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I think I'm the official old lady of the group here (unless someone older comes along). I'm Hope and I'm 35 but will be 36 on Jan 5. Dh (Greg) just turned 37 last Friday. We've been married 6 years and together for 13.5 years. My dd (Meta - named for my grandmother) will be 2 on New Year's Day. I live in Wisconsin and work for a university. Dh stays home with dd and runs an internet business out of our home. I travel some for my job (mostly to Europe but also some in the US and to Mexico) but won't be travelling any more for at least a year. I coordinate int'l programs for students. I really like my job and I'm ok with the fact that dh is the SAHD instead of me being a SAHM. I get to work 4 days per week and generally have a really flexible schedule so it all works out.

Dd was born exactly 6 weeks early and spent 10 days in the NICU. I pumped from the beginning and got dd to nurse whenever I was home (bottles of ebm when I worked, of course) at 3 weeks old. The NICU doc told me not to worry about nipple confusion as that was a lot of hooey. I believed her because that was easier than questioning. Luckily, my dd is a booby girl. She never got "confused" and although she is now weaned, she would probably go right back to nursing if I offered it to her (we just weaned last month). Unfortunately my cousin didn't have such luck with her dd who had one bottle in the ped ward due to weight loss after birth (pre-eclampsia induction) and that was it. She would not go back to breast even with trying SNS, etc.

Anyhoo, I hope that this bean stays in until at least 36 weeks. I'll even take 40 or 41 weeks. I just want to have the baby and bring it home right away. Dd came early because my water broke so I've been reading about factors that might influence that even though they don't really know why it happens. One factor might be vitamin C so I've been eating oranges and drinking OJ a ton.

This new bean will be born at the hospital like dd. We have a new birth center in town which would be great but my health insurance is an HMO and won't cover it. I also think I would have a difficult time convincing dh that a birth center is safe. But, this is a progressive town so I'm not worried about a hospital birth. They don't rush interventions and my birth with dd was great in spite of her early arrival.

wow, this is turning into a book - sorry! I guess this will be all for now.
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schatz, your job sounds amazing! When I worked my s.o. was the SAHP and I loved it. It's hard to explain to others sometimes, of course they always viewed him as a slacker who refused to work, but it worked out well for our family at the time and I'm glad to see that it works out well for others too.

I'll send sticky baby vibes your way. Hopefully the bean will stay put for a good full term pregnancy. The NICU experience is so hard!
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Wow this was a great idea. I feel like I am getting to know all of you.

I am 23 and DH is 26. We got married in 1998 and had our DD in May of 2002, Looks like we will be having another May baby! I think this one will be a boy but we won't find out for sure until his/her b-day. I am a SAHM and have been for a little over a yar now. Before that I was a receptionist full time. DH is a wonderful man for supporting me while I stay at home with the babies. My intrests right now are interior decorating and cloth diapering. I started CDing dd at 10 months and I alread have an impressive stash for the new little one. Would you believe that just as DD stopped wearing diapers I got knocked up? I am not willing to give up my cloth.

DD was born at our local birth center with my M/W whom I love. The labor was short and the birth was quick but left me with a 4th degree tear which landed me in the hospital 2 days later for 3 or 4 days, after that I was on a strict liquid diet for 3 more weeks which was He**. I was also told that I could not lift DD for 3 months. I was really planning to bf DD but during and after all this I did give up and put her on formula (a decision that I would later regret). I was pretty much dependent on my mom and DH to care for me and the baby. Really there is not a lot I can remember during this time.

So with baby # 2 I will be having him/her at the same BC and will be breathing him/her out to avoid any more tearing. I am planning to bf come he** or high water and look forward to this addition.

Although DD was open to the idea of a new baby last month she recently told me that the baby can not sit next to her in the car nor can he/she share her blankets and pillow and most importantly she is not sharing her dada with them. :LOL
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Hi! This is a great idea--I always think about posting but feel kind of funny just jumping in! It's really nice to get to know you all.

I'm Molly and I'm another "old lady" here-LOL! I'm 35 and will be 36 when this one arrives. This is #4 for us, which I really had to talk DH into, but he's getting more and more excited. I have a dd-Tate that is 7, a dd-Flynn that is 5 and a ds-Leo who will be 3 in February. I'm basically a SAHM (work 1x a week for the company I've been with since college) and have been since Leo was born. I absolutely LOVE being home and my 1 day a week at work seems like too much sometimes! I never thought I'd be a good at-home parent and never wished I was home before, but something clicked in me when ds was born and I just knew I couldn't leave him. I sometimes get twinges of sadness that I wasn't "there" as much for my dd's, but I can't call it regret because it was what was right for me at the time.

