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You are like some kind of walking ER drama! I can't believe 8 months preg. and still on your feet for so many hours! I can barely make it 10 hrs. with rest stops along the way! Whew... I do have a lot of sympathy for how you must be feeling, and I hope that you'll be taking it easy soon. I hear that medical personnel are the WORST patients, and also have a high rate of preemie births, so BE CAREFUL - I think it must be the stress of job/life/long hours etc. Take it easy, sister! That little one needs their mama to be strong and healthy! Take care up there, andy
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I can hardly make it through a day without s long period of lying down! You must be younger than me......

I dressed two stuffed animals here in a diaper and one in a velour baby outfit and they are getting so much lovin here. I think everyone is getting accustomed to the baby idea (it's been so long since there was a baby in our lives).

I don't have much to say. it's raining again here and so it's not so HOT and I'm happy.
Have a wonderful day!
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Hi everybody!

I always check in so late. Anyways, Laura, I'm really glad to hear you are all doing as well as can be expected. . I'm glad that you are getting the help you need.

Um...hmmm...I don't have much to say this week. As for the diaper thing, we always do a second rinse with vinegar to get rid of detergent residue, and stink. It only works if you have hard water. Otherwise you need to do baking soda soak. Oh, the world of cloth diapers. You ladies don't know the vortex you are stepping into with that one :LOL

As for everything else, I've been feeling awesome lately. Probably because I'm not on any more meds, and the stress of that is gone. I'm still having lots of contractions, and losing little bits of mucous plug, but I think I will make past at least 36 weeks! Thats good enough for me -my last one was born at home at that age! I've also gotten that huge burst of energy that you sometimes get right before you have the baby. I've been going through everyhting in our house, redecorating, planting stuff on the lanai, powersanding furniture, you name it-I'm doin' it! Maybe its just the holidays that cheer me up.

Have a great weekend everybody
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Sweetpeas- SO GLAd to hear from you. I had you on my mind alot, looked at your web page about a month ago. So glad you'll get your girl home soon. As much as moms blame themselves for everything anyway, I am glad you are getting counseling. It really has to be traumatic to go through this, and I give you a hug and a badge of courage for doing what your baby has needed you to do. By the way, an indian friend said in india they wrap the preemies in silk. Don't know if they'd let ya, but it a nice thought. Once she's home, and your days home begin to out number your days there at the hospital, you'll really begin to heal I hope.

Bunches- ouch, I feel your pain. What earned me "bed rest"- which amounted to working only twice as much as I should instead of 4 times as much as I should was 1)8 births in 10 days, all at home or in birth center so I did the whole thing....2)Some PMS feelings/crampiness/shortened cervix I complained about to the midwives caring for me 3) Which caused them to joke they were "having an intervention" to make me slow down. I had about 20 minutes the day they" intervened" where I considered briefly that my water might have broken, and that scared me enough to slow down, so they were surprised how easy the "intervention" went. .

Cold sores and your run down system are such a bad sign! I only ever got stuff like that when I was super run down, like during finals week in college..

Are you into herbs or acupuncture? There are allot of things you could do to support yourself. Herbs astragalus, elderberry, some Vit C, and lemon balm is antiviral and helps cold sores, all are safe in preg according to me a random on-line midwife! I guess just make sure you are eating (at all, but well with fresh veggies and greens) and getting sleep!! I wish you the best, I wish someone would help orchestrate an "intervention" for you, cause I tell you it's worth it, I feel way better now life is getting slower...In the mean time, hang in there.

Good lunck mamamaya, if that baby comes nowI guess your good. We gotta keep our in until 37 weeks to make it to a homebirth. which I think I will, and surpass and end up late in the end anyway.

