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Unexplained nosebleeds??

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Ever since June or so, DD1 (2.75) has occasionally been getting nosebleeds in the middle of the night for no apparent reason (like she didn't hit her nose on anything). It usually happens at night, most of the time she doesn't even wake up, we just see the blood on she sheets in the morning and on her face. Today, it happened when I putting her down for nap. Her nose just started bleeding all of a sudden. It isn't a lot of blood and stops really quickly, usually without having to apply pressure or anything (as I mentioned, lots of time we don't even know it is happening, she sleeps right through it). They have gotten much more frequent lately. We think it may be related to the weather and colder drier any, but not really sure.

My dh has the same problem sometimes, his nose will just start bleeding for no apaparent reason, but for him it usually happens in the morning, right after waking up.

Any one else experience this??
Any idea what causes it. Could it be related to the weather? Any way to prevent it, could it be nutritional at all??
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Happens to my 5 year old son all the time, and since he was about 2.
Apparently after the Dr. looked close, it seems he has a large blood vessel close to the surface. We also suspect he has allergies to dust or down, so...middle of the night nose rubbing=nosebleed for him.
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My oldest used to get them through the night too and usually when it was particularly dry. I use a warm air humidifier now in the winter and he hasn't had any for the past few months.
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