my AF is so late. Then I'll test, just to be sure. Waiting.................
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I got AF this morning
I don't get to join you all...
Best wishes to all for healthy pregnancies!!!
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BCmamaof5 and 2tired2clean

I'm sorry!!
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bcmom and 2tired

im pretty much the same as all of you..i *feel* pregnant..tired, a bit queezy..a bit of lower back achiness...but i havnt tested yet..my AF is about a week late now, which is pretty Uncommon for me..but ive been wanting this baby for a while now so i dont want to be super disappointed. i wasn't going to post on anything till i was sure, but its so hard! i dont want to tell family (except my partner knows, of course) till months down the road, so mdc is my only support!

so to us all!

i would be due aug 15.. we will prolly all be in due date club together

P.s. if any of you know me IRL, please dont tell anyone! i want this to be a secret and a surprise..
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