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A new love

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Hello to all,

I am wondering if any single mommas have fallen in love again? My new love is having a hard time adjusting to life with a toddler and I need help helping him and also being compassionate. Sometimes I can understand his anger, jealousy, and resistance, and other times I just get angry too.

He is actually really good with my son, if anything, too lenient. And he brings a fresh positive energy to the negative interactions my son and I can get into with power struggles and daily toddler dramas.

Then there are the days he gets angry or depressed. Usually when my son's dad is around. But I am glad his dad wants to stay involved and I am glad we can have a civil and friendly relationship. Obviously there are some hurt feelings going on and he is aware of it and the fact that it will take time, but is there anyone else with advice?
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i am a newlywed after being a single mommy. My ds was 3 when he met my new dh. My dh had never married and had no children. My ds liked him, but wasn't very receptive to my new love. It was hard sometimes. My ds was grieving the loss of his father too, so there was alot going on.

But, my new dh has learned alot about attachment parenting and has embraced my son and ap! Not that we agree on everything, but what couples do? It just takes time for everyone.

Best of luck!

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I also met my new love (now dh) when my son was 3. They both had a lot of adjusting to the new situation.
I would suggest that your love and your son spend some time together, just the two of them (if you feel comfortable with that). My dh would take my son to the beach and they would fly kites or go boogie boarding. Another thing they like to do together is go on bike rides.

My son's "real" father doesn't come around much but when he does, I can feel the tension. My son calls my dh "dad". One time his bio showed up after MIA for 1.5 years and told my son that he was his real dad. That really screwed things up for a while and my dh was very ticked off (to say the least).

I would say "give it time" and things will fall into place and start to work themselves out.

Good luck!
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