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Well I'll be here in about a year or so looking for the "new generation" of hyenas :LOL I lurked here since 2003 but only really ran with the big dogs in the last couple of months. I'll be here in a couple years with potty trained kids reminiscing about stalking days. It's so much fun
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Chava! Congratulations!!! : I was in hyenachitchat the other day and there wasn't even diaperbutt Oh DB, where art thou?
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Originally Posted by Midnightowl
Reviving this old thread because I miss y'all! I was wondering if hyena chat still existed and came here to search. Found this thread instead. Anyone remember me? It's been a long time since I've been here... I still have a bin of diapers and covers from my hyena days I need to sell but I'm having a hard time parting with them. How sad is that?

Dreaming Mama, from your sig line, it looks like you've moved from collecting diapers to collecting puppies. ;-)

I have a passion for Chihuahua's and cannot resist them. I have a local friend who is a breeder and she is showing me the ropes. That is it though or at least I think so. :LOL
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Hey mamas! I doubt anyone remembers me. I haven't even been around MDC in a month or so...we just moved and life is so crazy with four. LOL Congrats Chava!! WOW! I wish my hubby were open to more kiddos...but he says four is enough. :LOL I LOVE babies!! (ok and kids. lol)

So how *is* everyone???!!!
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Oh wow! I recognize so many names in this thread! Anyone remember me? I now should be called Mommy&Will & Jack. lol.

I was so obsessed there for awhile. I remember Sandra Dee and always wondered what happened with her.

And Mamamoo, I remember you!

I never did get into hyena chat. Must've missed that thread. lol.

I remember being up with Will in the middle of the night one time at just the right time for a FMBG stocking. Oh, the rush.

And I bought my oatmeal cashmere kiwi pie after go back and forth to the Kiwi Pie web site for DAYS before finally deciding to buy it. lol! I still consider it one of my best purchases.

I still come and play on this board, but not like I use to. And a lot less obsessing going on here, too.
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Chava! Congratulations!!!!!

Letia! Congratulations to you too!!!!

So much wonderful news that I'm glad I stopped by to hear it. I don't remember how to put all the little animated smilies in my post, or I'd add a few. ;-)

Mamamoo, of course I remember you! Jade is just now fitting in the two little Hanna jumpers I got from you over a year ago. I think of you every time she wears them.

And I'd love a Hyena chat reunion!!!
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odd chat is mentioned. I've popped in a few times in the past few weeks to find an empty room
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The good old days!

I miss chat too.

I had a bunch of Fuz Diaper Gardens and then sold them all. :LOL I decided to simplify. I found out I LOVE prefolds! boy:

Mamamoo and Monica!

Monica, I remember learning to knit with you and Chrissy and our first stab at the LTK Longies!
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Originally Posted by Aurora
Monica, I remember learning to knit with you and Chrissy and our first stab at the LTK Longies!
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Wow so many memories. I remember you mamamoo!
Chava-Congrats! I'm so happy for you.

My Sophie is using the potty. She'll be 3 next week and we are STILL trying to have another baby. I'm on clomid now so hopefully I'll be back here buying diapers soon. I still check in to see what the latest and greatest wahm diapers are.
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Originally Posted by chrissy
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Wow! I just asked Terri the other day what happened to chat. I miss the old hyena days. And chat. If there is a chat reunion would someone please PM me?

Hi Shelly, Chava, Lisa, Kathleen! (And anyone else I forgot. The list was long.)
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I had to reply, , I remember most of the names. FMBG, SOS were what I stalked, I did have a variely of diapers. When FM & Kiwi Pie started I wasnt interested LOL. I still have most of my diapers, but DD is PT almost all the way now.
Midnightowl & ChiknGirl- I remember you both & think I may have sold you somethings? I know I sold Chik some FMBG.
Ironically I now have cable & can post & stalk but no baby to diaper.

Not sure if we will have another.
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: The term Old Hyena just conjures up an unpleasant imagine in my mind. I remember when someone's husband (right?) came up with the term Hyena.

I remember people stalking Sugar Peas when carrie sewed all of her dipes herself.

I was wondering if anyone still went to hyena chat. That was fun.

I remember when Fuzbaby actually put out Fuz Gardens (I still have that one reservation someone generously sold me...just waiting...)

I remember when Righteous Baby made the best cuddlebuns and took custom orders for her beautiful freehand embroidery (Anyone remember the portrait one she did of someone's little boy?)

I remember when Pam posted a photo of tiny Eli in one of her first knit soakers.

Okay, I guess I'm an old hyena...just haven't been around in a while. New tiny tush coming though!
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Originally Posted by girlfactory
::sigh:: I still stock at 2 am LOL
:LOL Or else Melanie wouldn't ever have any FMBG! I'll bet signing off my PC for the night and see Terri stocked.
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Originally Posted by Rebecca
I actually had to bribe a couple hyenas on here 2 years ago to stalk SOS and get me a dipe, and I'd pay them full price with shipping AND send them a diaper or two of mine! :LOL
That was me!! I still love your pocket diapers the best. The only pockets we kept for the next baby.

Yes, where IS Heather?

I think I joined after that great Cloth Diapering article written by...shoot..mommy memory here...she used to be a Mod...owns(ed?) her own diapering e-store...sleepingbean - right?
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PS - last post I promise...

...I will still buy someone small or medium ICE STAR! I remember seeing them sitting there...thinking "Who would pay THAT for a diaper? I'm not buying one of those." :
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Heather's modding the RDA boards.

LaLa used to mod here.

gotta catch active 6 mo
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*sniff* I miss the old days too. Bret is potty learned... it was so easy! And sad WAH!!!! I am about ready to retire the diaper pail and put it out in the garage and replace it w/ a small pail for wipes only. Now I need to go through my stash and start selling some stuff

Why am I sad about this? It seems so silly...
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oh the momeories..... I never really had the money to be a hyena, but I've been around since before the word hyena was used. I remember punkinbutt & Heather & sugarpeas avacado covers.... Fuz baby's Ice Star....'SUE', the SOS, FMBG, and SP craze. And the Cuddlebuns were even big then.
I watched with awe at all you other 'old hyenas' andhow on earth/hy someone would pay 160.00 for a diaper! :LOL
Dreamingmama sold me a lil chip off her neverending stash (mostly MollyTogs & Sullybuns) for a whole 55 bucks! Since she needed mony for a custom order bill.
RB was huge, and Honeyboys, yes them too... I lurked for about a year before I was able to CD full time (thanks to kathleen)

And I have often wondered about WendyLouWho & Sandra Dee & I recognise so many of you!! muggins&doody & Momamonica, pb&j particulrly...... there are others of you I have thought of... Im so glad your all here though.... TOO COOL!

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