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Jan. Mamas Dec. 12-18

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Asheville Mama (Sonya): 1/01 with #2, homebirth
Nakagain (Pamela): 1/01 with #3, planning Homebirth
Killick (Nicole): 1/03 with (BOY = Will), hospital birth
Lisa2976 (Lisa): 1/03 with #1, planning water/hospital birth
Jee'smom (Keri): 1/04 with #2 (BOY)
Delfina: 1/05 with #2 (BOY), planning VBAC
ccasanova (Cynthia): 1/05 with #4
Zannster (Suzanne): 1/07 with #1 (BOY)
sme (Sheila): 1/07 with #1
embens (Leenie): 1/08 with #4
stacy31(Stacy): 1/8 with #4, homebirth
jhoward: 1/9 with #3
Kimberlytm (Kimberly): 1/09 with #2 (BOY), birthcenter
chickiepickie (Theann): 1/10 with #2
Kirei: 1/10 with #1 (GIRL), hospital waterbirth
mamajessica (Jessica): 1/11
Artemisia (Judith):1/14
Froggie:1/14 with #2 (GIRL), home waterbirth
Mamamaya: 1/14 with #3, planned UC
Bunches (Mary): mid Jan with #1, homebirth
Chocomoto:1/16 with #3
PamandAbigail: 1/18 with #2
PIOmama: 1/18 with #5
Peace4you (Jen): 1/19 with #1
Nathansmom (norah): 1/19 with twins (BOYS)
Majick1 (Celeste): 1/20 with #3, homebirth
Marysmama (Gen): 1/21 with #2, natural hospital birth
sweetpeasmom (Laura):1/21 Megan, 10-11-04, 1 lb 11 ozs, 13 in
AmyB: 1/22 with #2, homebirth
Babytime: 1/22 with #2 (GIRL)
Mamabeca (Andy) due 1/22 w/#2 , m/w asstd homebirth.
Zonapellucida (Heidi): 1/23 with #7 (BOY), planned UC
Jwhiskeycat: 1/24 with #1
Flyjawn: 1/25 with #1 (GIRL)
Fromscatteredtribe: 1/26 with #4 (BOY),homebirth
Slygrrl (Kathy): 1/26 with #2, homebirth
sadkitty: 1/27 thru 2/1 with #2, waterbirth at birth center
Proudmom: 1/27 with #2 (GIRL), homebirth
Parkersmama (Kristin): 1/27 with #2, hospital VBAC
Human Being (Heidi): 1/28 with #1, homebirth
NadiaSJ (Nadia): 1/28 with #3
Azreial: 1/29 with #2 (GIRL)
HelloKitty (Kitty): 1/30 with #4
icxcnika: late Jan with #2 natural hospital birth
tofumama: late Jan with #3
Jessitron (Jessica): late Jan with #1, homebirth
Zanelee (Jennifer): late Jan with #2
Malama: late Jan with #3
Milk4two (Adria): late Jan with twins
Chiromom (Mar): late Jan with child #3, planning UC
Parthenia: late Jan/early Feb with #2 (still one of us!)
rubysmomjess(Jess): Jan with #2, homebirth

HokieGirl: ? with ? (GIRL)
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Good morning everyone!

Well, I'm feeling pretty good today. Seems like when I lay down at night Braxton Hicks cx start up for a bit. They're not bad or anything. I don't know. The dr. said that in second pregnancies, BHs are more common.

So, I'm now further along than I ever got with my first pregnancy. My dd was born 34w1d. Needless to say, I'm taking it super easy and just trying to stay hydrated and calm. Thinking lots of full term thoughts.

Anyhow, hope everyone's weekend was nice and relaxing.

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Oops, today is the 12th! I left this on last weeks thread, thought I'd move it over.

37 weeks tomorrow

Gosh, I wandered in here a few weeks ago to introduce myself and never came back! Get so easily sidetracked these days!

Mamabeca, what are your MWs doing about the + strep? I just found out this week I'm + too, and the only line I'm getting from the LPN who works with my mw is IV antibiotics. Feh!

So jealous of those of you who are walking, it's snowing here on the beaches in sunny Ohio. It rained all week too, so it's been generally gloomy and yuck.

We're done with the nursery - of course dh is the one who suggested cosleeping so we have a beautiful crib all set up and it'll be a nice fort for the kid to play in someday. We have a trundle bed in there too, so we can host our friends with babes when we have company.

