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Fever...Virus...Pregnant mama ???

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Her fever is coming quick and strong. In a half hour it went from 101.4 to 102.8 and still rising.

Should I be giving her advil already? I don't want her to get high too fast and seizure...
I took off her shirt, and put her in bed...wet her hair slightly and gave her a sheet to use as her blanket.

Any other ideas/suggestions?

Also, my friends child is just getting over some viruses...5ths and Hand Foot Mouth. 5ths can be harmful to pregnant women: is it harmful in that it can increase miscairage or that it can cause birth defect?
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Oh, I just saw this. Is she better today? I don't give anything unless the fever is over 102.

I don't know the risk to pregnant women for 5th's disease. But being at the half way point in your pregnacy, the risk for miscarriage and birth defexts are much less.

To put your mind at ease maybe you should call your health care provider.

Wishing you both good health and a peaceful day,
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I ended up giving her advil around 10:30 pm after she had been around 102.5 for 4 hours or so.
She tends to spike late at night, so I didn't want it going up without me knowing about it.

Her fever then stayed down until morning.
Back up to 102.5 now

She feels fine, though. I would guess it's roseola or something like that...no symptoms other then fever and I would not be surprised to see a rash in a few days.

Let's hope that is all it is!
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