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New & EDD 1-14-04

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Hi all! I've been lurking around in the homebirth forum for a while but haven't really posted much. Seems like I'm spending all my online time at Ebay looking for cute cloth diapers or nursing nightgowns ;-)

I think that I am finally getting the urge to "nest" and connect with other mama's, so here I am!

Wishing you well,
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The the club!!! Tell us a little about you. Check out my sig to get the low down on me!!!
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Thanks for the welcome! I've since added a signature that includes a few facts :-)

But since you asked.....
I'm expecting #2, which ultrasound seems to reveal is a little girl. We're planning to name her Alexandra Lane (Lane is a family name and my little sister's middle name). I like Alex for a nickname but hubby is going for Lexi (makes me think of an exotic dancer - ack!) Sorry to anyone named Lexi but that's how it goes.
Our first, Eddie, is 5 years old now. Hard to believe. He was a natural birth at the hospital with medwives. This time we are going for the whole kit and Caboodle with a home waterbirth & midwife attending. I ordered my pool and pump yesterday.
Eddie nursed till he was four and I already have some bm coming in according to Dh and I guess he should know!
What else? Oh - we are planning to cloth diaper and I've been hounding Ebay for good deals. They are all really expensive but (I hope) really worth it.

Well I think that is enough, before I have an entire book on the fabulous exciting life of me.
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Cool, you sound like you are going to fit right in here!!! Where in Florida are you? I'm in Deltona.
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I am in West Palm Beach, which is not the crunchiest place to live... so cool back at ya. It's nice to fit in SOMEWHERE ;-)
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