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Just one more thing about HYPOTHYRODISM...cedar allergy?? HELP!

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So I am on 125 mcg, and I have been feeling great for about 4-5 weeks. Bottoms of my feet, that were awfully cracked and so dry were even starting to look better. Past week I am feeling down & out again, and my feet are getting worse again, so I went to the doctor on Thursday, and he checked me and said I was allergic to cedar, and gave me a weeks worth of Allegra samples. Says I should feel better quickly. 2nd day, not feeling any better. He told me when I first started going to him that he wanted me to feel better, and to treat my symptoms.

So, can a cedar allergy that I didn't know I had really affect the way I feel, and cause the same symptoms as hypo?

I wish I could find a good endocrinologist...and I thought I found one and shelled out $700 only to tell me that the reason I am tired is because I am breastfeeding.
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Where are you being exposed to cedar? I've never had a doc diagnose an allergy to a specific item without testing for it. Regardless of the allergen, the reactions will be pretty much the same: congestion and such if you're breathing it in; congestion &/or rashes &/or digestive symptoms if you're ingesting it; rashes and skin peeling and excema if it's an external contact situation.

I would think the two are separate issues.
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Cedar is a terrible allergin. I live in Austin, it's cedar season right now, and so many people feel horrible. I'm hypo and I also have pretty bad environmental allergies. I think the symptoms of the two can be very similar, and though could be related to an immune system thing. Why are you hypo? Do you have thyroid autoimmune disease? A lot of people with thyroid autoimmune disease also have bad allergies.

Allegra will take a while to kick in (at least a week but could be closer to two). IMO, a weeks worth of samples won't get you feeling better so I would continue to take it for a while (at least through the end of the year or until cedar season ends). I'm usually on Claritin all the time, but since I've been pregnant my allergies haven't been bothering me because my immune system is suppressed (due to pregnancy).
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