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Horrible Braxton-Hicks

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Last night, while trying to enjoy my ds first grade holiday performance I thought I was in labor!!!! My contractions were all way down low and felt like they were really doing something. Dh wanted to know if i wanted to go to the hospital, but I figured that if it was the real thing it wouldn't stop. But it stopped. Oh well, he will come when he's ready!!
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so sorry mama...

i did not have braxton-hicks with first three babies, but with this one i get them often. sometimes there will be several eight minutes apart, sometimes random. i have them bad enough where they double me over or i cry out...crazy. my last labor was almost pain-free except for pushing so i am hoping painful contractions now don't mean painful labor later.

i'll be thinking of you, but hang on to your baby a few weeks longer, please.
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In my experience...the more pre-labor contractions I had...the better, faster, less painful labor I had. BH or pre-*labor* contractions are just really really early labor. They actually are accomlishing things! Its a good thing!! I'd rather have a little regularly now than ALL at once the day the baby comes!
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Hey now - I get them frequently too. I spoke to my mws about them - not so much because I was worried, I just thought I'd mention it to them - and they said all is well. They come frequently when I walk quickly, lift or bend a lot etc. Sometimes they come in a quiet moment...sometimes they are frequent with little break in between. I can't say they really *hurt*, but they are def. uncomfortable. I keep remembering that they are "pre" labor and are helping to thin the cervix and prepare the exit chute. It keeps me smiling . I remember having them first time with dd, but perhaps not so often/consistently as this time? It was 6 yrs ago... Anyway, hang in there. These little ones are gunna cook for as long as they can before the universe demands they face front and salute. Cheers! Andy
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Thanks for all the support!!!!!!!! with only 5 weeks to go, sometimes you get your hopes wrapped around Braxton-hicks, ya know!!!
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