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Would/did you eat your placenta?

Poll Results: Would/did you eat your placenta?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% (151)
  • 64% (330)
  • 6% (31)
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Would/did you eat your placenta? Why/why not? After reading this older thread:
I was interested at my own feelings. My initial kick-reaction was "gross!" But after reading some posts, and thinking about it, the idea intrigued me. Other animals do it. It *may* prevent PPD and bleeding, and help your milk come in. (Does anyone know of any studies about this? Somehow, I doubt that any exist.) :-) The biggest thing that I would have to get over is it's resemblance to raw/organ meats. (Neither of which I can tolerate.) If I think of it in my mind as medicine, and swallow small pieces whole or mabye in capsules, I think I would try it.
But OMG, don't tell my DH that I'm thinking about this. He FREAKED at the thought of cloth diapering, and washing poopy diapers in the same washing machine that his clothes are washed in. He has a very weak stomach, and anything even *resembling* poop/blood/vomit/mold will just make him ralph. Even telling him that breastfed baby poop isn't gross or smelly wouldn't sway him. "It's still POOP!"
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I have always wanted to but want/need the support of someone IRL and haven't yet found it. I think it is a great idea though.
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I want to and plan to with this baby. I have my DHs support as well as my midwife...eventhough she has never heard of it she is fine with it. I had terrible PPD with both of my births that only ended when the next pregnany began. I don't want meds as they have not worked for me before and i am willing to try about anything to keep this from happening again.
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Not in this lifetime!!
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I'm fine with buring it... or something like that. But it just reminds me of cannibalism
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My intial reaction was "gross." But I've thought about it more, read the thread linked above, googled it for more information. I'll probably keep some in the fridge in little pieces to eat as I feel I need. But as we're not even ttc yet, I have plenty of time to figure out how I'll eat it and in what form.

I also grew up on a farm and watching the cows birth their calves every spring is my inspiration in labor. They can do it and their babies have 4 sharp pointy hooves, what's 10 cm's? Also - we never had any issues w/the cows who ate the afterbirth, but would have milk and bonding issues w/those that didn't.
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Sure, I would if it was cooked right and fed to me without me knowing it. :LOL
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No way- I can hardly even eat chicken. Don't tell me it tastes like chicken!
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Yk, I was thinking about it, and I really think Andrea Yates wouldn't have done what she did if she'd eaten her placentas...I really don't...
Anyway, if I had a midwife to prepare it, I probably would, as long as I couldn't taste it...
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I would have had it been necessary. I had some major bleeding (I lost a little over a quart of blood--4 times the normal amount) with dd2 and if it had been a choice between eating the placenta and a stay in the hospital, I would have eaten it in a moment.

It's my understanding that you don't have to eat much to reap the benefits--just a small amount blended up into a smoothie or something could do the trick.

peace, Beth
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Uhh, that's not my thing! I want to throw up just thinking about it. LOL
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Placenta smoothie...thats a good one! Sneak a couple kale leaves in there with some berries and fruit and you have a real post delievery treat! BTW I'd rather eat my placenta than have to go on meds or lose tons of blood. I think I'd be nice if someone else prepared it.
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I didn't but thought about it. Kinda cool side note: I had ds in a hospital birthing center and they did ask if I wanted it.
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I voted "Yes".. Because where as I HAVEN'T- I can think of situations where I MIGHT..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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I haven't eaten my placenta, but I would. I thought that I wouldn't with this past baby. I had planned a home birth, and was going to bury the placenta. However, I transferred to the hospital, and could have taken the placenta home with me, but just had them dispose of it. Now I wish I hadn't. Anyways, I think I want to eat it next time. My friend had a great stew recipe for her placenta. I think I could handle it in a stew better than just in a chunk on my plate.
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Nope -- just too far outside my comfort zone.

Exception = if I was hemorraging and thought it would help.
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I voted yes, I did.

After my last DD was born in September I did eat some of it because during my pregnancy I had read that doing so could help prevent ppd. I think I would do anything if it meant not feeling like I did after the birth of my 2nd child.

Anyways, it worked and I will do it again if I have another baby!
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My sister will be taking it and making placenta essence with it (I read about it here on Mothering). I was actually hoping she would make it into pills for me, but she feels more comfortable making the essence.
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I ate a piece yesterday morning right after my son was born! I was worried about bleeding too much, as I did with my first birth. The placenta came out about 3 minutes after he did. Shortly after that I started feeling cold and shaky, and I couldn't think what I had planned to do in case of hemmorhage. DP suggested eating a piece, so it fell to him to cut me some. He said "Oh, I must really love you! :LOL I closed my eyes and he put it under my tongue. Eventually I swallowed it. It really didn't taste bad at all- it tasted like my baby smells.

I don't know whether I would have bled too much without it, but I'm not and I feel really great now, so I'd do it again.
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I might do it, I maight have a lotus birth, I might plant it. But I voted yes because I am not at all opposed to it.
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