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36 weeks today!

Hi Mamas-

Jessitron, wow, you did an amazing job on your baby's room!! That is increadible.

Mamabeca - Your Hanukah dinner sounds great! What else (besides jelly donuts) could you want? We had pizza last night and tonight I am having a few relatives over for latkes. I don't plan on serving anything but latkes, salad, broccoli, apple sauce and sour cream.... Although, there is a small chance it might turn into a chinese food Hanukah because I have never made latkes before! : Hopefully they will work out!

Jesilynne - It sounds like you are a little overwhelmed. At this point in pregnancy I think that is normal. It's great that you were able to ask DH for help around the house, and if all of the chores don't get done - SO WHAT! Your body is doing plenty of work as it is. Just focus on your little one and taking care of yourself.

Anyway, I have been feeling more and more tired. My pubic bone pain is also returning..... By the time night rolls around I am having trouble standing at the sink long enough to do the dishes. I am torn between wanting to have this baby and be more comfortable, and not wanting to give up "pregnancy" - which I really enjoy. Does anyone else feel this way?

I have been pretty crampy lately, but I will have to wait until next Thursday to see if my cervix has changed. I had an apt at 35 weeks and my provider thought it would be okay to wait until 37 for my next one. Hopefully I will have some good news to report then!

Hope you all have a great week!!
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Hey guys, I can't believe some of us are ready already?!

Jessitron, your nursery looks so nice. It's amazing what wood flooring does for a room. I think it's beautiful.

I wish I were 36 weeks already. I'm worried I won't make it that far. That's my goal, to make it to 36 weeks. I've also had some crampiness lately. Though, I'm not sure if it's just intestinal or something. Last night, I had a ton of Braxton Hicks and they did eventually go away after a hot bath and some rest. I was concerned. I think I over did it with making dinner. I made chicken pot pie from scratch and I guess it was too much standing and chopping and stirring etc.
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Jessitron- your nursery colors are the same as my kids' room. The walls are a warm buttery orange and the ceiling is indigo blue. I intended to paint clouds on it...but never got there. Part of the reason is because they never sleep there and really we just store their clothes and extra toys in there so I never got really motivated to finish. But mine is an older house (like yours appears to be) with hardwood floors and wood trim...so it is really similar.

I am really really big out in front this time and my current complaint is that so much of my maternity clothes doesn't fit anymore!! Lots of tops don't cover my belly or just don't stretch out enough in front. I am going to have a much much more limited wardrobe from here out I think. Oh well.

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Originally Posted by Chiromom
I am really really big out in front this time and my current complaint is that so much of my maternity clothes doesn't fit anymore!! Lots of tops don't cover my belly or just don't stretch out enough in front. I am going to have a much much more limited wardrobe from here out I think. Oh well.

I'm having the same problem! My tummy sticks way out in front and my shirts aren't covering my belly anymore. I found a couple maternity cami's with the bra built in and I wear those under shirts to make sure the bottom part of my belly stays warm and isn't exposed.
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Hi Mama's! I rarely post on these threads, but I always
read about all of you :
I was really feeling all you ladies this week. I am getting uncomfy (VERY) and I have gave up sleeping on any sort of schedule. Luckily I SAH and am able to just sleep once I am exhausted enough.
Holiday prep is so overwhelming! I have always made most of our gifts and I am wondering how I did it every other year AND had a FT job???

If I can also jump in on the walking topic, I was having a hard time with my walks and wanting to walk fast but not feeling good during them and our doula recommended walking in a slower "march". I mostly lifted my knee higher and took longer steps. I really enjoyed the walk (and my neighbors think I am even more wierd!) and as a bonus, the baby shifted his/her little head more toward the center so my pelvis hurts less.

(has anyone else noticed that there seem to be lots of "Jesses" on this?!)
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Jessica, ha ha, we had a thread on the homebirth board for winter babies, and out of 20something respondents, half of them were Jessicas. Crazy huh?

I am torn between wanting to have this baby and be more comfortable, and not wanting to give up "pregnancy" - which I really enjoy.
Delfina, I agree. I haven't reached the really miserable point yet, so maybe that will tip the scales. But I keep thinking about how much harder it will be caring for a new baby than carrying him or her around inside. That makes pregnancy seem pretty good.

Jess and Mar, yes about the shirts! They look doofy riding up. And the pants have to stay lower and lower in order to fit, so some days, the belly shows. That would be okay, except when I wear this big white elastic belt - NOT attractive when it peeks out.

Mar, that's neat that your kids' room is like our nursery. It's also our guest room, so at least some people will enjoy it while the baby is sleeping with us.