Thursday all day and last night all night I think there was some sort of a flamenco competition going on in my belly. After all day Thursday, I was nearly in tears and ready to post an eviction notice to babe. Hardly slept with the same party last night, thank goodness I'm only working until Friday. I teach kids with physical and health disabilities, and they are pretty demanding (but not a 12 hr. ER shift!) and my coteacher takes really good care of me - he must be a wonderful husband. Christmas vacation starts at 2:30 on the 17th, and I really can't wait. Being due 1/3 (the first day back to school) I've decided to just stay home and use up all of my sick time and between sick time and FLMA, I won't have to resign until spring break.

I'll be back looking for the new thread, hopefully I won't forget this time!

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Hi Mamas,
Nothing really new to share here. We've had visitors for the past few weeks and I've been enjoying their company. I'm ready to just have a break, but they've been a big help with cooking and stuff around here, and well, I LOVE FOOD!

I hope you all have a wonderful sunday or whatever..... Gen, you keep that baby in until s/he is term! You can do it! Every pregnancy and birth is so different. I had a 38 weeker and a 42.

Take Care everyone,
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Baby is finally head down after spending the majority of the pregnancy breech. My other 2 were breech too! After 2 sessions of acupuncture she decided to flip on her own, and I am so relieved because I am scheduled for an external version on Thursday. I'm keeping my appointment just in case, but they'll just be doing the ultrasound and then sending me home! My midwife cannot legally deliver a breech.

I'm getting impatient now!!!! I'm not very good at waiting.
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Hi all

Well, we're approaching the end of week 33 here, and I realized last night that I delivered my DD just 4 weeks from where I am now! Wowzers, I believe that all babies take their own time to "cook", but just the thought of it possibly being so soon is astounding to me! Exciting, but hard to believe!

I'm feeling really good, and much of the pelvic pressure I'd been experiencing the last couple of weeks seems to have eased off a bit. I am feeling a bit more pooped out in the afternoons again, but then of course by "bedtime" I'm wired & ready to go! So I end up staying up much later than I should, and so the cycle repeats the next day. You'd think I'd learn

This baby seems to really have a powerful kick! I've had a few that have made me go "ouch!" the last few days. It's so hard to remember with any reliability whether DD was like this or not. I can't remember it, but who knows. Memory is a funny thing.

I'm going to try to check back here and post a bit more often. I've been terrible at it lately!

Hope you all have a great week.
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Things have been so busy here lately. I think having a baby around the holidays has to be the worst. I don't even want to leave my house never mind drive here there and everywhere to visit people I barely see through-out the year.

We got our christmas tree yesterday which was nice, the tree is my favorite part of christmas. DS and I decoraed it today, and hopefully the wrapped gifts will make it under there by Saturday.

I had a mw appointment yesterday, also. Everything is going pretty well. I have now gained 8lbs from pre-preg weight. I am so afraid of having a tiny baby. Alot of people at work tell me I look big, and yes I am big compared to before but I don't think I am as big as I should be. This morning all my maternity pants were dirty and I was actually wearing a pair of prepreg pants, that were on the lose side then. I keep trying to eat lots but I just think this baby wants to be tiny. I'm still hoping she may just change her mind yet.
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Kathy - I can relate to the pelvic pressure. Each day, there is a new symptom. I find it so fascinating how the body works and knows exactly what to do for pregnancy and birth!!! This is my first pregnancy so every symptom is soooooo new and it takes me a bit to figure it out sometimes. But..... I'm in awe and excited for this beautiful, new life despite the discomfort.

I want to thank everyone for your support last week. I guess I was feeling like a "whimp" for not being able to handle my long ER shifts anymore. No one I work with is pregnant at this time. Actually, one person got really mad at me and said a lot of things about me that were hurtful behind my back about how she couldn't wait until my pregnancy was over.......she didn't want to hear anymore about it....... etc.... etc..... I wasn't pulling my weight....... I finally decided to go out of work at the end of the schedule instead of waiting until my due date. I am slowing my hours down for the next 2 weeks and then, I have 1 week left after that! I am catching up on my sleep on the weekends though. That is for sure!!!!!!!! And....... I need it. I am now taking lysine for the cold sores and zovirax cream topically. Not to mention, trying to rest when I can...... taking vitamins, eating well, etc........The cold is still lingering but seems to be improving slowly.
I admire all of you who are still exercising!! Good for you!!!! I can't do it right now.
Good luck to everyone!!!! We are at the beginning of another week!
chocomoto - your baby turned????? That's wonderful!!!!
lisa - enjoy your last week of work - I'm sure it is physically and emotionally demanding!
Karen - visitors can be fun and helpful!!! my MIL is coming next week then....... my parents come the day she leaves.... But...... its always sooo nice to see them. Plus, we live in Alaska away from family so its great when visitors are here.
Azreial - 8 pounds???? that's all?? wow....... I'm embarassed to write my weight gain down! But.... as long as you are eating and taking care of yourself!!!!!!!!
Have to go clean and organize for baby. Just packed a "just in case" bag and my homebirth kit arrived in the mail this week!!!!!! Slowly but surely getting there!!!!!!
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I can't believe the end is rapidly approaching!

