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Originally Posted by USAmma
I really miss Heather Sanders and her scientific explanations of diaper and washing mysteries. Sigh. Just isn't the same without her.

Heather I know you are still around, come and say hello!


BTW I think I'm the "oldest" person in this thread based on the join dates listed. I got a couple people beat by a month, but I still don't feel like I'm an oldie. Just a goodie. :LOL
I really miss Heather too, she was so much fun. Those were the days on MDC!
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I was never a hyena but I did live vicariously through you all!
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Holy SOS women!!! Seriously somebody get in there and buy those!!! : peach and eggplant and sea foam?!?!?!
Its killing me!!!!!!

So is HeatherSanders gonna come out and say hi???
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Heather helped me with my first prefold purchase she was so sweet and didn't think my newbie questions were stupid at all. I still remember her posting the pic of Kenny in his "Got cloth" soaker - so cute!!
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SOS where?

((SHELLY)) I'm still here mama. 'in on you. C'mere ... *mwah*
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I doubt anyone here will remember me, but I was a huge SOS fan and used to sit at the computer almost all day friday waiting for her to stock. LOL! I also would stalk FMBG late at night, since that's when Terri used to stock the store. I scored at both places and would get so excited every time I hit the jackpot.

Somewhere along the way, I lost interest in stalking (maybe I just had less time because I had to go back to work) and now I have a very simple stash.

I also haven't heard of half the new WAHMs that are doing so well at the moment.
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Ahhh, the memories. I remember the $200 honeyboys and when sugarpeas were so hard to get. I had a bunch of custom quick-dry SOS at one point. Man I wish I had hung onto them instead of selling then since they were an awful fit on my nearly 20-lb 7-month old. They would be awesome on her now that she's a skinny minny toddler. Oh well.

Let's see, I remember loving the first fuz garden (watermelon) but not wanting to bid against one of my online buds for the small set at WAHMall. She was the one who had sold me on wool when I figured out my first couldn't wear PUL after all.

I had a whole stash of Mollytogs at one point, and although those were never hyena, I'm guessing the majority of the ladies here have never heard of them.

I was never a true hyena, but now I just don't have any hyena left. I'm happy with our stash and the drive to buy and try new things has completely vanished.

I just wanted to say thanks for the memories. What a fun thread.
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Originally Posted by momtokay
I had a whole stash of Mollytogs at one point, and although those were never hyena, I'm guessing the majority of the ladies here have never heard of them.

I've only seen them on ebay and heard of them here. What exactly is a Mollytog?
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Does anyone remeber the Honeyboy with the musical velcro tabs? I remember one with little music buttons sewn in and the tabs had elastic so they'd stretch.
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Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah
Does anyone remeber the Honeyboy with the musical velcro tabs? I remember one with little music buttons sewn in and the tabs had elastic so they'd stretch.
I think those were "Changing Babies" or something like that??

Okay never a hyena but I've been cloth diapering for about 6 years. I remember when Amy (I'll never remember her last name!) was the owner of fireflies and I was one of her testers (errr, my dd was!), when Mollytogs and even Jenny-Oh's were hot stuff. Does anyone remember Elkabella? Gosh I feel old.
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Hi mamas!! I remember those days!! The SOS stalkings, and Heather...man I miss her posts! I have no clue who most of the new WAHMs are now, and I left for a while(4 months or something), and came back, and EVERYONE was gone, or new. LOL It was weird!! I am so not a hyena now...dh is out in the working world now(we used to get a nice financial aid check every few months LOL), and don't even really have it in me anymore anyway.
Good to see so many of the oldies checking in!!
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I'm not an old hyena, but if I had started coming here summer 2003 when I was pregnant and researching, then I think I would qualify. :LOL Unfortunatly it took me about 6 months to find ya'll--I wasted precious weeks over at BBC, which is/was so much slower, but it's all I knew! I arrived a year ago and I still love this board, although I wish things would pick up again! All you lurkers, join on in!
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You know whats sad?
Fuzgardens aren't even talked about anymore. I have a blue ski that I need to sell but I am afraid no one will even appreciate its beauty and the heartache and triumph after I got it. :LOL
I am still a honeyboy lover :LOL
Yes I still remember when wool soakers were rare and you could snag one for $25.00 at SMJAE (remember her)
Anyone remember when Ann of righteous baby made cuddlebuns???
I still have mine
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Remember the kiwi fuz and the melon? I think it was a cantelope. I also remember and Ice star (I think that's what it was) went for like $160 on Ebay, there was a huge thread about that too.

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I remember the gardens.....I liked the egg
and the watermelon
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The egg garden was the first garden that I saw and I thought the yolk inside was just brilliantly cute. But I thought everyone was nuts for spending *that* much on a diaper. :LOL
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I remember when I first started coming to MDC about 2 years ago there were so many posts about the egg diaper garden. "Who got their egg?" "Have you seen the egg?" I was SO confused, I had no idea what you guys were talking about :LOL I also remember lots of talk about sugarpeas and really wanting to try sugarpeas, and Chumbas too.

I never stalk anymore. I've found what fits ds and just stick with that. I'm really not even that tempted to try anything new. I can't believe how much money I used to spend on diapers every month :
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I had a few hyena scores, but never a full hyena stash. I stalked often, but rarely walked away with anything! :LOL I remember winning a Fuz Garden turnip with extra contours on e-bay. I think I actually outbid someone here, and I felt so bad. I was a tester for Carrie, and have only gotten 2 other Sugar Pea diapers, although I did get a few covers.
SOS in-stock????? That is just craziness! I once had a RB in my cart, and I loved it, only to find out at checkout that someone else got it. I was so sad. I have a couple of KP from the TP, but that's about the extent of my hyena stash these days. Although I still have my Fuz Turnip.
ETA-Remeber SandraDee....I loved it when she posted pics of herself!
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I remember when the loving term Hyena came about from the crazy pack like behavior.
Things have changed a lot, it is great seeing so many moms using cloth and so many new wahms but times sure have changed a lot.
I don't think the term hyena as used in the past applies to today's cloth diaper connoisseur.
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Here I am! Old hyena here. Not only do I remember Heather, SOS Friday stockigns, FMBG before it was a 'known' diaper (my first custom order from her I went in when she opened for custom orders, browsed around for 45 minutes picking out my fabrics, submitted my order and I STILL got number 1), I remember when MDC diapering wasn't a 'hyena' board. We used to talk about things like weebees, born to love, prefolds, LaLa was the moderator, and WHO was paying $20-30 a diaper on Mothersnature.com ?!?!?!? My how the times have changed. My "baby" that I was diapering then is 5 1/2 and my 'hyena baby' is over 2 and thinking about potty learning. I have an awesome stash and have hung up my hyena cloak - unless I have another one .
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