Marysmama, chicken pot pie from scratch sounds like way too much work! My DH does all the real cooking now. I cut up the onions and say that I helped.
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35 weeks here.......still feeling tired a good portion of the day (and night). Baby likes jumping on the bladder...soaked three pairs of pants yesterday..need to go out and buy myself those Depends (?) ,diapers of adults. Ironic how just when DS is getting out of diapers mama needs them..

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Hey all - we are all so funny! And tired, and working so hard at building these babes...a small round of applause (applesauce?) for the mamas!!! Well, I don't feel too huge yet, but I'm just 34 weeks tomorrow. My belly is really facing front, where with dd it was hip to hip. I'm hoping the new shape will encourage a normal delivery. The posterior thing was the pits! My shirts also don't fit too well, and the sky blue panel of the mat. jeans sticks out...about as pleasant as the belt. Noone has actually pointed it out or picked on it yet...

I must say that my dd had a GREAT Chanukah dinner, and wanted the same tonight. We had Chinese instead. Tomorrow, when dh is back in town, I'll probably get around to actually cooking something.

I am often torn between wanting and not wanting to be pregnant any more. I want to be pregnant because it is a totally special and wonderful experience. I am pretty much the only person who can feel this babe move around, mostly because he has this serious problem performing for anyone. Avoidence. I do know how much easier it is now than it will be with him on the outside. AND I def. want to keep the baby in as long as he needs to be in there for a happy birthing. And we DO want a happy birthing. But I'd like it to be over already because sometimes I can't catch a full breath, sometimes I feel like my guts are slowly sliming their way up my esophoegus (there's no spell check on this prgm!), and sometimes because I just want a little bit of the old me back again (who was SHE?!). Selfish, I know. I can still recognize me in the mirror if I twist around and look from the back. My face is starting to puff up a little bit (esp. lips!). Looks weird.

I'm going to try to walk a little slower and march a bit, see if that helps. My friend may not be into it, but then again she may... we're getting toward the cold weather and maybe she'll be gald enough that anyone is willing to get out and walk a bit with her!

CONGRATS to all us mamas doing such a great job holding our petite enfants inside. Let the dust bunnies float. We'll get 'em eventually! Take care all, andy
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Hi everyone...happy chanukah to those of you celebrating...
I am 32 and 6 days, feeling better that I can hold my baby in after some preterm labor with over work. I have slowed down, and feel my iron is up again so I am much better. People say I look better. My back up midwife is here tomorrow, so I know I am almost done with work for a while and that feels great. Someone said, (malama I think) that since she's pregnant she has less time for mama dramas as a midwife, she's busy having her own. I feel ready to just focus on me.

I have that peanut belly you descibed P&A. I wish I was full and round. I am just getting there, liking to poke it out and look rouder, The upside is that its very compact, so not too uuncomfy at all. I feel like I am just looking full-on pregnant now. I want to get some cute belly pics close to term.

It's nice cause my father in law is here, so we got our house spic and span, and DH cleaned the attic this weekend. It is alot easier to have problems in a clean house than in a dirty ,messy one. I feel my head is so much clearer with our space clear, it was severly neglected due to last months bed rest. We are still in the baby room clutter clearing stage you were in before jessitron...I am thinking like chiromom the room will just be toy storage, etc, but it feels important to symbloically make space for the baby in our lives. And it's getting DH to throw crap out, which is great!!! And me too of course.

I registered for stuff, I put a diaper pail on there, maybe that was unnessary? I don't want to get useless stuff or have folks spend bucks on useless stuff. My first regisrty list was super simple, but the later I stayed up making it on-line, the more weird stuff made it's way to the list. I wonder what we really need, and what we'll really get.

I went diaper crazy in the used diaper forum in early pregnancy, and so it'll be fun to see what we actually end up liking and using.

Anyway, take it easy everyone, good luck to you who are close! Birth blessings in case any of you go in the next week or so. I can't believe some of you are good to go, since I am due the end of the month, it all seems a long way away yet. I am trying to get into and savor being pregnant, since it is coming to a close sometime soon...I am excited to give birth when the time comes.

