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Questions about potency and combinations of homeopathic remedies

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DS has several symptoms, and I don't know what the best approach is for treatment. He has ringworm, is teething, and has congestion with thick green mucous. For the ringworm, I started treating him this morning with Sulphur 6x. I will use tea tree oil to treat the fungus as well. The book I am using recommends Sulphur 30x, but I can only find 6x. Can I just use one 6x pellet to try approximate the higher dilution in the regular dosage of 3-5 30x?
My other question is this - I would like to use Pulsatilla for the congestion, and either Hylands or Chamomila for the teething. But can I combine all three remedies? Give them at different times of day? Try to treat only one sympton at a time?

Can you tell that there is no homeopath nearby?
Any help is greatly appreciated
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Poor little guy ((HUG))

First if you cannot find one remedy to cover all the symptoms I would start with the most urgent or troublesome. you know your child's symptoms best, and may decided the green mucus should be treated before the ringworm.

Something like Ring worm you might be better off getting a professional to help. But if you are going to try it alone then I would suggest doing one remedy at a time, so as to not confuse the body. Some remedies can counteract others.

Some guidlines that we follow for taking remedies. the less severe the problem the lower the dose can be. 30 would problemly be better for ringworms.

You should/can give the remedy every 30 mins till you see a reaction (improvement in symptoms), then STOP. The guidlines on the bottles are there because they HAVE to put them, but not always the best way to use it. If after 12 hrs you do not see a difference you have the wrong remedy. I treated ds for worms and only had to give 3 doses.

If symptoms return you can redose.

I would still stick to the same quanity with 6 as 30.

Once the ring worms are gone you can start treating the other things. You should be able to find one remedy that covers the teething and congestion, instead of using two different ones.

As well this site is great for helping to find a remedy:


You may also want to look into some herbs to help treat other things while on the first remedy.
For example, increasing vit C, acidophilus(sp?), and garlic caps, will help boost his immunity and fight an infection (green mucus)
As well, making a tea of say fenugreek would help with the congestion (it's a mucus inhibitor).

Just don't use things with strong odors (like peppermint) as they can stop the remedy from working.

Good luck

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