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Poll Results: Would/did you eat your placenta?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% (151)
  • 64% (330)
  • 6% (31)
512 Total Votes  
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Well, being a vegetarian, I am not sure if I would. But if I was bleeding really bad I might take a bite. Still would have to think about it. Seems kind of gross

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Not no way, Not no how... I got sick watching my dog have puppies and licking the membrane off of them. I think its a good thing I'm adopting. :LOL
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I have a friend who didn't eat hers - but she gave it to a bunch of crusty punks and they made broccoli stir fry with it! :LOL They said it tasted a bit like it had fingernails in it, b/c of the calcification.

I voted no. Eating placenta just isn't my bag, and as a doula I've seen plenty. I would, however, want to not just throw it away. I'd probably do the "bury it under a tree" route.
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That should be a whole 'nother thread.. "Could you persuade other people to eat your placenta?" :
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Yeah, the thought of it makes me dry heave...so probably not.

Now, in theory, I can definately see the benefits, and in the thought process of birth being so natural and beautiful etc...I do think it is perfectly fine!

However, that having been said, whether it is societal (probably) or just the thought of actually EATING a part of my self, my own body, that is like, bloody etc... it completely grosses me out....

I hope that doesn't get any flames : it just does...

I could probably do the pill form thing...or maybe...*maybe*....freezing it in tiny pieces and like, choking down tiny pieces like pills or something...but I could not see the whole tomato juice smoothie thing...omg, I have to stop now, I am swallowing very hard and starting to sweat...

Again, though, in theory I think it is wonderful...and more power to people who can/have/or will do it...
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I travelled in Mexico recently and met an amazing midwife.

I had never heard of eating the placenta until she boasted that she had the best placenta recipe.

She said steam in with garlic, onions, and peppers for while and then quickly pan fry it on both sides.

She cliams it tastes like filet mignon. I listened trying not to appear shocked, and then started asking around if anyone had ever heard of it.

Those I polled who tried it siad it was a positive experience, but that they only tasted it.
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We dried it and made it into tablets...it was great for PPD and was healthy (so I was told)...when my sis was cooking it, I WANTED to eat it it smelled so good!
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Originally Posted by Ms.Doula
I would not eat my placenta. The thought of it makes me want to retch
I can't believe this thread! Im thoughrouly shocked! I thought they only did this in other countries!

Melissa who is hiding now........ :
I'm really surprised that a doula would not have heard of the practice of eating the placenta. Or maybe it's just a screenname ?? It surprises me because I assumed it was a pretty well-known thing. Perhaps it's just in my area? I don't know.
I think that there could possibly be more respect shown to what, for many, is a very special rite. It is a beautiful thing when women are not "grossed out" by the miraculous achievements of our bodies. Many women see consuming the placenta as a way to bring the process of birth full circle. This is just one of the many pruported benefits. It would be benificial to everyone, I believe, to become informed about a topic before slamdunking an opinion.
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Originally Posted by ejones
in my opinion, suffering post partum depression is SICK! - sick in the head when there is something you can do, besides taking dangerous pills the doctor prescribes, that might help. In my opinion, waiting six days for my milk to come in, watching my baby get thinner and thinner, was SICK! And I did everything within my power when my second DD was born not to have that happen again. Read the thread before you reply with such a closed-minded, hurtful remark.
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Originally Posted by ejones
Even if it is not for you, why insult everyone who does this? Open your mind. I used to think it was cool if you could do it, but didn't think I personally could, but now I plan to.
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I voted "other." I did not eat my placenta, but I would if I was bleeding...or maybe I would have if I knew then what I know now about how it can help with PP depression. I didn't have anything that would be labeled PP depression, but I wonder if it might have given me a little boost.

That said...I teach childbirth classes & will be teaching about placenta-eating this time. I didn't bring it up in my previous classes, but I recently had a student who has struggled with depression prior to pregnancy & who was really concerned about PP depression. I did a bunch of research & planned to talk with her about the benefits of eating the placenta. She had her baby early & I wasn't able to talk with her about it. I called her last week to see how she's doing & found out that he MIL had helped her dry the placenta, grind it & make it into capsules!! BTW, she had a hospital birth (unplanned)...and she still managed to take the placenta home! She said they tried stir-frying it first, but she thought it smelled bad. So, they dried & ground up the rest. She is currently 5 months post-partum, still taking the capsules, and NOT depressed!!
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i didn't vote, because i don't know what i'd do. eating the placenta raw or cooked sounds fine in theory, but i fear that all will be thrown out of the window once i actually see it, bloody and all.
i didn't see dd's placenta (hospital birth and dd was emergency suctioned out), and i regret that. i was planning on taking it home and burying it, but with all the commotion and bad tearing/bleeding immediately following delivery, all i could think of was "i'm glad my baby is ok!"

hmm... now that i think about it...

i guess i could do the placenta pills (anyone have a recipe that i can store for future reference?). that doesn't sound too bad. but a placenta smoothie would just make me puke.

i suffered from ppd, milk took 6 days to come in and i bled for 2 weeks. if having a few placenta pills daily will help deter ppd, and bring my milk in quicker next time round, then bloody hell, count me in! i watched dd get thinner by the minute because my milk was so slow to come in, and that was really painful.

the placenta is extremely high in zinc and zinc is needed for over 200 functions in the body.. so i'm not surprised that many of you felt great after eating some.
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At this point, I just can't get past my culturally ingrained "ick" factor. I certainly recognize the benefits and respect anyone who would consume the placenta...but I don't think I could bring myself to eat it. I can't eat any other animal organ meats either...just can't stand the thought.

I do seem to get crunchier as the years go by, so I might get to the point where I say, "Fire up the barbeque, honey...we're having placenta tonight!" :LOL

Drying it and making it into casules sounds like a pretty good idea. Anybody got any "recipes" for that?
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Originally Posted by NoraB
Drying it and making it into casules sounds like a pretty good idea. Anybody got any "recipes" for that?
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I didn't for my dd's birth, but I plan on it for the next one. From what I've been told you only eat a tiny little tiny amount. Like the tip of your thumb amount. That's not that much. And it's not like you wouldn't wash it off, you know? You could also just swallow it whole cause it's such a small amount.
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Yup....I would now as a result of what I have learned here at MDC!

Had you asked me a year ago I would have :Puke

Now I think it is a fantastic idea!
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Originally Posted by ejones

Oh, with reaction like this and Ms.Doula's, I'm gonna have to eat at least a bite of the next one just to say I did.
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I was planning to, but had an unplanned section after a planned homebirth ended up in a transfer. One of the reasons for the section was an infected placenta, so I couldn't eat it...it went to pathology instead. I felt so sad about that.

If I'm ever pregnant again, I'll do it.

OH! I had planned to cut it into very small chunks, freeze them, and swallow them like pills. No chewing, no tasting it, and you can take as needed for months.
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