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Anyone still exercising?

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I am ... and proud of it! I hop onto the exercise bike about five times a week. It does wonders for my energy level.

What, if anything, is everyone else doing for exercise?
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Good for you, Babytime! Five times a week is impressive!

As for me, since I have to keep my heart rate down, I have switched from the gym to the pool. I swim for about 45 minutes three times a week at a leisurely pace. It probably doesn't burn a ton of calories, but it keeps my body moving!
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For sure here!

I agree, it makes me feel SOOO much better, plus I am certain that keeping fit during my pregnancy with DD made for a wonderful labor & delivery

I am aiming for 4 or 5 days a week of walking, between 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 miles per outing. I feel great when I'm done, although bathroom breaks are starting to get in the way a bit, LOL!
I'm not as fast as I was a couple of months ago, but hey I'm still doing it!
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Yup, me too. I walk 3 mi. 3x/wk and do prenatal yoga (does this count as exercise? there isn't actually any sweat involved, but it does get my blood warm and move me around a bunch!) twice a week. Does sex count? I was swimming, but the cold water was giving me the shivvees and I couldn't warm up for ages, even in a hot shower. The hot tub was too hot at the Y by us, over 104. Now that the weather is turning nastier, I may resort to the treadmill that's been a clothes hanger since last march. ha! You girls are great! The ex. makes me feel really good, too. More energy and also more loose, like my body is warmed up and ready for action! Cheers!!! Andy
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i laughed when i read this thread title... my chiropractor today suggested i incorporate a certain stretch into my excercise routine.... i had to ask her "what excercise routine?"

i'm very very bad and i have never excercise except to walk places.
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India Na'ila Amber

...is such a pretty name.
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I wasn't getting out much, Canada is kinda dark in the winter! I only have from 8 am to 4pm to get outside and we live in the bush! I have been taking Zac out for walks (he's in the stroller mostly but at 2 1/2 he's a handful) after lunch and my exercise bike is in the house but I rarely use it but I should! Its so hard with all these kids! I get on the bike with some nice tunes and all of a sudden there's a wild party jumping on my bed AGGGGH! : I really agree that you feel alot better!! I gain alot of energy for housekeeping out on the road walkin' :LOL
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I'm still walking, but definitely getting *twinges* now in my cervix and lower pelvis when I'm out there. Nothing too painful, and I remember with my first pregnancy experiencing the same thing. I was encouraged to not walk too much last pregnancy during week 36, as my MW was concerned that I'd stimulate early labour. I took the week off, and took up my walking again for Week 37... she was born by the end of that week! Of course, I was walking a LOT back then... 8 miles/day, to and from work. This time I'm getting in about 3 1/2 - 4 miles max., and not necessarily daily.
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Oh, wildfarmsmama, I meant to say that I know what you mean about getting dark early! I'm a Canuck by birth, but we're transplanted to the South this year, and it STILL gets dark here at a crazy early hour! I think it's getting a bit better now though. Yesterday I left here at 5pm for my walk, and it was dusk-y... of course, by the time I'd made it a few blocks it was pitch black out! I kind of like walking in the dark, though, with my faithful pup at my side

NOT so much fun to push a stroller or carry a toddler on my back in the Ergo nowdays, I have to say...
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