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Would/did you eat your placenta? - Page 9

Poll Results: Would/did you eat your placenta?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% (151)
  • 64% (330)
  • 6% (31)
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I have and I would

I was in a very precarious place in life with my 1st child. My mother sliced thinkly and dehydrated my placenta. we then ground it in a special use coffee grinder and put it in capsules so that I could eat it. I know it made a difference in evening out my emotions and replenishing lost nutrients. I wish I could find some research to confirm this. I only know what I feel. i also know of a recent incident where a friend was hemmorhaging quite badly. Pitocin and methergyn were having no effect. Under instruction of the midwife, her mother and father made a drink by putting pieces of placenta along with an assortment of fresh vegetables through their champion juicer. They strained the drink and gave it to her. She drank it down, (because it was so good) and asked for seconds. The bleeding slowed and then stopped almost immediately.
When I think about it I am initially grossed out. When I think deeper I remember that most mammals, even herbivores, eat their placenta. And, as has been said, it is the only organ meat htat can be consumed without something having to give it's life.
Hmmm. A lot to think about.
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I wish I would have.

I wanted to but ended up not wanting to bother with it. I will with the next baby, for sure.
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Yuck. No.
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post
Not in this lifetime!!

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My advice to everyone who is pregnant to at least get it dried and encapsulated. You never know what you would do if you were in the depths of despair. I would have eaten it raw with two of my babies to prevent what we all went through. It was far more horrible than my societal hang ups about my placenta.

The worst that could happen is that you would have wasted a little money having someone do it for you(shoot, save it in the freezer for when you go through menopause for that matter, you'll thank yourself later).
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I voted no.

I just don't think I could. I don't really see any REASON for it..it would COMPLETELY freak my DH out too lol.
I have no objection and it doesn't "gross me out" to hear of other people doing it.

I haven't, but I have read lots about it and am planning to for this birth. Most mammals do after giving birth and I'm pretty sure there is a reason for this.
Isn't the reason animals do it in the wild to clean up the "evidence" of the birth from predators, thus protecting their babies?
And like a pp said, animals eat their own vomit and poop too

Not to discredit the practice at all, just saying for ME that this is not a valid enough reason.

Am pretty amazed and impressed that so many of you Mama's have though
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I would, and probably will with future placentas. I just don't like to think about it!
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After reading all this post and the one I posted in a few weeks ago, I am seriously in two minds about it all! My first reaction was Ewwwwwwwww! But having read all the other posts it seems like a good idea. The thing is, it also still seems gross and I wouldn't know how to even ask about it.

I'm not even pregnant (well, I'll find out on Thursday if the IVF worked) but I have suffered/am suffering from mild depression so am scared of PPD and also when my mother had my twin and I, she had really bad Haemorrhaging a few days after coming home from the hospital so it makes me wonder if the benefits outweigh the embarrassment and ookiness?
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I swear it is not at all gross in the capsules. It is just like taking any other vitamin.
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Originally Posted by mamamoo View Post
I swear it is not at all gross in the capsules. It is just like taking any other vitamin.
How do you do that? It sounds complicated!
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I don't think it's gross, but I'm not interested enough to put forth the effort of explaining the concept to my OB.
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Originally Posted by willthiswork View Post
How do you do that? It sounds complicated!

My placenta was given to a lady in my town that dried it, and put it in capsules for me then she even brought it to my house. I think it was 50 or 75 dollars. Totally worth every penny.

If you are interested call around to the local mw's and see if they know of anyone who does it in your area. Or you can check this site out:

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doesn't it lose a lot of it's nutrients being dried like that? I don't know. I just don't know if I believe the hype.
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Welll...to you take any other supplements that come from a plant or something that are dried?

It is not as potent probably as it would be eating it fresh, but go to the link I put up and actually read about it.
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Im planning on it - smoothie style lol
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I voted no, but after reading some replies, I would if it was in some kind of capsule form. I was watching homebirths on youtube (my niece and oldest daughter were with me) and we saw one where the mom was getting ready to eat a piece and I just couldn't watch it. Normally I have a very strong stomach and I could but it hit me right then that I just couldn't watch that. You all should see some of the looks I get around here just from saying that I wanted to plant a tree on top of this baby's placenta. I told my sister I so wish I had done that with Melody's. These people in my house would probably faint if I actually ate it.

I forgot...I never had any PPD and my milk came in fine. I didn't even know it helped with things like that.
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I cut it up into bite sized pieces, froze them and put one in my smoothie every morning. It lasted me 6 weeks, and have to say, I felt great post-partum. My hormones were at a totally even keel.
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Now that I've actually had a homebirth I figured I'd post as to what I actually did with my placenta. I have no idea where my original post is in this long thread.

I dehydrated my placenta and ground it up. I put some of the ground up placenta in a smoothie. It was kind of gritty and gross. Some of it I encapsulated and took in capsule form.

I'm not that squeemish but I thought that it would be easier for my dh to understand if I encapsulated it. He said later he didn't care as long as he didn't have to eat it. I think if I were to do it again I would have just cooked it up in a lasagna or something. It was way too much work for a post-partum mom to be undertaking.

If I bled too much I was fully prepared to eat some of it raw. It doesn't bother me at all.
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How exactly does eating the placenta help PPD?
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If you follow the link provided above to placenta benefits there is a page of articles that explains alot.

There is also a thread in PPD about eating the placenta. It got really heated so I hope its still there. It was full of tons of info.
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