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Me too!!!!

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Yay!! I'm so excited that this list is here already. I found out by blood test two days ago after our first cycle of injectable medications in fertility treatment. I am just praying that all of our little bundles stay put in the warm cozy uterus.

I think I'm due on 8/12.

I am 39--first baby. I have a SD9 with my DH. We live in Portland Oregon and work pretty boring jobs. We are very excited for this pregnancy and have been trying for 1.5 years. I had one early miscarriage in my 20's and haven't been pregnant since.

I've been crampy, craving CANNED spinach, and have gained three lbs in the last week.

I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with you. My husband is already a bit tired of hearing about my uterus, so we're both glad you all are here!!

Take care!!!
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I'm so excited for you. I just found out yesterday that my sis who has been trying for over a year is pg! I have to tell you, I was more excited to hear about hers than mine! And now I can share my joy with her without feeling guilty! I know what you mean about your dh. Mine will listen sweetly, but he can segue into football pretty smoothly from pregnancy talk
I've been a little crampy too but I've avoided the scale I figure I'll just start with my first weigh in as my starting weight. Why count this early stuff?
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Welcome Adrienne!
I live in Salem, Oregon. So were kinda neighbors
Welcome, to MDC too.

and Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

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Welcome, Adrienne! how very exciting!

I have a question- what is an SD9? I'm stupid.

HOpe all goes will with your bundle (s?) How many?

Keep thinking warm cozy thoughts. Those babies will be alright.

How weird about the spinach! But good for you, I suppose.
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