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Hi Ladies
wow it's so amazing that the time is almost here. I've just been mainly a lurker lately cuz it was kinda sad that I wasn't along side with you. I wish that I was still pregnant so bad and have had issues with it. I have been talking w/a psychologist since I have been having mild depression but mainly a feeling of guilt and loss over this pregnancy. I'm starting to overcome my feelings and doing better each day Megan is doing superb and she could possibly be home in a few weeks as long as she can tolerate her feeds from a bottle, which we start trying in a few days, then alternating w/bf in the beginning. I'm very determined to bf, so I know it could take some time before she gets the hang of it.
Can't wait to start to read some of your birth stories. Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancies, believe me I wish I was having all those "pains" right now, lol
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hey Laura! It's good to know you are ok, well, mostly ok, and that Megan is doing so well!!! I am so impressed with her! I kwym about the blues - don't let the pregnancy (or lack thereof) be another stimulant for it. Take that power for yourself. You did hang on to the baby long enough for her to come out with a seriously good fighting chance, and you birthed a real winner! That's all any of us can do. I wish for you that you find strength in your friendships, love in your heart for yourself, and joy in your children and family. It is all we need (besides a plump bank account) to stay happy for life! Love yourself, mama! You did a GREAT job of building a baby and are being a SUPER mom to your kids!

I'm 34 weeks today. I think I'll stay here for a few weeks, so that when I'm 2 wks late I'm still thinking that I'm just on time (40 wks). I just have a feeling...

Walked a little slower today with my pal, and we did well. I marched a little, and she kinda got into it with me. I felt good the whole way until a stray cervical kick almost dropped me to the pavement! Ugh. But that passed quickly and we finished the walk at speed and I feel really good now - a lot looser and warmed up, like.

Hey Heidi - I did the same thing with the diapes. We did figure out what dh liked and didn't like. I found out that there was only one brand of diape. I liked (a Canadian brand called MotherEase), and ANY of the aio's worked for me. SO MUCH less work!!! Wow, really. Also, I'm wondering whether we're the only ones, but we used a rubbermaid pail because we filled it about 1/2 way with water and a bit 'o vinegar. The diapes were always white and soft, would this be true in a dry pail? Also to note, we do have enough diapes to last for 1 week(we have about 60 cloth diapes total), so we only did diaper laundry on the weekend. Since they sit longer, we felt they needed to soak. Any ideas?

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Ps - Malama : I think Sushi is a great way to celebrate Chanukah! I'm just not too sure about how well it goes with Latkes?! Oh, and I got my chair massager cushion! It's really nice, but it's not wonderful. The shi'atsu rollers don't move N - S at all, they only spin around. It's def. better than nothin, but someday I'll be Queen and get to buy one of those awesome chairs that does neck to tailbone...and I'll wear a georgous ball gown with pretty pink slippers and have servants (who get full benefits and excellent wages) ... SLAP me silly. Time to wake up and clean up this house!!! Cheers, andy
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
and sometimes because I just want a little bit of the old me back again
Andy, sometimes I'm afraid of the old me coming back. I like the changes that pregnancy has instigated. After the baby is out, will I want to go out drinking again? Will I not be able to sleep before midnight? Will I get angry at little things? Pregnancy has calmed me in many ways.

Heidi, you and I are the same distance along. Good job for slowing down. Oo oo, what diapers did you get?

Andy, did you have all white dipes for the wet-pail-with-vinegar thing? I'm all about the colors, and wondering whether soaking would be good for them.

Laura, thank you so much for checking in. Hurray for Megan! I hope she comes home very soon, and that bf works out for the two of you. Thank you for reminding us that we are lucky to be big and awkward and achy. And yes, great job for growing such a strong baby!
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sorry the chair isn't all you hoped it would be! I got my cushion from the yoga company- it's a cushion that's slightly slanted forward (to keep the pelvis going forward instead of slouching) and then it has a hole cut out for your tailbone to drop down instead of being compressed. I've had it only a few days but i think it's helping! At the same time, i find that sitting for any length of time is one of the worst things for me. I really need to stand, sit, lie down, move, etc.....

We did do our latkes thing- I didn't want to make them, fry them, nothing, but my dh (who wasn't raised jewish, but is) insisted that we needed to have them. SO last night he went all out- I certainly enjoyed eating them!

Res. In two kids, where i used regular old prefolds, I never soaked them or anything. We always had tons and washed infrequently. I did, on occasion put vinegar into the washer, and they were fine.
Now I splurged and bought a bunch of fuzzi bunz and I'm curious to see how fancy diapers compare. They were $$$$ so I hope they're worth it!

Heidi, I'm so glad to hear you're focusing on yourself! It's so important. I can't believe how slefish and self centered I've been this pregnancy.... maybe it's cuz I know it's the last? who knows. In any case, I'm enjoyng it as I know that there will be NO time to be selfish later. And just watch you and other "threatened" preterm mamas hold your babies in til their EDDs or longer..... that happens, yk?!?!
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last post for the day - I promise! Sitting here waiting for a call back from the g'vt about some stray checks that arrived today...is this a merry chanukah or december fools!? Anyway, they're supposed to get back to me asap, so I thought I'd do some writing here while waiting. Better than more vacuuming! And someone besides me has the hiccoughs and it's a little jarring...blurp!

