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When did your baby's eyes change color?

Poll Results: When did your baby's eyes change color?

  • 6% (3)
    Between birth & 2 months
  • 0% (0)
    2-6 months
  • 8% (4)
    6-12 months
  • 15% (7)
    After 12 months
  • 60% (27)
    My baby's eyes did not change color (they were born with blue/green eyes)
  • 8% (4)
    My baby's eyes did not change color (they were born with dark/brown/hazel eyes)
45 Total Votes  
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My son was born with very blue eyes; I thought that it was very common for a new baby of mostly-caucasian persuasion to have blue eyes, so I never thought it was a big deal. When he got to be about three months old, though, people started being surprised by their blueness. They didn't actually change much at all until he was fully 12 months old, and now (at 25 months) they are what I call "hazel blue" meaning that most of the time they look blue but sometimes they look green or gray.

My daughter was, like her brother, born with blue eyes. They are still bright blue, and now that she's 5 months old I'm getting the comments-- "when are her eyes going to change?" I was just wondering, what's average? If your baby's eyes changed color, when did it start and when did it end?
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DD is 3 months and her eyes have been changing for about a month now. They started a deep dark blue and are now only blue on the outside with alot of green in the middle. I have had several people say that she has cool eyes...well, they are changing after all! I still have no clue if they will go brown like mine and daddy's, or be green or hazel...there are all the range of colors in our families, so it's all up in the air at this point!

Good question though, I have wondered this myself!
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My son's eyes were very blue when he was born and they are pretty much the same color now (14 months later). DH and I both have blue eyes also so we never thought it was likely his eye color would change to something different.
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didn't vote, not enough options, you didn't allow for multiple selections.

DD1 was born with slate gray eyes, turned bluish-gray soon after birth, and at 3.5 yrs they are starting to turn dark green. I think they will be hazel like mine are.

DD2 was born with green eyes, but they have been bluish-gray since she was two days old.
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I wish you could make multiple choices!

Dd was born with brown eyes.
Ds1 changed after 3 months.
Ds2's began changing before 3 months but still have a little blue left.
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Cant remember when my oldest changed.
my middle has always had blue eyes, shes 2 1/2.

My eyes turned green when I was a early teen.
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My son was over 2 years old when his eyes changed! He's almost 11 now.

Isn't that crazy! We were very used to his blue eyes by then. Let me tell ya! I felt so cheated, since he was a junior after his dad and his dad had blue eyes.

They are hazel/green now. Of course now, they suit him perfectly. But I remember being shocked!
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my dd was born with dark blue eyes which kind of turned muddled after just a few days and were fully brown within a week or so.

my ds was born with kind of watery dark blue eyes which are brightening, but will stay blue (or else I'm in big trouble!) :LOL
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My little bean was born with dark grey eyes, and by the time she was about 1 or 2 months old her eyes were a very bright blue.
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All three of my children have blue eyes. My 3.5 yr DD and 20 month old DS have startlingly BLUE eyes. My 10 wk old DS has "blue" eyes. They are a flat blue right now but I'm sure they will stay blue.

DH has really blue eyes. Both his parents have blue eyes. My Dad had striking bright blue eyes, my brother has grey/blue eyes (they got grey when he was in his teens). My eyes are weird. I had very deep blue eyes until I was a teenager (about 13) and then they started getting "yellow" around the pupil. Makes them look kind of "greenish" from a distance. They look bluer if I wear blue. :LOL My mom is the odd ball... hers are brown but HER mother's eyes were violet. Just like Elizabeth Taylor.
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My girls were born with bright blue eyes. DS is almost 4 months old and has slate colored eyes. Not quite sure what color they will be. DH has blue and I have hazel. Mine change between green and brown regularly.
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Abi was born with the coolest indigo-blue eyes I have ever seen. It was so shocking because she's dark. They changed to dark brown, almost black within a few days of birth.

Nitara's eyes were a dark hazel green color (my eyes are green) but also changed to very dark brown within a few days.

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My son's eyes were a bright purple blue when he was born, they changed to just blue after a few months and now that he's 3 they look like they are getting green bits in them.
My daughter is 2 weeks old, her eyes are a really dark greyish greeny blue. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned brown, she's a lot darker in general than my son was.
I was born with brown eyes. It really annoys me when baby books say "All babies are born with blue eyes" because it's just not true
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Originally Posted by Annabel
I was born with brown eyes. It really annoys me when baby books say "All babies are born with blue eyes" because it's just not true
It is true that the majority of caucasian babies will be born with sort of slate-blue eyes, but I've met plenty of babies who were born with dark eyes (my new niece springs to mind). This is just one example of racial bias in my eyes.
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My daughter's eyes were still changing at eight years old. But I have very strange-colored eyes so I wasn't surprised. My eyes can be turquoise, brown, green, muddy blue, and have flecks of yellow and red in them that can be more prominent depending on light and mood. I'm totally serious. People laugh because my husband can't tell them what color his wife's eyes are. My daughter had those muddy blue baby eyes and then eyes more like mine for many years and now they have changed to a color that can be light, light brown, kind of tawny, or green. We call them "hazel" for passports because we don't know what else to say. My baby has darker muddy blue-grey eyes so we wonder what we'll get with him. My family has light blue Paul Newman eyes so I was hoping one of my children would inherit them but no dice. My husband's eyes are brown.
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My DD was born with very blue eyes and at 12 months, they are still very blue - laser blue you might say. She gets compliments on them whenever we go out. My eyes are very blue, too. DH has green eyes.
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Rynna- I didn't answer the pool because I have two older girls and their eyes did different things. My oldest had bright blue eyes until she was almost 3! Then they turned to a blue hazel like your little guys eyes. I had never seen blue eyes w/ flecks of hazel before but she has them. I also had heard that eyes don't change after the age of one, but her's did.

My middle dd still has vivid bright blue eyes and she is almost 3. I'm hoping they stay that color.

Lily is almost 6 months and still has her blue eyes she was born w/ and the jury is still out as to wether or not they will change.
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eye color

DS was born with dark blue eyes and they lightened up to his current color around six months, I think. They really didn't change too much from birth.
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Also didn't vote -- too many kids.

Ds 1 was born with grayish eyes that turned blue in the weeks after birth.

Ds2 was born with grayish eyes that turned dark brown pretty much right away. He is four now and they are beginning to lighten up and although they are still mainly brown, there are some hints of other colors in there.

Ds3 was also born with grayish eyes that turned sort of hazelish in those first months, then they were sort of blue, now they are sort of grey and we aren't sure what they will be when they stop. He is nine months old now.

My eyes were blue when I was born and were bright blue for about three or four years when they turned green.

Dh's eyes were brown as a child then turned hazel when he was in elementary school.
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I posted this same question last month.
here is the probability of your child's eyes staying blue or green, as I understand it:
both parents have blue or green: 100% certainty baby will have blue or green.

one parent blue or green, one parent w/ brown (when both parents of the brown-eyed parent had brown eyes): zero chance of having a blue or green eyed child.

one parent blue or green, one parent w/ brown (when one parent of the brown-eyed parent had brown and the other had blue or green): 50% chance.

both parents brown, (when one or both parents have 2 brown-eyed parents): zero chance babe will be blue or green.

both parents brown with one blue or green grandparent from each side: 25% chance.
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