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i remember you guys too!
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I remember you guys!

I'm an old hyena, too. I think I was on this board before the term hyena was in use. I especially remember trishshack, Darshani, and Lori. I was a total Sugarpeas nut, and spent ever Friday clicking "refresh, refresh, refresh" at the SOS store!

When my DD got interested in potty-training, I stopped hanging out here as much, because it was too tempting! Now DD is 2.5, still working on potty-training, and I'm Ebaying my hard-won stash. Oh, it's so hard to part with my cute cute diapers!

It's good to see what you've all been up to!

mom to Marlena born 04/02
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I am so glad this thread is still alive
No one is ever in chat anymore
We should have an "hyena" reunion :LOL
Remember when this board was so funny you dare not drink and read?
I used to be so entertained........I miss it
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Aww...me too. LOL I could never keep up in hyena chat. This board used to be different...or maybe I was different...
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Originally Posted by kindmomma
I am so glad this thread is still alive
No one is ever in chat anymore
We should have an "hyena" reunion :LOL
Remember when this board was so funny you dare not drink and read?
I used to be so entertained........I miss it
I used to hang out in chat but I was always too to say anything!
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I think I was one of the last chat die-hards. I miss hyena chat, but I think I get more done around the house these days.
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Hyena chat was the best. I still go in and the only one there is "rikkisdh"LOLOLOLOL
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When I was just newly pregnant I started lurking here and I've always been more of a lurker. HOwever, seeing some of these "Old Hyenas" and the tales of hotly sought diapers of yore takes me back too. I remember my 1st diaper purchase was a a sugarpeas! I bought one diaper during a stocking and was so thrilled that I got one. It was beginners luck. I really have always more enjoyed watching the chase than participating in it. But, its nice to see some familar faces here
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This place was so funny! :LOL I used to always have a good laugh here.

Maybe still is?
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I haven't been able to keep my eyes open to check my email and see this thread.

Monica! I remember you too! Thanks

I was wondering about chat....

The last topic was set by Chava, I saw.

So, it wasn't me, chat has died. I'm too busy shopping for dipes trying to keep up with the ones that I have to retire for Miss Nurse a Lot, when I'm online
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Originally Posted by wannabmommie
The last topic was set by Chava, I saw.
That's right. I confess.

I killed chat.

Congrats on the new baby Letia.
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Reviving this old thread because I miss y'all! I was wondering if hyena chat still existed and came here to search. Found this thread instead. Anyone remember me? It's been a long time since I've been here... I still have a bin of diapers and covers from my hyena days I need to sell but I'm having a hard time parting with them. How sad is that?

Dreaming Mama, from your sig line, it looks like you've moved from collecting diapers to collecting puppies. ;-)

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OMG, I was just thinking "where is everyone" the other day. Come on my old hyenas, give an update....
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LISA! MWAH. Good to see you. Maybe we could arrange a date to all be in chat?
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I remember seeing you in chat Lisa. I don't know that *we* chatted much. I *was* wannabmommie. The Lord's been good. girl:

How are you?

CHAVA! : *love* the senior name! : You'll need to change your username too.
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I'm still here! I mostly only use my own dipes and covers nowadays so no fluff to stalk and comment on here on this board. I knew I was out of the loop when I knew no wahms and couldn't even figure out what OV and OC were, duh. Ohhhh, I remember buying my first LTK-T held my hand thru the whole process. I remember when fb's were the shizzle. I came onto the scene when the honeyboys were taking off and I couldn't believe someone would pay so much for fleece. I missed out on the mollytog stuff but remember those mourning them. I got sucked into all the diaper garden hoohah. FMBG was like the only aio's I'd own....goodness. I never did care for the sos dipes. : I remember when you could get multiple bbb's on ebay for like $20-$25 a pop. I remember waaaay back when HH's were the sandwich style on ebay for like $10. Those were my first wahm fluff. *sigh* :

THanks for starting this thread!! It is sooooooo good to "see" so many of you. I recognize a LOT of screen names here.
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Originally Posted by USAmma
Who could forget Sue?! :LOL

Remember that website someone found where they sold adult diapers, and I don't mean for incontinent people? They had adults with hairy chests modeling them.


Don't forget me!!! *Runs after friends pretending to be a hyena*! I wasn't really a hyena, but maybe the fact that I earned over 5 or 600 posts in diapering alone qualifies me??

I also remember the SOS stockings, Terri and the excitement of the Asian prints! I have to go back and read the middle couple of pages, but remember Sandra Dee? And where is WendyLouWho?

Good to see everyone
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phishmama! everyone. Sigh, remembering the good old days. I am so out of the loop now. Ds is out of dipes except I use a Firefly Sleeptight at night and I've given away a lot of fluff. I still have a basket in the closet until he is completely out of dipes (in case he decides he is going to pee in his pants again)
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Hi Joan!

I often wonder what became of WendyLouWho, too. And Sandra Dee- never forget that Sue picture :LOL
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Yall remember funshine? Jess? She's back and I thought Melaniee was here then too. I thought she was preggo. Chav do you have enough dipes with the others that you don't need any fluff?

Now, I *finally* get to use fluff and have been buying more since I actually need it. My dd is a weed! She's 6 mos today and she's not 18lbs. I need to measure her again. She *had* 11" thighs and a 15" rise w/ dipe on. We've been struggling to cover crack and have thigh room.

Friday is SOS day again. They girls are cleaning her out and of course when I had to try one after all the hype during the good old days. In OV and OC :LOL

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