Well, #4 is going to be a new experience for me as I hope to have him/her at home! I am so looking forward to it. My previous births were at the hospital with epidurals, and while they were all uneventful "good" births, I am so excited to be doing it this way. I have a great midwife and I'm really excited to have all the kids there with me. Now my biggest fear is that something will go wrong and I'll end up in the hospital anyway. I'm trying to just stay confident and not dwell on the "possibilites".

I've been really sick with morning sickness so far (still am, although I think it's getting better). This has been the worst of all my pregnancies, so maybe I'm just getting old! This is going to be our last child so I'm really trying to savor every moment, but it's so hard to get excited when you can't even keep your lunch down!

OK, enough about me. I really enjoy reading about all of you and I've actually been lurking on MDC for a couple years--just never posted! I'll try to be more active. I really feel most at home here!!!
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Anita, my mom is a midwife. Her practice is Greene Midwifery Care, and they work out of Greene Memorial.
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Bleh. I had my prenatal appt today. I gained 9 pounds! Gasp! I am up to 16 for this pregnancy so far. My blood pressure was awesome, and we heard the heartbeat, the baby is doing good. I had to do a GTT, which gave me a massive headache.

I don't get an ultrasound, since I only get 2 per pregnancy, and he wants to do one at the end of my preg because of how DS was stuck, he just wants to make sure that this baby wont be getting stuck. But, I found out that they wont tell you the sex here anyways. We could go to the next town which is 1.5 hours away and go to a private clinic there, but DH said that we will just be surprised.
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Hi, I'm Brandi and I'm 31 and am 19w5d today! Married to dh Son, 35. We live in hot dusty New Mexico with our two girls- Kaylee is 4.5 and Lexi will be 2 in January. We've got 2 indoor cats and an indoor male Rottweiler- my first baby I'm a sahm, aside from working 4.5 hours a week as a veterinary technician. I'm quitting at the end of January though, as my belly is getting too big already to do some things comfortably.

This is my 4th pregnancy- we lost the first baby via miscarriage. I had high risk pgs with my girls (exposures to things at the vet clinic) and everything turned out fine. This one has been surprisingly "normal" which is quite a change for me. We had 10+ level II ultrasounds with each one of them, and so far have only had 1 with this baby! We also found out on Tuesday that this baby is a boy. I posted a separate thread about it- was just too excited! I was really mainstream with my first dd- didn't know much about AP at all. I bottle fed her, and started cloth diapering when she was 7 mos old. With my 2nd, she was bf till she self-weaned after her 1st bday, and she has been in cloth since the beginning. This baby will be ebf again, and cloth diapered. I bought a sling for this one, too, and I'm hoping to be less sling impaired than last time, :LOL.

Gotta go- going shopping today. I'll add more later if this looks meager compared to the rest, :LOL!
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Hello. I am Gigi and I am the oldest so far... I am 37 and my dh is 38. We have been married for 9 years, together for 15. I have 2 dd's.. Catherine is 4 and Victoria is 2. I am from New orleans, but moved to Atlanta 16 years ago after college graduation.

I am due around 5/20 with baby #3. I have GD with all of my pregnancies. With my 2nd pg and this one, I take insulin at night to keep my morning fasting blood sugars within "range". I am planning and preparing for my 1st natural delivery with this baby. We will not findout the sex of this baby.

I want to do more CD's with this baby.. I used cloth about 20% of the time with my dd's... I have a lot to learn there!!!

