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2 years and no AF here, still waiting.

For data purposes, I am definitely on the larger side, and am 33.
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its hard to tell for me when mine came back, I bled for about 5 weeks post partum then at 7 week pp I started bleeding again, then 4 weeks after that I did again, so I think I may have had AF since the begining, LOL
I had about a 3 month break after the last and another AF then same break and AF and after that its been regular.
DS started 'sleeping through the night' at 2m, we were cosleeping and exclusively BF(he was 13months when he started eating solids, is 17months now and still nurses 6-10+ times and still cosleeps).
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I feel cheated... exclusively breastfeed on demand cosleeping, etc., ds one, AF back at 5 months, and he HATED the difference the hormones made to the taste of the milk, and we had a nursing strike every darn month when my period was due. DD, at about 9 months... I don't remember exactly, just that I was happy it was much later than with ds, and now, with ds2, I just had a period, and he's not even 4 mos. yet!

Funny, because my babies have all been big fat rolly-pollies from all the milk, too, and Reid, my youngest ds, is the fattest of them all, way off the weight charts, and so why AF?!

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Over 20 months with the first 2, haven't had it yet since ds2 was born 8.5 months ago
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Interesting thread!

I have been at MDC for over 2 yrs and have never heard the term ecological bf'ing. That's what we are doing (except for the daily nap thing---how I would LOVE to have a daily nap : ) and ds2 is 7.5 months and still no PPAF. I have been crampy a time or two, but that's about it. He still nurses 20+ ( ) times a day and takes very very scant amts of solids, so I can't imagine her coming my way any time soon. I guess time will tell...
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With DS..AF returned at 16 months..pregnant two months later..
With DS..after having the IUD..I bled for about 3 months..lightly..I spot a dime size occassionally..I do get cramping and back pains ..once or twice a month..but don't ever know if I'm on my period or not.. weird!
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My moontime returned at 12m, 16m and 15m. I say "rerurned" but it was always sporadic for a while(Like it would come and then not for another 3m...) I remember thinking, "So, body, you think I'm ready for another right now? You're nuts!"
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