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Motherhood Maternity wants $8.05 to ship ONE PAIR of jeans!!!! Not express shipping either! My Grandma offered to buy me a pair of maternity jeans for Christmas, and the local store is sold out of the ones I like, but $8.05 for shipping is insane! I guess I'll just have her wait until the local store gets more instock. Is it just me or is that a lot for shipping one pair of jeans?

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I totally agree! That is a lot of shipping. I almost never buy anything that requires shipping. When I was pregnant (May '04 Mommy) last year, I bought two big boxes of stuff from the Gap - they had free shipping on orders over $100 and I was able to return anything I didn't want to a Gap store. I ended up ordering a bunch of sizes of the same pair of jeans (on sale) and a bunch of shirts and a couple things to get me up to the $100. Then I returned almost half of what I ordered!

Good luck!
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that is definitely too much. what are they thinking???
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