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I Love My Mw!!!!

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I just arrived home from a long drive and had a message waiting for me from my mw. She told me that the local massage school was looking for pregnant mothers on which to practice massage -- would I be interested? Most of them are very experienced and looking to add a prenatal component to their training.

Anyway, I just got off the phone with the teacher who asked if it would be OK if I volunteered for two hours of massage on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Um... the answer to that would be YES! I can't wait.....
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sounds like some serious suffering..... ENJOY!
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Oh, how generous of you to donate your time
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thats so nice. When I was pg with ds my mum was in massage school. She used to practice on me and some of her classmates, plus on of the teachers was all excited they had an actually pg woman to work on I came in and selflessly donated my day so other students could pratice
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Oooh- Azreial, that sounds nice!! Yesterday was great! One of the massage therapists was absolutely wonderful - no different than a certified, experienced therapist. The only difference is that she needs to give hours of free massage in order to get certified! It was also nice that she was as excited about giving a prenatal massage as I was about receiving one. Hopefully today will be just as great!
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i'm so jealous!

i wish i could afford to get a massage! in fact i'm calling my insurance right now to find out how much is covered!
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Call your local masssage school!
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Congrats Delfina! A great way to seriously unload some stress (old and new!) and enjoy the day just a little bit more! My mw's are training a new doula who is also a massage therapist, so I will be having two sessions with her between now and the birth. She will be at the birth as part of her doula training.

I do plan on compensating her for the two sessions, because she is driving about 45 minutes to get here (each way) and will bring all her supplies etc. I think that's fair...any ideas how much would be appropriate? Locally, prenatal massage goes for about $60 or $65 a one hour session. But this is different because she suggested it and because it's part of her training (but separate)... confusing... I was thinking of $30 or $35 a session, dh thinks $50 for the two sessions would be fair... help!
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Mamabeca- sounds like a great doula to have! I would ask her directly - just tell her you want to compensate her and what does she think is fair. If she won't give you a number, I would say $30 per a session would be great if you can afford it.

When you say it is "part of her training", I am assuming you mean doula training, not massage training. If she not a licensed massaged therapist yet, the practice hours they need to accrue are non-billable.... so you could give her gas money or maybe a nice meal with the family!
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Thanks D. - exactly the info I was needing. I shall ask her whether she is using the hrs. as part of massage training (I think she's not liscensed in NY, but in like TX or somewhere, so I don't know whether she needs to do more hrs. or what) as well as part of her 'getting to know you' session for doula training. That was initially what got me to make the appt., as a way of getting more comfortable with her hands on my skin etc. THANK YOU!
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