I used to work as a retail analyst with TOmmy Hilfiger before becoming a SAHM. Now I am active with LLL and I enjoy scrapbooking.
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Originally Posted by annakiss
Anita, my mom is a midwife. Her practice is Greene Midwifery Care, and they work out of Greene Memorial.
Why does this sound appealing to me?? I think probably just because she's the mom of someone I kind of know! lol. I really like Miami Valley, and it would be hard for me to do an appointment in Fairborn - since I work in Kettering anyway - unless I had all early AM appointments! I actually saw her ad in the phonebook when I was looking for a M/W when PG with Elijah. I choose Midwife Advantage because of their advertisement of accepting most insurances! Maybe if I get PG a 3rd time, I'll go with her though, because I DO NOT plan on working at that time! (still a little frusterated at my current M/W's lack of communication about the changes in their office)

I am still enjoying getting to know you all - It really is kind of hard to jump in the middle of things. I have looked at the Decemer Thread since I had Elijah last December - and although I'm sure all the ladies would have no problem letting me join in, I read through all their threads, and they seem to know each other so well, and it almost seemed like I was reading Greek during some of their posts! lol
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Vanessa - how can your OB figure out if the babe is going to get stuck from an ultrasound? U/s are notorious for being WAY off on weights, babe's position at an u/s is likely to change lots before actual labor, and pelvis measurements are more accurate when done by touch (which is an art, not a science). A thing to remember for stuck babes that I just read in Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - standing and applying pressure to the hips (use two assistants to press on either side), with knees slightly bent can unstick a baby amazingly. It creates more of an opening in the lower portion of the pelvis. Everyone should check out this book - it's great (though I still think that Ina May isn't quite radical enough for me ). I hope though that your babe doesn't get stuck and you can avoid intervention.

Anita - Greene Midwifery Care takes all kinds of insurance too. They're really flexible. I think the nice thing about them is that they're a much smaller practice, so you get the benefit of them really knowing you and you really knowing them. Greene Memorial Hospital is also really small - so small in fact, that they don't even have a nursery, so rooming-in is mandatory! This means that there isn't the factory feel of the larger hospitals, and you're likely to see the same people again and again. Just thought I'd throw that in there. Who do you see at Midwife Advantage? I think they used to be out of Good Samaritan and I went to them for gyno as a teenager. I know most of the midwives in Dayton personally, but that's the life of the daughter of one. Even the midwives that we go to here know my mom and the midwives that taught our birth classes in Columbus knew my mom, as well as all the other midwives that I know, so we can chat about how various folks are doing.
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Anna- I know.. I said all of that. But, I think a lot of it is for his own self. Since I want a VBAC, and since Kai was stuck which is why I had a c-section, I think he will feel better. Eh, I would probably decline it, I live in a conservative small town in the middle of an oilfeild and they probably wont let me do a vbac without it. sigh

The reason Kai was stuck, is that he was breech and tried to turn and got his head up by my hip, with his neck bent.. when I started contracting he couldn't get his head down.
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Ugh.... That sounds tough, Vanessa. I can understand the call for the c/s the first time around then. That is a seriously stuck sounding babe. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that! Didn't want to step on any toes. Hope your babe has ideal positioning and you avoid all that crap again. I can see going through with it as a VBAC too, since your doc is obviously gonna be paranoid. I really hope you get your VBAC.
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I hope I get one too I'd really love a homebirth, but no midwives around here!
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Originally Posted by annakiss
Who do you see at Midwife Advantage?
Debbie Newton. I started out last year with Darla Baker - but she quit right after my 20 week appointment, so I was put on Debbie. Which is good, because I really grew to like her a LOT! Then when I was 8 months or so they hired Margie McCarthy, me and her just don't go together very well at all. But when Debbie asked me if it was okay that she was at my birth, my thinking was Debbie would be there, Margie would observe - she had to do it sometime, right? Well...it didn't happen quite like that. Anyway. THIS year, I get PG - find out they are changing offices, which is great with me - I no longer have to pay for parking. But they are now also combined with an OB group and go under the name "University Women's Health Care & Midwife Services" and you are required to see an OB at least once. I got a kook who needs to retire. I got in there, I had already been in the office twice due to bleeding, so I was just there a week and a half earlier, but Margie - who did my last bleeding exam - told me to keep my normal appointment. Okay....so I go in for my normal appointment and this lady sits down and say "why are you here?" I'm like.."UM, I'm pregnant, I have an appointment every month..." Then she has me tell her my entire story..she then wisks me off to the ultrasound room for my 3rd!!!!!! ultrasound - that I wasn't there for..didn't need. Didn't feel worried anymore. Etc, etc. Then she didn't do any normal check up stuff. (I will NOT see an OB for any pregnancy, EVER, I would find a Midwife that would deal with me if I go high risk for some reason!! lol) I was steaming when I left..because she made me leave with a paper in hand for a 4th ultrasound to pin down my exact due date. ARG. I posted on my regular board on Baby Center (the one I posted about earlier who the girl wants induced at 38 weeks...I've talked to these same women for 3 years..but we are totally different now! ) They want to know why I'm upset about having so many ultrasounds. ...anyway... I go for a 4th, and my due date changes by...TWO DAYS! wahoo! I tell Debbie about all of this, and she agrees that it sounded kind of weird they treated me that way, but how they are usually pretty good, etc. So I finish up my appointment, and she has me signed up to meet the OTHER new M/W the next meeting: Lisa Mix. I like her. Not as much as Debbie - but definately more than Margie!!! Well, now they keep passing me back and forth. I keep saying "my M/W is Debbie..." so I think its now policy to pass the patient between the M/W's..and I don't really like that too much. I think my major qwam with it is that means I HAVE to see Margie at least 1/3 of the time. I understand why they do it, because when you go into labor - you get whoever is on call...but still!

