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Old Hyena Rollcall

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come out come out where ever you are...
<who misses her "old" friends.
Where art thou?
Remember the days when the friday SOS stocking gave us a reason to get out of bed, and FCB had weekly stockings?

Remember when there were only a handful of wool soakers to be had, and if you had one you were "ultimate hyena?"
I miss my mommas, oh where oh where can you be?
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I'm not really a hyena, but I do remember the Friday SOS stockings. I almost scored once.
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And it pains me to see them just sitting there now!!!!
What is this world coming to???
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Not a Hyena either but definitely remember those days. I can't believe Righteous Baby has stuff sitting in the store either. And you can even find Fuzbaby stuff instock!
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I wasn't really a hyena in the true sense of the word but I've been here for a long time. I remember when FCB had all of their diapers for $10 and they still sat in the store for a few days. :LOL Boy I wish it was like that now. I mean I'd pay full price but to have time to read discriptions and really pick what I'd like instead of the buying frenzy I'd be in heaven.
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and tackle Meg! I missed you!!!
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Yes, Righteous Baby!!! What the heck is instock doing at Righteous baby?!?!? That blows my mind.
I remember when I was pregnant strolling into Fluffy mail one day and picking up a couple of FCB covers and leaving another one sitting there. I also easily got a BBB soaker while pregnant. Crazy days.
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Hi Shelly I was just lookin at Joshy's newest picture. OMG so so handsome. Love the shirt too
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Righteous baby has instock???? OMG
You know what else is crazy........fullmoonbabygear having instock (which kills me daily)
I wonder if there are just fewer cloth mommas now? Or what is it?
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Originally Posted by kindmomma
Righteous baby has instock???? OMG
You know what else is crazy........fullmoonbabygear having instock (which kills me daily)
I wonder if there are just fewer cloth mommas now? Or what is it?
Shelly I think we are just old school. :LOL It seems to me that there is a whole 'nother generation of hyena with their favorite wahms. I don't know what half of the people here are talking about. I think its fabulous that we can go and get our favorites without a lot of stalking. I am still in shock that I can call Fuzbaby and custom order Easy covers and get them in less than 2 weeks. Insane!
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I think it just goes in waves.
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i'm feeling left out here cause i'm not an old hyena but i'll chime in anyway. actually, i used cloth 4 years ago but took a 2 year hiatus between kids so i'm basically a newbie to the scene this time around.

it seems to me like there are just soooooo many wahms now offering really great products that it's sort of a buyer's market, ya know?
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I'm old...

in years...LOL. Not a hyena by any means. I have one knickernappie, and two wool soakers. Tons of fb and prefolds and covers. So I guess I just responded because I'm old. :LOL I do remember the righteous baby stockings but never really put anything in my cart. I couldn't afford to. :
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I have only been on MDC for about a year but I do remember that I went to Fluffymail site once and their were just diapers sitting there! I passed on them since I had never tried them before but of course I'm kicking myself. I also remember when you could waltz right over to Kiwi Pie and pick up as many covers as you wanted, of course that is when crazy me was thinking "who would pay $30 for a cover!" Boy I wish I had known then what I know now.
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So what are the hot new names these days?
Fluffymail, of course. Kiwipie. What else???
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I am still here!!
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I remember when I was pregnant with DD, I CUSTOM ORDERED six SOS-got to pick fabric, inners, etc... and then decided I didn't like the fit on my newborn and by then she had gotten popular and was doing Friday stockings. I got almost 3X what I had paid for them on eBay and they had been used a couple times. I had put a low starting price on them, they were just that "hot" at the moment.

I remember the chaos over the strawberry fuz garden.
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Ahhhhh the fuz gardens :LOL

It is so nice to see you all I was beginning to worry.
I know luxe baby is cool

I have enough diapers I just window shop now. But that is still fun. But there are certain sites that kill me to see instock
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I'm here. I look at who is online and I don't recognize anyone. I've seen a lot of people come and go. I paid $115.00 for a Honeyboy once. Oh, the old hyena days. Carrie is making me an appliqued Sugarpeas for the Buster. I cried to her how much I missed diapers made by her. Remember Mollytogs? I was just thinking how different diapering the Buster is. I remember calling Laura and ordering a bunch of Elbees and a pants and wooly bullys over the phone. They came a few weeks later. "Memories...light the corners of my mind...misty watered colored meeeeemooories of the way we were".....
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At Thanksgiving, I was filled with nostalgia over the sale at Fluffymail last Thanksgiving when I picked up a few fitteds for CHEAP. Those were the days!
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