I'm feeling great except for kidney pain. My baby is much less active than my first daughter but she does this funny stretching thing. We say she's practicing yoga! I'm getting anxious to meet her but I'm also terribly nervous. Nervous about how my daughter -- very excited about a sibling -- will react when the baby is actually here, nervous about life with two kids, nervous about the health of this child. My first had/has feeding/growth/GI issues and I don't want to repeat this experience.

I've finished washing the baby clothing! I bought too much and I know I'll get lots of clothing as baby gifts but it's difficult to resist buying more! I'm considering buying a new baby bag so I've been searching the web. I found one backpack that I love -- it's huge, but perfect for us.

When do we pack for the hospital? I've started a list and realize I still need to buy a bunch -- new nursing bras, pjs, etc. I'm hoping to do it all right after the holidays.
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36w 4d

Choco- Congrats on your baby turning. That must be such a relief!!

Slygrrl - I know exactly what you mean about the afternoons and evenings, it has been the story of my life! I also like to stay up late because it is the only time DH and I have to ourselves... But I do pay for it in the morning! :

Not much to report pregnancy-wise. I have had a lot of BH and I am once again convinced that I am leaking amniotic fluid, but what else is new? My biggest issue is this low-grade cold that I have had for over a month now. It has developed into a cough that is so intense that I usually end up gagging at the end of each cough. It's pretty awful..... Hopefully it will clear up soon!

Have a great week, mamas!!
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I'm feeling anxious for the end now, even though I know being pregnant is easier than adding another child to care for. I keep thinking the longer this one cooks maybe the less likely he'll suffer the bad asthma his brothers have had.

i love smelling the pine-y smell of that christmas tree even if we won't have presents under it and it was decorated by 6, 4, and 2 year olds with the best of intentions but less sense of order than i have.

my dear friend with whom i usually speak at least an hour a day has left for germany for two months...she'll miss the birth, but she hasn't been home for six years and it is a great opportunity for her and her three kids.

Az--don't worry about the weight gain. it is not inevitable by any means that you will have a small baby. how are your fundal measurements? that's what i have been using as a gauge. I have only gained 4 pounds and i am in my 34th week, but i lost a lot at the beginning from m/s and i am already a little chunky. I figure with increasing fundal measurements baby is grwoing fine. i have always gained different amounts and had huge babies. i gained 70lbs with ds#1 who was 9lbs12oz at 42 weeks; i gained 35lbs with ds#2 who was 8lbs6oz at 40 weeks; i gained 17lbs with ds#3 who was 9lbs8oz at 38.5 weeks. I figure i can still do a ten pounder even if i gain less than ten pounds if the baby is taking weight from me. i was only anxious because without an 11 lb weight gain my homebirth midwife has a rule about seeing an ob. she counted from my lowest weight though which was 8 pounds below pre-pregnancy. wheeww. i did not want to have to find a doctor and then justify myself...

better get ds#1 to school....take care ladies.
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Feeling full of baby!

Is it just me or is everyone feeling so full of baby that there doesn't feel like there's room for anything else? I don't want food, drink, sex or anything inside of me...there's no room! My husband is really missing the sex though . I've been trying to get creative and still find time to be intimate without actual intercourse, iykwim. Maybe it's just me.

On other fronts, the nesting is is still going strong (in my head mostly). I had to force myself to make plans with a girlfriend to get out this weekend and pick up the things I need from the midwife's homebirth supply list, plus, a new chest of drawers for baby boo. I think I may have made a mistake in buying an unfinished wood type that I now have to paint. Sounded good at the time...

I ordered the birth pool and air pump last weekend. Kinda was hoping it would have come already. I think I'll check on the shipping estimate. This time of year, I have to remember about holiday delays and such.

I watch a 3 year old girl with Down Syndrom Mon-Fri while her mom works and I am feeling done with that too. Only two more weeks to go, then she'll be starting school after the winter break. The paycheck I'll miss, the hugs and company for Ds I'll miss, but the 6 a.m. arrival I'll be happily missing from my warm bed, lol.