I'm so glad the cushions are working for you Malama! I hope theyr'e doing the trick for your dh, too - sounds like he's also not too comfy these days. Ouch!

my diapes are/were mostly white or natural (unbleached MotherEase). The aio's have color on the wrap part, but not the inside; nothing ever got damaged or changed from the soaking (it's just water with about 1/8th cup vinegar). We didn't use liners, which may be why we chose to soak them, I can't really remember...this time round we may (use liners), though, becuase if this boy is anything like his daddy he's gunna make big ole poopems that stink up the room for an hour! Little girl poops weren't too bad... considering! None of the diapes were/are very fancy, the motherease were probably the fanciest, but I really didn't love the prefold concept. I like having the baby out and about (at home!) in just a diape without any cover, and I hate the pins and the snappi didn't always hold (especially once crawling/creeping). We really only used the covers for heading out for short hikes, like a shop or something, or if people were over and wanting to hold/play with her. Actually now I think of it, dh never used them; if an aio wasn't avail. he'd take that naked baby to the store and buy a bag of sposies, if one wasn't readily avail. Silly human.

About 50% of the diapes we have are aio. These we love! They do take longer in the dryer (like close to an hour in a pretty new dryer), and I have to be sorta careful because most of them are velcro and if they aren't fastened they catch on each other ... major diaper tangle and it can rip up the outside of the diapes too. Otherwise they're SO much easier. So we don't have any fitted ones that don't have a cover attached, and we don't have any colored ones 'cause we got them all six to seven yrs. ago, before color was available. I would imagine that they would come with a disclaimer if you weren't supposed to soak them ahead of time. If I were you, I'd try just one in a bucket for a night or two, wash and see. One thing, was that we didn't double rinse the diapes in the laundry - they came out clean smelling and really clean looking.

Although the diapes are pretty plain, we do have some cutie patootie diaper covers! I can't wait to see a new little tushie in them! Yahoo! Oh, there's the phone. Caio all! Andy
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Oh, Laura! Thank you for checking in with us. I'm so glad things are getting better with Megan. It's always two steps forward, one step back with preemies. I'm so glad to hear that you're getting help with your feelings of guilt and loss. It's ok to feel that way. But know, that you did everything right. Nothing you did caused baby Megan to be born early. No one really knows why premature birth happens. I mean sometimes they do, like if there is pre-eclampsia or abruption, etc.

It's so wonderful that you'll be breastfeeding soon. How great for Megan. She is lucky to have you as a mom. And just think, a few weeks is Christmas/New Year's! It would be wonderful to have her home for the holidays.

Wishing you peace and strength,

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Laura, I am so glad things are going well with Megan. Please take care of yourself. You sound like a wonderful momma...

Sidelined with a bit of a cold this week. DS and I have been congested and coughing. I think we just are sharing it for a few extra days. Trying to take extra vitamins and get plenty of rest.

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Hi Everyone! Glad to hear how everyone is doing!! You are all inspiring and positive - getting your baby's rooms ready, taking care of yourselves, etc...... I am now 34 weeks and I'm tired and run down mostly because I work in the Emergency room and my 12 hour shifts on my feet keep turning into 14 hour shifts (with a half an hour break). I have a cold and keep getting cold sores on my lip every 3 weeks. This is the 8th one! So....... I decided to stop working at the end of December and rest a bit. Slowly but surely this home is becoming organized and ready for baby!!!!!!!

Laura, thanks for checking in!!! Glad to hear Megan is progressing so well!!!!!!!!! Good for you for seeking help with your depression and adjustment during this time!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Andy, did you have all white dipes for the wet-pail-with-vinegar thing? I'm all about the colors, and wondering whether soaking would be good for them.
To continue the O.T. diaper thing... my grandmother is a weaver, knitter, and general sewing goddess - she always uses vinegar in the water to "set" colors and keep them bright. I bet it would be fine for all your diapers.

I Have a few little lambs with a really cute frog print that I'm looking forward to using and washing (well, using mostly. Not so much the washing part.)
Am planning to get some prefolds on ebay unless anyone had a more cost effective source they can recommend? If you want to p.m. me with ideas, I'd love it
Mammajenni, 36 weeks and feeling great today (hey, it's only 10:15 a.m.)
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Bunches, wow, 12-hr ER nursing shifts? At this stage of pregnancy? Youch! I could not handle it. You are Supermom already!

Froggie, thanks for the info on the vinegar. I will not fear it now.
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