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I too remember finding instock at Kiwi Pie without having to stalk like crazy. That wasn't even a year ago! Glad I got them while I could,lol.
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I'm here too!

I remember for one RB stocking there were 104 people on line and I managed to snag a fitted! I was so excited!! I also remember getting up at 3:00 am to snag FMBG.
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Hello guys! I miss stalking for dipes so much!!!
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I remember those days!

Remember Tuesday Bear stockings? When you COULD NOT get a soaker... just a soaker! Pants were IMPOSSIBLE, lol. What else... RBs were impossible, Kiwi-Pie was INSTOCK! Can you imagine???
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Well, I'm another one who just qualifies as

OLD :LOL . I started lurking here in September 2003 when we began to CD my then 4 mo dd. I think I might have joined then but I mostly lurked (still do) and then I couldn't remember my user name so I didn't officially (re)join until December.
I dont think I ever reached hyena status but I did sniff around a bit after newbie/hyena extraordinaire JennInSeattle back then. ( ya Jenn)
I remember when Heather Sanders owned PunkinButt and how I bookmarked all her recommended sites for wool. Boy, did she have a terrific stash. I didn't have much expertise or $$ but I did have good taste.
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I am still here

I remember when there was no First Class Baby and Kiwi Pie.

The big places to stalk were SOS, FMBG , and Sugarpeas.I could never get an SOS because she had this crazy cart and I would complain every Friday about it.And as soon as the notice would come through from Sugarpeas I would run over to find all the size 1's gone already.

I remember Heather as the diapering mod.She was fun because she was involved with all of our diaper talk.

I also remember so many mamas who don't post here anymore and I miss them all
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I'm still stickin around Yep, I remember monthly Diaper Gardens... I still have a reservation! :LOL

I can't believe those SOS are just sitting there! They used to be snapped up in 2 seconds flat!
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...sigh...i miss wahmall. i miss stalking jody's honeyboy auctions. i never did win one when they were the most popular diaper out there going for $100-$200 a piece. i did finally score one about a year ago for $30 from jody.

i also remember cuddlebuns coming back & making a huge hit at wahmall. i remember sugarpeas when she just opened (back on the pp diapering board) and she couldn't keep stock for more than 2 seconds.

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Well I'm still around after a hiatus between babes. I remember ordering SOS custom too. I too still have Fuz diaper garden reservations. I remember when Heather used to mod and post a lot before her son was born. Also when Carrie of Sugarpeas hung around here sometimes.
There were fewer diaper choices around. I think actually more people cd now and it's a growing market (hopefully that keeps happening).
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I started coming here just at the very end of all that, I think...I remember crazy SOS/Sugarpeas/RB/FMBG stockings and all that. I think that Oceanone is right: there are more wahms around. The whole wool craze has taken over - that's the hyena stuff these days. And now even the wool market is getting kind of saturated - I mean the MM/BBB/KP stuff all goes in a heartbeat, but there are a lot of knitters out there! Which of course is great - more mamas making money at home.
Anyways I'll go hide under a rock...I have never been much of a hyena!
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Oh yeah!!! Tuesday Bear! How could I forget?
I still miss Heather. I do remember when she owned Punkin Butt and she used to be such a riot around here.
Ahhhhh memories....
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I'm here, Shelly...just don't check this board nearly as much as I used to.
I don't need the temptation...my youngest son really needs to start using the potty more often.
He turned 3 in October, so I need to stop buying dipes. LOL!
One of his Christmas gifts this year in his stocking is gonna be matching "big boy" undies like big brother's.
I've grown tired of diaper washing and am ready to move on now.
I'll miss my diapering Mama friends for sure, though!
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I was one of the very first hyenas in 1999. :)

I gave up my rein when I realized just how big my stash was. Doh! :
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Thread Starter 
sheesh those SOS are still there!
Ok I got one for you.....you know the SOS quick dry diapers in her BANNER???
I have one of those and I consider it a collectors item! :LOL
Remember when Amy of FCB owned www.storkscrossing.com and made cuddlebuns (loved her PUL Cuddlewraps as my first covers)
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Speaking of Fluffymail Mamas, I remember when Carli was a HoneyWahm and made me my very first Honeyboy, when Honeboys were near impossible to get your hands on.
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Wow! There are 15 SOS just sitting there! Those new colors are so pretty.
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I almost never post!! BUT I remember those HB on wahmall for sure!!!!
I used to be able to sell an appliqued wool cover for quite a bit of money on ebay, and I get peanuts for the most part now. :
I remember only one page of wool soakers available on ebay, now there are always 6 or more pages to wade through.
I remember RB being the coolest thing around!!! I never got to buy anything from her, but she is definately an inspiration to me!! She is one ARtistic mama!
I think a lot of mamas are realizing they can do this as well, and make their own intending to be just their own stash. THEN they think about it. LOL
WOW I can do this for sure!!! I think its amazing how cloth is becoming more wide spread. I was able to convert people I knew in real life. I sure do miss the good ole days for sure. I"ve been a wahm for scince 2001 And I did pretty darn well for using only recycled wool!!
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I actually had to bribe a couple hyenas on here 2 years ago to stalk SOS and get me a dipe, and I'd pay them full price with shipping AND send them a diaper or two of mine! :LOL

I remember when getting a diaper with a PRR knit outer was a big deal since it was so new to use that fabric (Cuddlebuns particularly). And when quick dry snap ins became a hit. Wasn't it Lizscloth who started doing that? Wahmall was the place to go to see who was up and coming, and to get the 'good' stuff. The only fuz I could get or would shell out for was second hand. People would covet their diaper garden slots like gold! Now that was impressive marketing!

I miss HeatherSanders and Moonbucket (Jessica Wiseman from diapershop.com) the most!
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I've been lurking since March of '02 (the month before we started cd'ing my oldest). : The board moved way too fast and I never felt the right time to jump in.

I watched the craziness, but didn't join in. I saw instock at FM and could never bring myself to spend that much. I was using pfs, bummis, homemade fitteds and stacinator covers.

I FINALLY joined almost 2 years later (nearly a year ago now). I don't know why the hyena bug bit me after Ella was born. Maybe it was the large tax return we received last year. : That was fun while it lasted, but I'm perfectly happy with the stash I have now and feel no desire to stalk. I think 10 months of it was hard enough on my wallet anyway.

I watched a lot of people come and go while lurking!!

ETA: I'm def not an old hyena!! I just had fun watching them! :LOL
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I really miss Heather Sanders and her scientific explanations of diaper and washing mysteries. Sigh. Just isn't the same without her.

Heather I know you are still around, come and say hello!


BTW I think I'm the "oldest" person in this thread based on the join dates listed. I got a couple people beat by a month, but I still don't feel like I'm an oldie. Just a goodie. :LOL
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