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cohosh / high BP?

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greetings, is blue or black cohosh contra indicated in labor for someone with high BP? I looked in all my books and cannot find info that says it is however a fellow midwife says that it absolutely in contra indicated for use with moms with a history of high bp...?
actually the info I have says blue cohosh can actually help lower bp?
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I can't be much help, but about a year ago I had heard that they were just coming out w/info that blue cohosh was not safe (not sure if it was bp related or not). I think a friend heard that at a midwifery conf but I'm not sure. I don't have any sources for this, but I thought it'd be helpful just for you to know that I have heard some concerns about this, so it's worth researching further to be safe!
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Blue Cohosh may definately lower BP, you my also notice elevated FHT's as it starts to work, chest pain....it is contraindicated for those with heart disease.

As for Black...I really am not sure. I thought it may also lower blood pressure too, but thought there were less side effects than with blue. I will take a look at some of my books and see if I can find out something more.
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