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This cant wait...re: viral meningitis

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Looking for any advice. My stepmom spent last night in the ER ended up getting a spinal tap and cat scans because of a severe headache and neck and back pain. Turns out she has viral meningitis.

The ER doc she saw said she was not contagious. But everything I have read on the internet says it is. The virus that caused her to get meningitis is contagious not the actual meningitis, web sources say. I am really nervous cause Kaya is not exactly healthy. You all know of her strep pneumo/near death hospital stay last summer. I still consider her to have a weak immune system. I have to call her PED tomorrow in the AM. But wondering if any of you have any experience with this. We live with my stepmom so this is why it poses a serious issue for Kaya. So far my stepmom looks pretty good today. Was up and about even went to blockbuster. In fact she didnt appear sick. Yep she doesnt believe what I have read on the internet, she says her doc says she is not contagious. They didnt give her anything for the M, just percocet for the headache

Help if you can
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no info. for you, but sending healthy, protective vibes for kaya....
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I remember Kaya's ordeal last year... I can see why you would be concerned!

I don't have any info about viral meningitis, but I suspect it's just a regular virus that has made its way too far into one's system. So, yes, it would then be contagious, but wouldn't necessarily become meningitis in the next person.

Probably the best thing you can do, besides lots and lots of handwashing, would be to strengthen her immune system. Make sure she gets plenty of sleep, eats well (vit C!), and generally is feeling good about herself and feels strong. Remind yourself how strong she can be, and she will pick up on that energy. In my household, whenever a bug passes through, the family members who are under the most stress always get it much worse, so maybe take that into consideration...

I hope your stepmother recovers soon, and that Kaya stays healthy!
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Darn! I read something wrong. KayasMom I sent you a PM but cancelled it. I'm still looking.
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This is from the CDC:

The viruses that cause viral meningitis are contagious. Enteroviruses, for example, are very common during the summer and early fall, and many people are exposed to them. However, most infected persons either have no symptoms or develop only a cold or rash with low-grade fever. Typically, fewer than 1 of every 1000 persons infected actually develop meningitis. Therefore, if you are around someone who has viral meningitis, you have a moderate chance of becoming infected, but a very small chance of developing meningitis.

I hope puts your mind to rest.
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(((((hugs)))) Kaya's mama

Daar Kaya's mama, I remember your ordeal last year so I understand the panic you must be feeling. Remember though tp trust in her strenght, just as lavender said, she'll pick up on you vibes. Very reassuring what paris Maman wrote. Allow that to embrace you and keep you worrying at an ebb. A loving harmonious and nurturing environment where her energy is flowing freely will encourage her immune system too. We've found the same thing that when there is stress in our family (even if the stree is only between DH and his family, or me and my family, the stress is transferred to our son, and he ends up with more colds etc.)

Sending you, Kaya and your stepmom healthy, protective vibes.

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All I can add is that my SIL got viral meningitis a couple of years ago. She was quite sick; had to be hospitalized and wasn't behaving like herself after she got home, but her dh and 4 kids didn't get sick at all.

My dh had this when he was a little boy (age 4 or 5) and he came through it fine.
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kaya's mama--
my husband had viral meningitis about a month ago
we didn't know that's what it was for a few days
in the meantime, i was with him 24/7 and he was home for most of it with my son
we were both fine
not to say whether it is contagious or not or whether you should/should not expose her to your daughter
just a heads up that it's not as scary as i'm sure you believed meningitis would be (the viral kind that is)--i sure thought that my husband would have had to live in a bubble for a while!
please let me know if you have any questions as this is pretty fresh in my head (although i don't have any real technical medical info)
hope that was somewhat helpful
good luck
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man, you mamas are always so informative and supportive. I talked to Kaya's pediatrician and she said YES the virus that caused your stepmom's M is contagious but it doesnt mean Kaya will end up having M from that same virus. I spoke to my father and asked why my stepmom came home with "nonspecific headache" discharge papers instead of VM ones. He said she had a form of VM and it actually looks like Lyme disease. They are waiting for the tests to come back. so my stepmom tends to make up illnesses. Thats a whole nother post. I'll leave that alone! LOL

But it looks like Kaya will be AOKAY! thank you so much for all the info!

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What a relief!
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Glad to hear she'll be okay!
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My dh came down with viral meningitis last September 8th while we were on vacation with our 10 week old ds. He stayed in the hospital overnight, but once they diagnosed him with the viral form, they released him. Of course I had been freaking out, cause the morning he went to the hospital, he'd been holding ds while I took a shower! I spoke with several drs and nurses and I was there when the infectious disease specialist came in, and spoke with him about it. He said that dh should have limited contact with ds for about 7-10 days (besides, he wasnt feeling too good) to wash his hands a lot, and to make sure he did not get any bodily fluids like saliva near ds. He said that most likely if he passed it to either me or ds, that it would just be a cold. He said viral meningitis is not contagious to get meningitis, just a virus. It's the bacterial form that is deadly and contagious. HTH!
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thanks Junemama

that does ease my mind! I have been keeping Kaya away from her as much as possible and washing hands ALOT. Actually right now I am staying at my mom's house to give Kaya a better chance of not getting sick at all. I am not sure if she really has an official case of VM but I am not taking any chances!

{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}} and thanks for everyone's support
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Hope you got the help you were looking for!
Gonna move this to Health and Healing forum now!

good luck
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Sorry to hear about the VM! Glad to here Kaya is doing fine though.

Just another positive story for you.

My cousin has VM right now. She came down with it a couple of weeks ago (at least the flu like symptoms) and went on a family vacation as planned... thinking she only had a flu/cold. She shared a vacation home with her DH, their three kiddos ages 2, 3 and 5, my Aunt, Uncle, other cousin, his wife and their 2 kids ages 2 and 3. She ended up spending a few nites in the hospital getting tests (including the spinal tap, blue nile virus, etc.) and while they were waiting for the results, they treated her as if she had bacterial meningitis, heavy antibiotics. It turns out it is viral, and though she is sick, no one else in the house is. So, just another case of it NOT spreading. Hope that helps.
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That is GOOD news to me! thanks for sharing that. You know Kaya is not showing any signs of coming down with anything. I think she may just be a-okay!

as for your location: have you joined the NJAPMOMS list at ezboard.com. I dont know the exact url but if you go to ezboard.com and type in keywords njapmoms it should come up.
See you there if you join!
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I didn't realize you were in New Jersey too. I'll definitely check out the board. Thanks for the heads up.
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