Wishing you all well,
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Hey now - it's great to hear from so many moms! Sounds like people are starting to get really busy with the festing and feasting season! We had a children's holiday party yesterday afternoon (pin the tail on the reindeer, fishing game, decorate cookies etc.). The kids had a blast, dh was amAZING! and there was a little bit of help from the other moms. The kids made hand-shaped menorah's as a craft (in foam), it was a little complicated for the 4/5 yr olds, but the 6/7/8 crowd loved it! A tough span to negotiate. 9 kids in all, not too bad.

Lots of b/h cx's here, too. More when I first move, exercise or forget to breathe. I find reiki helps, and I am hoping that practicing it will also help me to open up and get through contractions with ease. Reading Ina May Gaskins Birth Book, which is so inspiring and helpful! Wow. Also starting to have a bit of back pain, esp. in the morning. Today I couldn't get up the energy to walk (the 3 mile one I do with my friend). It's cold and drizzly out, I've had a mild case of the runs, and also haven't been sleeping well the last week or so. Excuses? Well, at any rate, it just wasn't feeling right. So I'm going to go upstairs and paint leaves and monkeys on the walls.

Lisa - in case you check back, here's what the mws I'm seeing are doing for GBS+: 2-3000mg Vit C/day, 30 drops of echinacea extract in water/day for 5 dyas on 5 days off, bee propolis daily, 3 caps of acidophilus (9 billion cells w/10 strains) and as much fresh garlic as I can handle. I'm really good at some of this, not so good at other parts. I think that the Vit. C is giving me the runs, so I'm cutting down on that. The bee propolis...I haven't found an easy way to take it. It's in a solid form (it's possible to get in extract form, I just didn't...duh) and tastes like ... well...not too good (it tastes like the mopane worms (which are actually caterpillars) I tasted in africa that were cooked over dung fires...double ugh!). I think cooking with it kills much of the best properties, so taking it raw is the way to go, it's just so NASTY. Any ideas people?

And then they take some precautions during the labor. They ask first, but they have special sprays and rubs and stuff, I don't really get it all, but they use it on me vaginally during labor to reduce the risk of transferral, and they suction baby's nose mouth and put some kind of drops in ears to clear out fluid (which they normally wouldn't unless called for). Poor little babe will get pretty manhandled before it's all over, but they are careful with good reason. These mws have delivered about 60 home births to GBS+ mamas and have not yet had a xfer to hosp. due to baby needing extra care. They know what to look for, and they stick around for a few extra hours to keep an eye on baby (I think a total of 4-5 hrs. post birth, depending on the condition of the baby at birth), and they check in by phone 2x/day as well as visit every day for three days after birth. Then the regular visitation sched. kicks in (5 day, 10 day and me to them on day 14).

I got the IV abx line too...wasn't too happy about it because with dd we ended up in hosp. and had thrush as a result (I'm sure!) which took a month to clear up and we ended up on MORE abx to clear that up...viscious cycle. I do wish you luck and hope you find someone who will help you! Remember you can always say no to hospital requests (?!) for intervention for you or your baby! The worst that happens is that they'll keep baby in for the full 72 hrs. to monitor for infection. In general, any infection w/in 72 hrs. is usually considered contracted at birth, anything after that magic number is usually considered to be late onset. Some hosp. call it 5 days, but with most 3 days is sufficient to clear you and baby for home. I highly recommend keeping baby with you (or your partner) at ALL times. Good luck!!! Andy
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mamabeca, give yourself a break for not wanting to get out an exercise! With my other pregnancies I was so much MORE active. This time, my pelvis, my back and my damn varicose veins are just so painful, that all I really want to do is get in water. In any case, birth isn't an athletic event....

Anyone else getting crabby again? My almost 12 year old son, who is very much like me is doing such a great job at pushing my buttons. ugh. We homeschool and I've always felt great about having them home, but with the new moodiness and attitude that he's got, and my end of pregnancy moodiness and attitude, well it's NOT pretty! I wish it wasn't so....