Am I just complaining over nothing? Is this they way they all are???
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Ok, I finally have some time to write so here I go...

My name is Maegen, I will be 34 next month. I am pregnant with my third baby, due May 23rd. Incidently, this is the first pregnancy we've planned! I have a son named Oscar, who just turned 5 and is in kindergarten, and a daughter named Rose (Rosy) who will turn three this month. My husband is named Harold (Harry), he works as a stockbroker and I parent full time. He's an amazing parenting partner (and otherwise too!) and although our arrangement is very uncommon around here, it suits us really well. We got married in April of 1999 and we found out that we were expecting O about a month before our wedding!
With Oscar I had a very traumatic, long labour with almost every intervention possible and he ended up being delivered by ceasarean. I found out later that my midwife, who had come up from the States and had previously worked only in hospitals, had a terribly high C-section rate. Being a first timer I took it for granted that having a midwife would give me a higher chance of having the birth I wanted. When I got pregnant with Rose, I was much more careful about who I chose to help me deliver her. I found a wonderful midwifery team and also hired a doula. Midwifery care is completely covered here in BC so all we had to pay for was the doula, best $500 we ever spent! Although I didn't end up having her at home (we transferred to the hospital when my water broke and it was thick with meconium), she was born vaginally with no drugs. Her start in life didn't prove to be as simple as all that though! When she was 2 weeks old, I had a really severe post partum hemmorhage. I was very close to having a hysterectomy or dying. After inumerable drugs, a D&C, 5 litres of blood transfusion and a week in hospital, I recovered. Apparently, I should have lost my milk supply, but luckily, no one told me that and I had no problems nursing her. She has weaned (I think) just during the last 2 weeks or so. My milk supply dwindles rapidly during pregnancy and I feel a lot of pain when she nurses. Oscar weaned while I was pregnant with Rose too, though it was a lot later, and he was a year younger. She doesn't seem to be missing her nurse any more, I think at the end, it was frustrating for her. I guess I'll have to change my sig when it becomes official!

With this pregnancy we have chosen a midwife from the same practice we used for Rosy's birth and we will work with a doula again also. Although I would love to have a home birth, with my history of hemmorhage both at the births and later, we have decided to deliver in a hospital. In BC midwives can attend birth at home or in hospital. We still plan to stay at home for as long as possible during labour, and go to the hospital pushing!

On the me side of things, I have my degree in Child and Youth Care Counselling and I worked in the school system for many years with kids who needed support with emotional, social and family issues. I loved the work but, in the end, got fed up with the bureaucracy and the uncertainty of being in a supporting role in the schools (funding cuts etc). I went back to school and did my teacher training in a post grad program.
I'm a certified teacher but I've chosen to stay with my kids for now.

There, I've written my book. I must say, Anna, this was a very good idea you had! I feel much closer to everyone now that I know a little bit about you all!
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Sorry Anita, we cross posted. Yuck, what a run around! I certainly wouldn't want any unecessary ultrasounds either, are they crazy? :
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my name is linda and i am 27 years old. i have a son named jared who is 3 1/2 and a daughter named mia who is going to be 2 in feb. dd was footling breech and i had a c-section with her. i dont regret that i had the c-section but i do wonder if we had waited a little while if she would have turned on her own. recovery from both seemed about the same to me. i had a horrible nurse when i had dd who scolded me for throwing up the first time i got up after the c-sec to use the bathroom. she was the worst thing about it all. i remember that i was lying on the operating table and the nurses were all counting their instruments to make sure everything was accounted for. as they were wheeling me out to "recover", or whatever, one of the nurses got a little frantic because she lost one of her earrings. i asked if it was inside me and was pretty worried about that but after careful inspection, she found it in her pocket...it had fallen out. here is my question, if i am having surgery and am not allowed to wear any jewelry, why can the nurse that is leaning over me wear it and risk it falling into me?? my kids are 18 months apart and it was incredibly hard for about 4 days after i got home from the hospital.

