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What a great thread~

I have not been hanging out here since Grace was born & I was feeling nostalgic....sigh.

I was wondering if any of us "old timers" was still around! LOL. I am still buying dipes~just the basics though! Life is to nutty with 4 kids!
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Oh here I am too!!! I did my share of stalking other wahms' stores
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Originally Posted by ChiknGirl
Wow! I just asked Terri the other day what happened to chat. I miss the old hyena days. And chat. If there is a chat reunion would someone please PM me?

Hi Shelly, Chava, Lisa, Kathleen! (And anyone else I forgot. The list was long.)
Hi Em!!!
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Originally Posted by blessed2bamommie
LaLa used to mod here.
Thank you, yes, it was LaLa!
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Yep, LaLa & Heather..... er Heather MOD'd (is that a word?) Later right? I dunno....

But I also remember Trishshack with a diaper over her head! :
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Originally Posted by phishmama

I'm still here! I mostly only use my own dipes and covers nowadays so no fluff to stalk and comment on here on this board. I knew I was out of the loop when I knew no wahms and couldn't even figure out what OV and OC were, duh. Ohhhh, I remember buying my first LTK-T held my hand thru the whole process. I remember when fb's were the shizzle. I came onto the scene when the honeyboys were taking off and I couldn't believe someone would pay so much for fleece. I missed out on the mollytog stuff but remember those mourning them. I got sucked into all the diaper garden hoohah. FMBG was like the only aio's I'd own....goodness. I never did care for the sos dipes. : I remember when you could get multiple bbb's on ebay for like $20-$25 a pop. I remember waaaay back when HH's were the sandwich style on ebay for like $10. Those were my first wahm fluff. *sigh* :

THanks for starting this thread!! It is sooooooo good to "see" so many of you. I recognize a LOT of screen names here.
Julie I have wondered about you! I don't know if you remember, but it seemed like we were always chatting about newborn diapers last spring. We were due around the same time. And you had a Zachary, my oldest is named Zachary. Good to see you!
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ohh!! oh!!! & Knittin'intheshade was another I wondered about (arent you in CA also?)
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It's good to see the familiar names on this thread!

I've just traded in one addiction (diapers) for another (fabric) The turning point for me was when I sold all my diapers gardens and purchased a new $900 sewing machine. Holy moly...I loved those diaper gardens.
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Hi Wendy

Congrats on your sewing machine!
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Originally Posted by blessed2bamommie
Chav do you have enough dipes with the others that you don't need any fluff?
Nope - I sold off all my meds and smalls. So I'll be stalking for a NB stash.
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Originally Posted by WendyLouWho

It's good to see the familiar names on this thread!

I've just traded in one addiction (diapers) for another (fabric) The turning point for me was when I sold all my diapers gardens and purchased a new $900 sewing machine.
What kind did you get? I got a Babylok Quilter's Choice last summer and LOVE it. If I had my digital camera, I'd post a picture of the adorable kimono that I made for my dd.

: Am I going to get this thread booted to TAO for being OT? Errr - DIAPERS! Yes, I'm going to sew some diapers with that new machine....
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Hahahaa!! :LOL


STACY!!! I was sad when Sherri said you sold stacinator...... I though I 'knew' soeone famous! LOL
Are you going to the Fresno Baby Fest?? Im needing to feel the FLUFF there with those who'll understand the need!!! :LOL
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I remember! I'm not a hyena any more though. I just can't afford to do it now. But, I enjoyed it while I could.
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Hi katina!!
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: oops
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Ok, this is hilarious, I was just thinking about all this with the resurgent craze over SOS...I mean, people are complaining they can't get them and I'm like, what the heck? You've NEVER been able to get SOS's, save for a tiny while. But then, I haven't really been looking, LOL. I do feel so old-school, I've bought many of the new hyena dipes and I still love my old school stuff. Terri, I was just thinking of you the other day b/c I pulled out my custom FMBG that is all-organic and man, that was years ago I got that and I was #3 on your list and freaking out that I even got on the list. And I carefully stashed my two fuzeasies that took 4 months to come and now they're instock. Man! I didn't read the whole thread, but thanks for the trip down memory lane...
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Hey all, I just found this thread!

Julie, you still have a fuz reservation!? Can I have it? (teasing!) Actually, I'm still hoping she'll do a slugs and bugs garden. Hope springs eternal.

Niels isn't wearing cloth these days, other than training pants. He either wears training pants or disposables. : He refuses to wear wool (says it's itchy ) and asks for disposables instead most of the time. Wah.

I need another baby.

Chava, congrats on the pregnancy!
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Hey, Letia! I didn't recognize you at first, from the new username!

Cute kiddo.
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Hi Abi! I remember you too!
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