It's interesting, all the GBS stuff you're doing. I agree that the mass amounts of Vit C are probably giving you the diarrhea. Mothering had a great article on GBS this year. I can't find it right now- they must have moved it when they changes servers- but IMO, it presented the issues from a perspective that we aren't getting. See if you can find it and check it out.
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Hi Karen - ouch! The homeschool thing will improve, I'm sure, but maybe you can farm him to another homeschool family for a day or so this week...it'll give you both a break! Are you part of a network? Well, either way, my moodiness is def. backwith a vengence. I was the picture of motherhood for many moons, but the crabby witch of the east has returned, resurected from underneath the house. And there ain't no darned magic shoes to calm this native! I have some moments of calm, for sure, but my buttons are getting pushed quicker than normal, and my 6yo is just about killing me with her 1st grade behavior. And then I take a time out and have some cocoa or tea and a little rest...things do improve (this generally on weekends). But I can hardly imagine having to work with dd for so many hours and then still being a source of company/ entertainment/ amusement/ comfort etc. ... With school at least I get a major break. And I've got some serious plans for the two week break coming next week. I did make it out to walk the dog today, we did about 1.5 miles in 25 minutes. Not too bad, just didn'thave enough time to do more. Well, we're off for a while. Hope your day improves! Andy
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Sounds like everybody is doing well. This pregnancy thing gets more and more exciting as it gets closer to the end. Sure, it's more awkward and painful, but ooo the birth is getting closer. People keep asking me if this is going to be a Christmas baby, but I hope not! That would be over a month early.

We picked up our changing table this weekend (it's a really nice one), so now I have a place to store the wonderful cloth diapers. It is sad that the fitted ones are the cutest and we have to put covers over them.
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Well my kids are gone for the day, and frankly they don't require a lot of working with, OR entertaining. It's just that we're around each other a lot, and with our (my ds and I) hormones so wacky, it makes for a bad combo!

It's actually a gorgeous day here and since I have to go and speak to my son's orthodontist, I will probably go to the beach and cool my hot and achy body! That ALWAYS improves my moods and my ability to deal with the world!

On another happy note, I ordered a birth pool last friday (I just couldn't bring myself to use the pool that ALL of our clients use....) and it arrived today already. I'm 35 weeks today and I feel like I have so many projects I want to do before I give birth- I wanted to complete a quilt that I'm working on for my bed (king) and also start and finish one for the baby. I MIGHT get to them, but we'll see. I just know that post baby those projects will sit and collect dust.

I see Jessitron is getting some "comments". I had this guy at the beach the other day tell me that I am READY to have my baby. No, I said, I'm NOT ready-- the baby isn't term yet. But he insisted over and over again that i could just go any time now- even right now at the beach.... WTF? WHY do people feel that pregant women are a target to make these random comments to??? I know past clients have complained about this a lot- about the people who come up to you to tell you horror stories (like you need to hear those!?!) and just that "you look ready to pop" comments- esp when they are all early. ugh.

Enough rambling about my life!

Take care!

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after a friend put out a mothering collection for us, our fourth baby and our toddler both inhereted a lot of newer diapers including a few of the prettiest fitteds, and believe me...I am NOT putting covers over those lovely diapers. I save those for when we are home and our toddler is running around without pants or for bedtime (at least the first half until dh gets home from second job) so i can see those cute prints. they are pretty absorbent and with my newborn i figure that in the lying around in admiration and awe time, no covers are needed. of course after 6.5 years of washing diapers and cleaning up after very messy kids, being peed and pooped and thrown up on, i am not afraid of a leak or two...
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Andy, yes, that's what I found when I did my research - so I've started the probiotics, echinacea, and I'm doing grapefruit and oranges (oh so nice with heartburn) for the C, but I might change to vitamins. No clue what the bee stuff is, although I did see it in the fridge today. DH and I have made the big bad list of chance/risk, and I suspect we'll end up going with the IV abx when we arrive to hospital. It's my understanding that the probiotics will help to combat the evil yeasties that are sure to happen, so I'm glad to be taking them now.

I have the mothering article if you'd like it, it's in a text file on my computer. Easy enough to send.

Babe has been in hyper state for a few days now. Midwife insisted that everything would slow down because of no space at 35 weeks, but every week gets more active instead. Now it's a flamenco competition in there, aaah! A friend insists that her dd was hyper for 3 days prior to delivery. That'd be fine with me, I just need to make it through an evil meeting at work tomorrow morning.

It snowed all day today, we have about 6" and the kids at work were chanting about a snow day tomorrow. We don't get snow days, as the CEO of the district feels the poor and deprived kids in our area need a safe and warm place to eat their breakfast and lunch each day, so we don't close. She just issues a statement each year telling parents they can keep their kids home if they want. FEH!

So glad to have kept this window open, it's nice to have something to read and chat in the evening.

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Oh Malama and Mamabeca - I thought I was the only one showing my teeth! I feel so badly for my dh, who is taking the brunt of my grumpiness. Everything he does annoys me now - down to the way he drinks from a glass at the table! The worst part is that I haven't been really good about keeping my thoughts to myself! It's not only him, it's the dogs, my family and some of my friends.... :
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