i am going to a different ob who is completely confident with vbac's and that is what we are planning on. i am due on may 22 and am really looking forward to having this baby. i have been very sick and look forward to the days when i am not feeling so wretched and can be a good mom. this might be our last just because it is so hard on the whole family when i am not feeling well. i was telling dh the other day that i remembered that i got very sick and had to be hooked up to IV's when i was pregnant, i had just forgotten how horrible it felt to be this sick. my precious children have been great through it all and ds is sure he is having a baby and it is going to grow out his back. he is such a sweet, snuggly little guy. some of my favorite times are when dd is napping and he has had quiet time and just comes and snuggles with me and we talk about whatever he wants to talk about. he is my little angle. dd is a little firecracker. she knows what she wants and when she wants it. she loves to curl up in my lap and give kisses but she is one bossy kid. i love her and the life she brings into our home. what a blessed mamma i am. dh is great and caring. he is self employeed and that bring stress of its own but he is supporting us and we live pretty well. my only complaint is that he WONT cd. i have tried with dd and it was the source of contention in our home so i just stopped. who would want to destroy a marriage because of something so rediculous. when i get feeling better i will probably cd again when he is not home just because i really like it. we may not have to for too long because dd is very intrested in using the toilet. we will just have to wait and see what happens.
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does anyone know what happened to des?
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Hi!! My name is Jenn and I was married to dh, Jason, on July 4th of this year. I'm 26 and dh is 32. We were asked to take custody of dh's dd a week before our wedding, so now I am a full time step mommy to a wonderful 8 year old girl, Mckynzie. About 2 months after our wedding we conceived Little Peanut, and I'm due around May 28th. This will be my first child and I am thrilled to death. The only thing I wish I could change is our location. Last December, we made a last minute choice to move to Portland, Oregon. I love it here so much, but both our families are in California. It makes it really hard for me because I am so close to my family. I have 2 sisters who are my best friends, and I talk with my mom almost everyday. I talk to my dad at least a couple times a week. I want nothing but to be able to share every moment with all of them, and I can't. It sucks. But my mom and my sis are coming to visit us in January, so I am really looking forward to that. My mom and one of my sister's are buying stand-by plane tickets so they can jump on a plane and be here within 3 hours of me going into labor. I hope they make it in time. I am planning on having my baby at home in the water. I love my midwives, they are the best! I've always known that natural birth was the right thing for me, I'm so happy that dh feels the same way. I wish I could be a SAHM, but financially that would be impossible at this point, we're broke... I'm hoping to land a new job here in the next week as an admin assistant. I'm ready to sit down! I've been working as a server and bartender for the past 8 years and I just can't imagine waiting tables and being 8 months preggo. I know many women who have, and I don't know how they do it. I'm feeling pretty guilty, though, about going through interviews and not telling my potential employer that I will be taking maternity leave in 5 months. I feel like I am being deceptive. But at the same time, I most likely wouldn't get the job if they knew before hand. Do you ladies think it's okay to not tell a new employer that you are pg? I know it's going to be obvious soon... am I evil?

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I have been super super busy lately. It's been one of those crazy weeks where I have been nothing but stressed. I am glad it is Firday and I feel pretty relaxed now that I have got something things out of the way. I still have one more project to comlete before I can totally relax but I feel better having the "big" one out of the way.
I am feeling much more excited about having a boy. I realize I mustn't pay attention to the machos who tend to leave me out of the picture when they talk about how Ken and peanut will have so much fun doing various activities. I guess it is just natural to assume mom will stay at home while dad takes son out to play. I am not like that. I intend to go hiking and camping,and fishing with this little fellow too. I got to be my Dad's son and my Mom's daughter while growing up so I got the best of both worlds
I went fishing and hunting and came home and played dolls and barbies.
Not much new going on around here. I am looking forward to going to the Dr. on Tues to find out the results of the ultrasound. The movements are becoming more and more distinct and regular. I even felt it with my hand one day.
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