And diaper vortex, yes I discoverd that already....Diapers, hmmm....as far as what i got jessitron- I am almost embarrassed, cause now that I am closer I feel like I bought too much of all the wrong thing. Time will tell. I got (all used from the trading post or e-bay) - Kissaluvs size 0's about a dozen, some colors but most plain, a few little lambs newborn, a few nanipoos, a few righteous babe newborns, a few rosie cheeks, and a happy heiny. After I got 'em I realized most of the dipes were cuter than the wraps, which bummed me out. Just diaper inexperience. I have mostly plain wraps, got a some white bummis and use ratty looky nikkys, two fleece, and a few random wahm wool covers in colors like blue, red, and a purple-green.

A mom gave me 6 green mountain diapers and some infant all in ones by dimples. I also got a dozen contours that look way too big for a newborn, a dozen nice indian prefolds off e-bay that are of a size slightly too big for newborn...I forget what, and some doublers of some kind off e-bay. I got 2 bumpkins aio for infant size, and numerous brands one here one there of infant sized diapers like righteous babe, and other cute/pricey stuff. Again, random not all too cute covers.

After what I spent "saving" buying used stuff, I kind of wish I just bought a bunch of plain good quality prefolds and wool covers. I registered for a few wool covers, and hope I get them. At least if I hate the diapes I can resell them on the trading post, and just get what I like.

So, anyway, I know what you mean about being excited by fluffy mail, mine all came about 20weeks though. This week I am excited about hard mail, cause I am getting CDs I ordered to try out/ acclimate to for end of pregnancy relax music and birth music. I got Gabrielle Roth, Sheila Chandra, and Loreena McKeenit. And Mickey Hart's "music to be born by", but it's too experimental to get into right now for me....

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Hey - Heidi, nice long post! Thanks for the read! I bought The prayer Cycle which has a ton of people on it inc. James Taylor, Alanis Morissette etc., and which already I listen to over and over and am practicing meditating to. It's awesome. I listened to the Mickey Hart CD in a shop and also found it a bit too experimental... The Gab. Roth stuff is pretty good, but sometimes feels too fast, at least for what I felt last time. The rythms are awesome though.

I am well. I did a 3 mi. walk today in under 1 hr., although it was a lot closer to an hour than previous walks...slowing down, for sure! It's good to still get out and get the exercise, though. Since we're all in the final stretch of months, I do hope we're ok taking care of ourselves as a PRIORITY! I am hearing more of that as wel plough along...

Take care all and happy weekend! Who is getting a tree this weekend? andy
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I don't know if it is because I already have two small ones and I am just jaded but the nesting urge hasn't really hit me yet. Maybe it will a little as I get closer... I have tons of old baby clothes (both genders) and supplies that I need to sort through and "set up"...but it seems very non-urgent right now. Maybe after the holidays I'll kick into gear. That's when I intend to start sleeping downstairs closer to the bathroom and away from the family bed and kids to be more comfortable and to get the youngest used to sleeping with her papa and not me.
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37 weeks tomorrow

Gosh, I wandered in here a few weeks ago to introduce myself and never came back! Get so easily sidetracked these days!

Mamabeca, what are your MWs doing about the + strep? I just found out this week I'm + too, and the only line I'm getting from the LPN who works with my mw is IV antibiotics. Feh!

So jealous of those of you who are walking, it's snowing here on the beaches in sunny Ohio. It rained all week too, so it's been generally gloomy and yuck.

We're done with the nursery - of course dh is the one who suggested cosleeping so we have a beautiful crib all set up and it'll be a nice fort for the kid to play in someday. We have a trundle bed in there too, so we can host our friends with babes when we have company.

Thursday all day and last night all night I think there was some sort of a flamenco competition going on in my belly. After all day Thursday, I was nearly in tears and ready to post an eviction notice to babe. Hardly slept with the same party last night, thank goodness I'm only working until Friday. I teach kids with physical and health disabilities, and they are pretty demanding (but not a 12 hr. ER shift!) and my coteacher takes really good care of me - he must be a wonderful husband. Christmas vacation starts at 2:30 on the 17th, and I really can't wait. Being due 1/3 (the first day back to school) I've decided to just stay home and use up all of my sick time and between sick time and FLMA, I won't have to resign until spring break.

I'll be back looking for the new thread, hopefully I won't forget this time!

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